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>Saturday, 14 May 2011<

moving on to


missing you...
Saturday, May 14, 2011

>Monday, 2 May 2011<

got back 2 of my results.. and as expected i didn't do well..
but half expected it, because i left so much blank in the paper.
what bu shuang is to see so many did better than me, knowing that they could have done worst then me if they didnt cheated.
well. our school grades based on bell curve. its not the points that counts, but the ranking in the class.
and well.. i was ranked relatively low.
i blame it on NPD. seriously.

and seriously, this paper is a memorizing paper. who memorize the better, who score the better. and well.. people took advantage and cheated. shall not go into details. really feel damn unfair..
suan liao.. blame it on my stupidity. Who can resist the temptation? suan liao... sigh..... just give me an overall B+ or B, and i shall complain no more. finger crossed.


missing you...
Monday, May 02, 2011

>Thursday, 28 April 2011<

hahahaha! abandon blog. opps!
let these pictures speak for me..

New addition to the house. Welcoming Sandy! This picture doesn't do any justice to her. Shall upload some prettier photos in the future.

Gathering with Eggs. Time flies, everyone graduating soon..

Happy 23rd bdae girl.. =)) attended her bdae party at MBS.

then it was Huisong 21st! my childhood friend. God wonder why she bought 2 cakes. but to us that means more cake to smash on her. =D

BSM lesson started. Soon i will be off to Scandinavia. Why am i not excited? yes i am looking forward, but certainly not excited. Maybe if i look at more photos of those countries, i might get more excited.. Stockholm here i come!

My dear is really cute, he told me one day that he had finish walking stockholm one round. through google map.. =.= using the ground view, or whatever you call that..

Anyway that function is real good in one way. We were looking for hotels in Taiwan and on the hotel's website, they showed a reasonably classy looking hotel. A simple search in google proves it all. Using that function, it turned out CHUI. Google save our lifes.

headed to Ikea Tampines few days back for corporate visit.. all the way down to east side.. =.=
despite being to Ikea several times, i never tried their meat balls. So this time, since we are early, i decided to try it. and it turns out really nice!
yums! would love to have it again in the next visit. Sadly, Ikea has now been known for its food, rather than their product, their vision and philosophy.

What comes to you mind when ikea is mention?

Hotdog, chickenwing, meatballs?
what about cheap furniture, affordable to anyone? haha.. poor Ikea..
but whatever i have a new love.. MEATBALLS~

Summer rocks my world.

missing you...
Thursday, April 28, 2011

>Friday, 15 April 2011<

WOOOHOOO! MY ECONS PAPER IS OVER! Econs is THE worst module ever. To think i ONCE consider studying econs as my degree. what am i thinking that time? and seriously there isn't sufficient time for writing.. =.= In JC, we were given 30 min to write each questions. since 4 question 2 hours i think and most of the people are struggling, and now we are given 10-15 min to write each question with the same weightage. =.= and 8 essays.. there was once we were nagging to our prof that we always have a problem of not being able to complete the paper. he replied "if everyone cannot finish the paper, no worries, then its nobody problem, but if only you cannot finish the paper, then really, its your problem" but well.. at least i only left with one more paper. i haven started but really have no mood to start. studies Econs late yesterday and woke up early today.. insufficient rest. lost of concentration at the moment. I bought ticket to TAIWAN with my dear! love! we are OFFICIALLY GOING! although really felt guilty of spending so much money. but well. i will start saving and start earning from NOW. NOW NOW. So... Flying to Scandinavia (Norway,Sweden,Denmak) from 15May-31May Flying to Taiwan from 20July - 19 July i am still in school, don't feel like studying, need to slp quite badly but i dun want to go my grandma hse so early. what should i do? headache.

missing you...
Friday, April 15, 2011

>Saturday, 2 April 2011<



okie. go back study.. sigh...

missing you...
Saturday, April 02, 2011




okie. go back study.. sigh...

missing you...
Saturday, April 02, 2011

>Wednesday, 23 March 2011<

sitting in front of the com.
alot of things going through my head.
but when i want pen down my thoughts.
i really dunno what to write.

have you ever had the experience how someone you once saw as a hero become zero.
the feeling really isn't good.

i saw a ugly reality today.
an ugly side i never saw before.
it seems to shatter the small little bit of hope i have.
that perhaps she has exaggerated things that it wasn't really that bad.
but from that short conversation, i really was surprise yet not surprise but really not pleased.
really not..
i am not upset. i think i am more of disappointed.
for so long, i respected him so much.

okie maybe its just my fault. its my own wishing to have thought he was so up high.

missing you...
Wednesday, March 23, 2011


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