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>Sunday, 30 December 2007<

wooho.. last blogged on 26th.. so wad had i been doing...
just plain working working and working.

getting very little slp lately and feeling exhausted.

yesterday went feli hse for gathering.
played mahjong and donated $6.
played some games and drank some wine.
getting ard laming is always fun.

missing you...
Sunday, December 30, 2007

>Wednesday, 26 December 2007<

just posting, one of my fav photos taken in hk...

nice rite!

i knew you guys will say so!

coz i feel it too.. heex.. nicenice.. the small building is shao lin shi by the way

missing you...
Wednesday, December 26, 2007


weeeeeeee.... i just receive my edusave merit bursary letter
$300.. that is a gd reason of studying in JC...
low school fee, low cost in clothing, PLUS can earn money
-.- what a way.. treating studying as a form of extra cash.

i am really tired this few days.
i have been really busy...
feel so aimless,
all i did whole day is work work work work work.

22nd dec, went out BBQ, reach home (8++ to 9)am in the morning. slept only 2hrs
23rd dec, i went out with kaiyu, reach home past midnight. then next day early morning rush off to work.
24th dec, after work, went orchard strgt with feli and clau. reach home. 3am to 4am.
have been getting very little slp lately so i slept throughout the day of christmas.. wad a waste of life.. -.-
26th dec, went to work again...
don't you find my life is so not interesting!

anyway.. 24th dec, went orchard.. it was great fun! everyone just went rd playing, spraying snow to each one, all strangers... laming ard.. spending christmas in orchard is great fun!

today went working.. DAMN DAMN DAMN loads of ppl.. the bkshop is supposed to closed at 2pm! and by 2.30pm, we still have more thaqnt 15 customer to serve and more are coming in. cant they read the timing.. its 2pm CLOSED! it is a practice to give out no. tag to them so we just shout no. and they will come over to the cashier.. the number went from 1 to 103, then we realise, we ran out of no. so we restarted the no. and it cont flying up! total customers serve ibn 6hr.. ard 130.

there is this parent. super irritating.. keep asking loads of qns, keep standing at the counter though i told her to wait at the side. then ask qns non stop. lol.. i thought i was the only one who find her irrtating.. paul finds it too.. muahaha.. when she return to buy one more thing, paul went in and get me out.. he told me. "can you pls do me a favour, go serve that irritating parent" LMAO...

ok.. i am really tired.. so i shall get to slp! tml go another school to sell books.
i want to cont my piano again. but i am lazy to go that..
save me!

missing you...
Wednesday, December 26, 2007

>Monday, 24 December 2007<

yes. finally i turned 18.

grace, yes you are the first
kaiyu, woah.. for the treat and accompany me. i know you are not very keen in
bowling but yet you accompany me along. thnks lots.
eewei, for wishing and the hand made card
jiawei, for the hand made card and accompany me to buy my own bdae present(ds)

, for wishing in the mid night. lol
for wishing
for wishing

through friendster.. surprised
for trying hard to be the last one to sms me but failed.
val, for staying up late to wish me
hooiying, through friendster. yes i saw it.. thnks.
huizhen, my ah boss, i would much prefer receiving pay them wishing. muahhaah.

audrey, happy bdae to you too!
eric, eddie, shihao, luoling, louis, novyne, liangying, for accompanying me in the first 6 hours of my bdae
kelvin, for wishing

and to the many more that i seriously cant rememebr due to short term memory.

boss, for the wishing
felicia, for the advance wishing
yanwei, for remembering.

Casper, for still being the friendly ghost.. -.- er.. ya.. for wishing.
Jia Yan, i am surprised!
Padro, ar.. slp early wake up early la... 7am not 7pm!
YewYong, ya... thnks.........

Aunite Rachel, =)
Hui Song, thnks dude..
jannie, for the wishing, sis.

missing you...
Monday, December 24, 2007

>Sunday, 23 December 2007<

well.. i have decided to correct my english mistakes from now on. Although it may seems abit late that A level is way over however i will still give it a try.

I went out with the Wushu pals to BBQ at Kelvin house . Here are some of the photos. enjoy!

we were on our way to kelvin house and it started pouring heavily. And so, half of the people in the pick-up was drenched, definitely NOT including me. =)

We decided to pamper ourselves with FRESH coconut drinks however that required alittle more hard work - plucking them ourselves. -,-

The BBQ started.

after the BBQ, we 8 (eric eddie liangying luoling novyn louis shihao) went to watch movie at vivo. However, we could only take the last train towards outram, therefore we had to walk towards vivo by foot! Not a VERY long jouney in particular, only more than o.5 hrs. muahaha.. we were on our way walking there

finally after a long and tedious journey, we reached! Can you see the Big VIVO sign! that means WE reached our destination!

movie start at 2.30 so we had lots of slacking to do.

Towards the end of the early morning, one would expect the rest to be dead tired and falling asleep. however... we have 2 not-yet-growth-up kids, we had few busy pressing away people.

Finally Home sweet Home

missing you...
Sunday, December 23, 2007

>Friday, 14 December 2007<

ooo.. finish a day work! woohooo.. finally.
today was rather happening

1) was diaoz a family.
sry.. i didnt mean to take the wrong MT language book la,
i took tamil instead of malay.
er.. i think they look rather offended.
and start diaoing me.
-.- poor innocent me

2) my boss was trying to sell the mathematical set to a mother
boss: this one very useful one, can use for very long
mother: er.. no need, my sec1 have also leh, still need buy meh
boss: er.. secondary one like diff leh, they maybe use better one
then i was listening at the side ma, then i said a casual remark la!
i said, where got different, need buy meh.
then suddenly all the diaoing came!
sry la, not purposely spoil the business de.. but nvm la, i think the mother nv hear me, she still bought it..
muahaha.. or else i will really get killed. muahaha

3) then another thing, this little boy, his mother, tell him, go tell her wad book u want.
then he came infront of me and stare at me,
so i stare back lo,
then we cont staring at each other till i find this staring abit waste of time,
so end up i ask him"so wad u want?"
we replied: dunno my mum ask me come here.
SLAPs! waste my time

4) also got this mother, tries to cheat our money.
maybe she bought the book from somewhere then realise buy wrong book
then thought of coming school change
she bought em1 de when she need em3 de

she"er.. that time i bought wrong book ar"
me "do you have the book list, if not you cant change"
she "i never bring ar, i came yesterday only ma, i get free txt book one"
*ppl with financial problem get free txtbk*
coz you need the book list to prove you bought it from here, we wrote all details in the book list so bk list=receipt.
she "its just yesterday why must prove, blah blah blah"
then i start suspecting she bought it from outside
then boss came, talk talk talk, she finally left.

she came back very quickly again, with a booklist in which she claim to the receipt we gave her
but the way of writing the list is all wrong. she have a way of marking the book list and writing.
then she insist this one is we gave her de..

she "there that lady yesterday marked one,"(the lady wasnt here today)
boss"you sure this one not, we dun mark like that de, that lady my sister"
she"dunno la, maybe she dunno how you all write"
boss"she is the one who came out with this format"

then dunno wad boss say liao.. she left in the end.
this type of ppl ar, out to bluff money only.. haix.

5) wanted to took leave tml, coz mtg jw.
then told boss, he say cnt ar, reason not gd enough
tml sure alot of ppl. so need alot of helper.
then in the end, jw asked to come work also.
good la, jw ask to come that means i no need take leave liao la.
idiot. i gona zao tml noon! dun care!

missing you...
Friday, December 14, 2007

>Thursday, 13 December 2007<

finally got back working again.
today quite a few ppl came. like 50 over customers.
anyone, seriously why cant some parents just used their brain.

i met quite a few who asked.
why is it that the malay and indian pay so much lesser than we chinese?
why is it so unfair...

pls la.. use ur brain la..
more expensive because, there are more chinese books than the rest la.
coz the malay language and tamily language use more on ws, but chinese used more on text book so text book more expensive ls.

stupid.. -.-
tml working again!
yay! not so bored liao! muahaha

missing you...
Thursday, December 13, 2007

>Wednesday, 12 December 2007<

Bloody pissed off.
my phone bill came- $75
coz i went hk, and there is alot of oversea call.

DAMN those singtel who happily called me to say that
"oh, are you ms yeo yee ling, we are calling from singtel, and i would like to do a survey with you"

DAMN singtel/my phone who have connection problem!
i called ben, first time, he picked up, but i cant hear him, so i immediately put down
that cost me more than $1
then he tried return call since i put it down, then i cant hear him again so put down
that cost me another $1 plus
then i called him, finally got through, he say he can hear me, dunno why i cant hear him.
that cost me anotehr $1

and ofcoz quite a no. of serious calling that contribute to the $75

DAMN those ppl who constantly sms-ed me,
despite me tell you i am oversea, and stop smsing.
this freaking person, who shall not be named, is ** irritating.
1st msg: hello, how are you doing today
(i ignored, thinking he will not sms anymore if i ignore it)
2nd msg: what are you doing
(i got pissed off, but think, msg 2 times le, so shld stopped so i ignored)
3rd msg(nxt day morning): GOOD morning! wad are you doing!
(bloody hell!i replied back:"can you stop msging me! i am in hk!)
4th msg(some day later): hey! are you back?
(i nearly fainted!)
to YOU, F*** off!

now, i have to pay this stupid irritating big sum of money!
thanks you, to those who need to be blamed!

missing you...
Wednesday, December 12, 2007


can you pls get me to work
can you pls let me work.
i am dead bored at home.
i went to shop alone at IMM
coz all my friends either working or having poly examination
this is so pathetic.

missing you...
Wednesday, December 12, 2007


i am desperate for money.
i want teach tuition.
anyone willing to let me teach.
sobz sobz sobz..
any good lobang.
can teach math,
i can also teach english but only will garantee you, grade fall from C6 to F9.

missing you...
Wednesday, December 12, 2007

>Tuesday, 11 December 2007<

finally opened my personal bank account.
though i have not much money, i still opened one.
don't want my financial status to be reviewed.
signed up for debit card. woohooo..

no working today = slacking.

SH and LY just called, ask me wad i want for bdae from daiso.
if they going to buy me anything from daiso,
they are dead.
no.. its not the matter of the price, but the quality of goods thati don't really trust.
if you gona buy from there, then give me the money better.. muahaha.

missing you...
Tuesday, December 11, 2007

>Monday, 10 December 2007<

oh.. no work tml!
boss just called.
maybe coz business quite bad.
so now i uds the term cyclinical unemployment
though i am not under unemplyment
but due to the effect of low in demand,
i am currect let off from work a day.
no free lunch.. sobz..

missing you...
Monday, December 10, 2007


well well.. working was super boring today!
i am getting paid for doing nothing la!
today totally no customer.
i swear it wasnt me that scare away all customer

parents like very werid de.
its either they come all in one day.
[record of 60 customer a day]
or none came
[record of less than 10. today]


i fell asleep la!
think boss sense it, but he nv say anything.
scaraly i get fired.. haha..

anyway i just get paid for sitting there doing nothing lo.

i gona go sign up for debit card soon.

missing you...
Monday, December 10, 2007

>Sunday, 9 December 2007<

working working working..
hate working.


get lost.

missing you...
Sunday, December 09, 2007

>Saturday, 8 December 2007<

don't wait for photos le, shall just blog first my hk trip first!
i brought along a small little diary along to write so shall just copy and paste them here! =p

28th November
Woke up early morning to have a quick shower and soon i will depart for airport. To my horror! My heater was not working and the weather is freaking cold! *shivers* arg... suddenly don't feel like going.. dunno wad awaits for me there. my parents are so naggy.. arg.. but anyway.. finally went off with my big big lugguage.

28th November 11.25am

currently on the plane. landing soon i assumed. took a 3 hrs plane. seriously i still prefer SG airline. and oh! i realise most are air steward here compare to other airline with most airstewardess here. air stewardess = kong jie. air steward = ?? kong ge?

had lunch. arg.. wasnt very nice and just visited a templ. dunno wad temple. loads of china ppl there. -.- looks alot like sima lu. tour guide's mike is god damn loud. dun really like him also. his eng not good also. dinner-> tinner. ok. i have no right to say him.. muahahha..

went to avenue of star.

freaking cold. took a ferry to an island for seafood dinner. wore 3 clothing le still freaking cold. muahahha.. but it was super fun!

omg. we had a crash. arg.. crash into a large lorry with "DANGEROUS GOOD, DO NOT COME NEAR" omg it is an oil carrier. so dangerous. in the end cause a super big massive jam. coz 2 vehicle blocked the whole road. -.-went to wax museum.

29th November
went disney land! spend like 12 hrs there. feli just pass gave a chip and dale key chain. super duper cute!
and the entrance fee is super ex. S$135 but i think it is super worth it! nice nice nice.. love the band people. they are super nice.

lesson learn: a simple smile can make your day. a simple smile of wave from you can make others day.

30th november
how times fly.today wasnt a very interesting day (esp for a poor ppl like me) coz we were brought to jewellery factory.. lol.. but wads nice is that the service there is super good. this guys serve us, introduce us with everything there, knowing that we will not buy anything. On the other hand, we were also brought to a medicine center. the service is damn bad! we just say we dun want buy, that person gave a super black face, and ignore us straight away. arg.. slaps.. dun buy from you leh! nananepopo.. blehx... omg.. i am so childish.

woah woah.. i am in china now! this tour guide is very interesting. =) went shopping! la la la. omg.. the bargaining here worst than vietnam. i bought a necklance from RMB$100 cut to RMB$25. -.- my auntie skill can finally be proudly shown there! -.- i realise ppl here are very well dressed, and very good looking. woohooo.. but they are god damn fierce. curse and swear like hell!

lesson learn: one must be independent and not rely on others. to grow up, one must be left alone.

arg.. ppl are asking me whether me and feli are twins. -.- more than 15 ppl have asked.

1st december
tour at shen zhen. window of the world. in which they minimise everything in the world..

went shopping.. woohooo.. ppl there are very interested in sg ppl. keep asking me, wad language we speak here, do ppl here owe hp, blah blah blah blah. ohya. they wanted to see how sg dollar look like, so i show them a $2 note. then they like it alot. and wanted to exchange it. not knowing the exchange rate is 1:5 they thought it was 1:1 so i told them it was 1:5 and she was shock. but still ask to change for it as souviner. then just change lo. to us, $2 is nothing much but to them, RMB10 is really hell lot. due to massive labour, causing cheap labour, their pay is very little and so RMB10 means alot to them.

2nd December
now at macau. went back to hk then came to macau. SUPER BORING! we pay so much to listen to the tour guide talk in catonese which i dun uds a single bit. arg. still damn to ask for tips! slaps! finally end everything and went back to hotel to rest.

THIS IS WAD I CALL HOLIDAY MA! no rushing ard.. just lazing ard.. own time own speed

3rd Dec
=) went shopping. bought my hello kitty stuff! when we came macau. we took the economy class, went we return, we took the super class. the difference is so big la! economy class wait at a big rm but with hard and cold chair and squeeze loads of ppl. super class waits in a warm and cosy rm with nice big sofa. aiya.. lazy describle, super class is so much nicer and bigger.

4th December
ocean park!! its was okie la. the shows was fantastic. but the slide was as thrilling as i thought. mm..

5th december
went up a hill to have vege meal. then home sweet home.
reach sg at 7 plus 8.

missing you...
Saturday, December 08, 2007

>Wednesday, 5 December 2007<

finally i am back!
i shall blog again as soon as i get the photos!
yes, i definitly enjoyed myself
rocks on!

mmm.. have to start work as soon as possible
jiawei and ee wei are killing me with their stares
so sorry..
coz they have to give up their work leave and come back for work to replace me
since i am not around, there is shortage of labour.
so sry so sry

see ya!

missing you...
Wednesday, December 05, 2007


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