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>Saturday, 29 September 2007<

well.. i studied till 3am yesterday could you believed it!
ok la.. not very productive.. coz there was nice shows on tv, so i sort of studied in from of the tv.
but still, i am glad i am able to stayed up so late. muahaha..
but i immediately regret staying up late this morning.
i wasn't able to concentrate today.
was tired despite slping lots.

learn my lesson. its better to slp early, at least i can concentrate the next day.
so wasnt that productive today.
kaiyu came my house studying.
i think we went siao studying. haha..
ok.. skip that.. we just went abit adnormal.

i shall slp early tonight, wake up earlier tml to start studying.
haix.. bless me.. i really hope to do well for my A. ok.. who don't
i dun wish to see any C and below grade in my cert.
other than my GP. which is..
fill in the blank.
i don't wish to be the only one in the family to be unable AB grade.

sometime i really wonder why am i so stupid.
why do i not have any clever brain cells.
arg.. damn.
stop complaining idiot! and get back to work. arg..
i mean slp. i promise to slp early tonight.

just some random photo. i miss those days.
those days.. where pw is over, promos is over. we got nothing worry but just go have fun and help others. arg.. life is so great that time! tavanova forever~!

missing you...
Saturday, September 29, 2007

>Thursday, 27 September 2007<

muahahaha.. i got 350 000 hong kong money!
so stupid...

if you want to uds more...
go here... kenny sia
ok must give padro the credit. he found it

i got the call few days ago say got
this gundo activites in bin hai wan!
then got the 2nd prize. woah.. worth of 350 000 hong kong money

woah.. they are so not creativity. always use this method.. change one cannot
anyway.. they really sound very professional.

funny.. read that link hor.

back studying

missing you...
Thursday, September 27, 2007

>Tuesday, 25 September 2007<

well.. got back most of the papers. left econs.
well.. i improve alot.
from BUUUU to BBSS-.
i know i am stil failing papers which i shouldn't be but.. well.
i am trying hard.

math 69.5 B
phy 60 B
GP 40 S
chem 44 S

my phy was VERY surprising. i was prepared to get a S or U grade.
i didnt know. haix.
but its still good news i passed. =)

i know my math is not a b after rounding up but I prefer to think that i got a B.
i feel rather bad to claim i get a A. since that 0.5 rounding up didnt really belong to me.
Mrs Goh once said that don't ask for more marks for exam. if you want that 0.5 marks, earn it yourself.
i wonder why Mrs Goh words have such great impact on me but yes, i rememeber her words very clearly. and her "careless equal stupid" i never forget it.
[Mrs Goh my sec 4 math teacher]

i am rather disapointed for my math papers
though i know i have did well and do not have any right to complain.
TPH told be seriously when i was receiving me the paper that "this shouldnt be the marks you are getting".
i reached home, my mum told me"why are you doing so badly for ur math" so now.. do you think i still have any reason to feel happy.

i just got to study harder. haix.
33 days. this sound horrible

i am off to bath and study!

missing you...
Tuesday, September 25, 2007

>Monday, 24 September 2007<

lots of ppl sick today including me ofcoz.
hate the sick monster..

Mmm.. i kinda pissed off with myself today.. haix..
Mmm.. okie.. i promise to study like nv before..
and well.. i fell asleep half away.. haix..

anyway.. A level in really a very short time.
and i am super worried..
don't ask me then why am i still here. need rest bit de ma..
anyway. got back papers.
yea.. fail fail fail fail fail...
despite studying..

my Gp summary can straight zero
for summarising the wrong psg
wad happen to me! why did i see wrongly. hiax.

just finish one math paper.
took me long enough. due to falling asleep half way through
damn! off to read up soem chemistry!
bless me!

shoo! Zzz monster

missing you...
Monday, September 24, 2007

>Saturday, 22 September 2007<

lazy to blog..
a picture means a thousand word..
went out with wushu ppl to celebrate the coming of A level..
muahhaha.. ur head! anyway. yea. so like that lo.
i am starting my engine to start studying for A level again le.
you should be doing that too.

missing you...
Saturday, September 22, 2007

>Thursday, 20 September 2007<

have a real bad night yesterday.. only had 3 peaceful hour of sleep. the rest of the hours i was struggling in pain. dunno wad happen. stomach super the duper the triple the pain.. then dun feel like shitting, dun feel like lao sai-ing. and WORST OF ALL! physics qns keep haunting me.. nono.. i dun mean i am studying.. WHO THE HELL WOULD STUDY RIGHT AFTER THE PRELIM! give me one day break man.. er.. or 2 days... or 3 days.... anyway.. yea.. i mean.. once i close my eyes.. i cant just seems to control my brain.. it just link itself to some phy qns.. like maybe.. my brain start think.. how much force is exerted on my stomach given the atm is blah... temp is blah....(coz my stomach is very pain) DAMN it! and the pain just got worst when more phy qns came out.. i think... i should just drop phy.. hiax.. *nod nod*

lets just hope no phys teacher come upon this web and see this.. haix..
FINALLY i went bowling! after thousand and on years of studying.. haha.. i think padro is cursing me now.. coz i didnt ask him along.. muahaha.. forget la.. i just remember.. heex. anyway.. went with juan. look.. first game.. okie.. i know the marks isnt that well.. lets just say its warming up.


the marks just dun get better...

lazy to upload photo le..

next 2 game..
J: 55
E: 86

J: 40
E: 99

Mm.. the marks just don't seems to get better.. perhaps perhaps.. perhaps.. perhaps.. haix.. we just have to admit the fact we are lousy.. haha.. and WE ARE SURROUNDED BY PRO BOWLERS! oh me god! played till 11pm seh.. haha..

and the person in the counter was so lame.
half way through the lane sort sort. auto off light. then we told the counter. then he say.. oh.. night time ma.. must off light already. SLAPZ!

missing you...
Thursday, September 20, 2007

>Wednesday, 19 September 2007<

stomach damn pain! dunno wad happen. since exam time.
somebody fainted in exam.
i feel like fainting too.. omg..

anywya.. they say they got a SURPRISE for ur after exam!
adn yes indeed they gave us one.
they gave us back our paper we did on other day.
they finish marking!
wad the..

ok.. i passed. luckily.
but then.. after mugging god damn hard for chem all i get is a pass,
kinda disappointed. but still.. it is a big leap from U to E, haha..

my stomach is so pain..
i am fainting.. seriously.. omg.. bang myself on the wall hard!

missing you...
Wednesday, September 19, 2007

>Tuesday, 18 September 2007<

ohyea... 2 more papers down..
today phy paper 1 and 3.

for paper 1, i was so scared that i couldnt finish so i chiong and realise i still got 5 minutes remaining to refer back abit.. muahaha.. but could finish it on time partially bcoz i just skip the qns i think i wouldnt be able to attempt.. i think the paper is rather okie. it is not a difficult paper but then still i have alot i dunno how to do. alot of qns is teacher go through in class b4, but i just cant recall how teacher did it. i nearly kill myself half way through the paper. coz so many i should know coz teacher go through b4. yet i didnt know how to do..

paper 3 was a mixed paper. i dunno how to do loads in section A. though i know we SHOULD know how to do it! oh hate it! section B was better. since its a 3 choose 2 section, can choose those can do one..

should be able to pass phy if nothing goes wrong. SHOULD BE..
tml is the last 2 paper. chem 1 and 3
i gona chiong for chem now.
study alot alot alot of chem so i really hope i can pass this time rd.
for the pass few exams i have been constantly getting U despite studying loads
i mean study alot. for chem i mean. haix..
so i hope its a pass this time.
wish me luck.

missing you...
Tuesday, September 18, 2007

>Monday, 17 September 2007<

went to my cousin wedding.. haha.. my relatives are all very fun people.. lol.. always enjoy being chatting and laming with them. lol.. yea.. the photo below is my 2 cousins and my bro(tt guy on right) okie.. so now u know how i spend my weekends.. running ard attending wedding ceremony the whole day.. haix..

missing you...
Monday, September 17, 2007


i am soo dead for tml paper.
i lost mood in studying today. so yea..
2 hours of nap..
2 hours of computer
4.5 hours of tv.
1 hour of eating. i realise i ate non stop today! SHIT!
the rest of studying but of not much use, coz even when i wrong i dunno why
so i just had to skip assuming it will NOT come out tml.

aiya.. wadever excuses i make, i still have to face the paper tml.
i can only say i am not prepared.
ok.. off i go.. maybe read up abit of defination.
since NONE came out on paper 2. DAMN!

missing you...
Monday, September 17, 2007

>Friday, 14 September 2007<

Mmm.. hapy birthday mummy!
me mama 43th bdae.. old grandmother.. muahaha..
went out eating at fei cui.
5 person orders more than 10 dishes.. Mmm..
my brothers are siao one. we were already having 8 or more dishes then pondering should we add dish A or dish Bor just thats all. then he cannot make up his mind and just told the waiter, we want both. so end up 10 - 11 dishes. haix.. eat till so full. okie this photo below. we promise to make funny faces. my dad just plainly ignore our promise! arg.. and that nicholas.. before the shot, he was full of stupid irritating funny faces, once camera flash he turn to sleeping mood. arg..

bought 2 pairs of shoes.. muahah.. spend me around $50.
i realise i became a great fan of noda, not that i want to.
but happen that quite a no. of my shoes are from noda. not that i have alot of shoes!

my bro is so slapable[if you want know which one, the sleeping mode pig!].. coz my mum bought durian moon cake, then left 1/4 of it. then he know i haven eat then purposely hold the moon cake and stand infront of me and then stuff the whole moon cake into his big mouth and walk away clapping his hand! arg.. my poor moon cake. i was stil looking forward to eat that! haix.. how can my life be so sad..

oh.. today math paper. stats. can say i do alot on stats, can also say i didnt practice alot..but thats not important coz that shouldnt be the excuse for me to do badly[if i do]. so how is today's paper. Mmm.. i think ar.. okie okie lo.. stats hor very hard to say de. value just different by pathetic 0.01 value means wrong. so wad can i say.. i totally dunno. and worst of all. I DUNNO HOW TO DO THE DIFFERENTIATION! i dunno wad got over me! arg.. so sad.. *shakes head* it cost loads of marks. haix.. the stats was okie la..hope i can get out of the B range and get into A. if not ms tan gona nag at me again. haix.. pray hard, teacher become blind and mark all correct dispite the many wrong. haix.

missing you...
Friday, September 14, 2007


some picture i came across... so nice.. the rabbit so cute!! omg omg.. looks my my rabbit when it is just born for a week! i miss benny.

missing you...
Friday, September 14, 2007

>Wednesday, 12 September 2007<

Myspace Graphics at 123glitter.com

missing you...
Wednesday, September 12, 2007


yea.. another down..
i realise i would always report straight here after exam.
its a great achievement to see those papers being strike off from my list!
ok.. today is... physics paper 2..
well.. i am not very prepared for this paper.
so nearly fainted when i see the first few qns..
coz i dunno how to do!
but towards the end i guess its better ba.. so overall still okie la..
should be able to pass la..
and wad the hell! i memorise a whole chunk of definition
and now they are telling me NOT A SINGLE came out!
wad the...
i feel cheated! nvm..
tml no paper! muahhaa.. slack slack slack..
as if.. shall mug for statistic later..
arg.. shall go slp first.. coz very tired! buai!

good luck to all for tml paper

missing you...
Wednesday, September 12, 2007

>Tuesday, 11 September 2007<

TEACHER : What a pair of strange socks you are wearing,
one is green and one is blue with red spots!

BALGOBIN : Yes it's really strange. I've got another pair just like
that at home.

okie.. time to mug. really hope can pass ALL my sudject.. though econs and gp is abit of errr....

missing you...
Tuesday, September 11, 2007


another paper done! yay!
now.. left 6 more paper! (see see the top left)
muahaha.. today math paper 1
still okie la.quite a lot of marks gone. left blank.
the thing is i know i would know how to do with just a bit more time.
haix.. do too slow is like that de..lol..
so.. overall still okie ba..
tml physics paper. dead. have yet to prepare a single bit for it.
gona pia later le.. after i get off here..

go go go, everyone!

missing you...
Tuesday, September 11, 2007

>Monday, 10 September 2007<

Chem Paper 2 and econs paper 1 today..

chem was fairly okie.. can do la..
haix.. but like wad yiling say, paper 2 pass overall may not be so.. haix..

econs was terrible
but i am glad at least i uds wad the case study was talking about
normally i don;t you see..
essay was bad. i dunno both qns! seriously..
it was that bad.. haix...

hope tml will be a better day! bless me! =)

missing you...
Monday, September 10, 2007

>Sunday, 9 September 2007<

for release stress purpose...
BALGOBIN : Dad, can you write in the dark?
FATHER : I think so. What do you want me to write?
BALGOBIN : Your name on this report card.

this shall be the method i use
to let my parents sign my prelim report slip.
oh shit.. i am dying soon..
struggling with econs and chemistry..
help.. sobz.. this is so bad..

missing you...
Sunday, September 09, 2007


thnks jane.. and yes..
i need a rope.. feel like hanging myself..
econs sucks.
i read
and read
and read
and read
and read
and fail
and fail
and fail
and fail..
well i regret taking economics..MUMMY..
ok.. let me get on to.. solution to BOP and exchange rate......
tariffs afn quotas, devaluation.....
forget it.

missing you...
Sunday, September 09, 2007

>Saturday, 8 September 2007<

some cool bowling tricks.. hey.. so long nv go bowling le.. i wanna go!!! sobzsobz

ok.. i dunno who is this guy... maybe some sports man.. but pro seh him.. like me.. -.-"

missing you...
Saturday, September 08, 2007


i will do badly for prelim..
i swear..
i studied but still..
like didnt much help..
the more i study the more i seems to have forgotten...
this is so not fun..

ok.. i will shuddup and go back studying again..

missing you...
Saturday, September 08, 2007


yea joke.. read ba..

TEACHER : Why are you late?
BALGOBIN : Because of the sign.
TEACHER : What sign?
BALGOBIN : The one that says, "School Ahead, Go Slow."

Mmm.. i doubt there is this sign anywhere near innova. cannot use this excuse.. or maybe we can say that there is too many sign outside innova and we don't know which one to follow. thats why i am late.. see here

missing you...
Saturday, September 08, 2007

>Thursday, 6 September 2007<

sorry i am abit free nowadays
not that i didnt study
i study quite a bit.
but yea.. nice dancing.. in my opinion.. haha

missing you...
Thursday, September 06, 2007


ok.. this advertisement is funny.. poor man

missing you...
Thursday, September 06, 2007






missing you...
Thursday, September 06, 2007

>Wednesday, 5 September 2007<

missing you...
Wednesday, September 05, 2007


hate studying.

missing you...
Wednesday, September 05, 2007


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