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>Saturday, 29 November 2008<

but despite the end of exam, i still feel something not right.
just seems to have something down in heart that i couldn't put down.
didn't feel as ease at i thought i would feel.
xin li you dian cheng zhong.
met up with grace and eewei yesterday. we went to SMU for settlers' cafe. -,-,after exam still stay in school..a rg...


our duckie game! grace is sad. she shot her own duck!

went off to meet jc class friends. since its dwyane bdae!
realise yishun had a new shoppin mall.. or is it connected to northpoint?
dunno eh. its looks new to me and small and nothing inside.

GC and ME! arg. she is *countcount* 2 hours late! but nvm! due to her special reason. FORGIVE!

we went to eat zhu chao! the guys took SUPER long to choose what they want to eat!
don't want vege, dun want anything green! dun want prawn unless the girls peel for them which we refuse. dun want this dun want that. haha.

huiqi and me! while waiting the arrival of the rest!

group photo~ huiqi, gc, me, zhiheng, dwyane, spencer

oke i am tired, i need more slp. buai~

missing you...
Saturday, November 29, 2008

>Monday, 24 November 2008<

my mood WAS down down down down down down just now!

but after receiving a call
my mood is up up UP in the sky!!!

shall not tell you the msg content but HAPPIE~~

missing you...
Monday, November 24, 2008

>Sunday, 23 November 2008<

sianz sianz sianz.
study study study.

Skipped wushu since i have 4 exams on the following week
Once exam start, things will start to speed up,
In a blink of eyes, I WILL BE FREE~

i also want go wushu ma.. =<

sigh sigh sigh sigh..
okie fine. i will be a good girl and go back to study.
Econs 10 more chapters to go.


missing you...
Sunday, November 23, 2008

>Thursday, 20 November 2008<

see this comic strips i found! very cute wor!
some people may receive it through email.
coz its sent ard through email
but so cute~ heex..

missing you...
Thursday, November 20, 2008


i am happy girl~
was touched by what my friends did.

coz i just realise 1 exam is open book and i dun have the book!
so search high and low, but couldnt find any friends who have the similar book and is closed book exam.
then email prof to tell him regarding this matter.
His reply was buy new book! omg! faints. its not cheap...

then something make be surprised!
my friends who realize i dun have the book started helping me to search around for it, asking their friends, checking out which classes dun have the book. helping me when it is not their concern!
so touched! ar.. so happie~


in life, one must learn to count ur blessing! life would be happier! isnt it? ^^

I am a happy girl!
becoz i am loved by my family, friends and him!

missing you...
Thursday, November 20, 2008

>Wednesday, 19 November 2008<

JD GAO the best!

missing you...
Wednesday, November 19, 2008


happie happie happie happie!
just got the email at 1.15 saying that our result for project is released and we are supposed to retrieve it from him.
So me and my friend chiong down and found him in like less than half an hour time to get our project results.
EXCITED.. heex..
coz we put in really alot of efforts.
sleepless night.
staying in school till late.
he passed me a paper with loads of scribbling on it (comments he give)
and then....
search search search for the most important letters.
and found A PLUS!
yay! so happie..
immediately called the rest of our group mate.
lol. and expected, everyday dun believe us. lol..

at least i have some motivation to study!
off to study!

missing you...
Wednesday, November 19, 2008

>Tuesday, 18 November 2008<

wah.. i really study leh! but study dao abit sian liao..


missing you...
Tuesday, November 18, 2008


time to start studying le. =<

missing you...
Tuesday, November 18, 2008

>Monday, 17 November 2008<

before i forgot! one more note!
No more sunday blues~
No more waving goodbyes at Khatib MRT!
No more "must leave when train arriving in 2 minutes!"
No more ranting and telling him not to go back camp
No more No more No more!
No more dumping him all the nice nice NICE PURPLE sweets to him
=< but he always dump them back anyway RAWR~
No more No more No more~
No more buying of those UNHEALTHY maggie mee! and those daily consumption of maggie mee!

missing you...
Monday, November 17, 2008


yeeling is a blessed and happy girl!
loved by her family, eggies, friends and him!
^^ happy happy happy~

ok.. Friday marks the end of school!
Final exam are round the corner.
shall start mugging soon!
but i doubt i can finish, there is ALOT to be done! SERIOUSLY ALOT!
but nvm!

Some Photos for Friday~
POP lo! ^^ see see see the transformer! From the 1st pic, it can transform to the 2nc pic! cool eh~

smart eh~ heex..

After that went to Eewei Bdae celebration~
okie anyway... 4/5 left kaiyu sitting across of table ranting, she cnat squeeze into the photo.

We went to marina parage to eat some pasta shop. dunno what name. i still prefer pasta mania! PASTA MANIA RULES! ^^ creamy chicken rocks! heex..

FOOD FOOD~ they look nice lo!

They look nice! but i prefer pasta mania! INSIST! haha

tou qing behing eewei'sback! haha

my longest 2 hours training =< =< Before the entrance, and at times along the way! we would see this sign. Maybe not to you guys, but to me it sound so sad. its says "Trees and branches may fall, take care" it sound like "i hope you can survive out, take care" it should be careful ma! not take care~ lol.. nvm..

Look at this look at this~ RoAR~ we climb all the way up MILLIONS (exaggrating) of stairs up and we say this this THIS long stairs down! when there is down! it means there will be an up AGAIN! faints!

SUNSET!! SUNSET!! nice nice~ heex. it was abit block by the cloud but still nice nice! ^^

ME and my dear!!!!

and finally we reach Henderson wave! beautiful place! haha.. but to our horror, we realise sth! instead of climbing ALL the way from mount faber! what we can do is, take a bus to the bus stop DIRECTLY under this bridge, climb up a flight of stairs and you will reach! ROAR~ nvm... treat as jian fei!

night view from henderson wave. nice eh!

see.. we were so high up just now! haix. walk for 30-45 minutes to there and walk 5 minutes down! roar~ but nvm! haha..

missing you...
Monday, November 17, 2008

>Sunday, 16 November 2008<



missing you...
Sunday, November 16, 2008

>Friday, 14 November 2008<

why am i at home.
dun feel like staying at home.
i want go out.
i dun like stay at home.
i want go out. =<

missing you...
Friday, November 14, 2008


though the last presentation i just had is a screwed up presentation coz i just need to present my hmk answer and explain them. stupid presentation topic. -.-

but 3 out of 5 of my qns are calculation! How am i to explain calculation so i concluded by just saying. take formuale, sub in numbers there answer. easy. i end my presentation
But the process of coming out with this solutions are not easy. loads of calculation. and i only did it yesterday night. sad case.

But i am glad everything is over! One more report 4 more exams and i am out of this sem!

weekend is coming ! week end is always happy happy time for me!
but nxt sem i am taking 5 modules instead of the normal 4 modules . so i expect myself to be more busy more stress than this sem. SMILE~! its only 13 weeks of stress! i can survive through. then i will have my 16 weeks break! ^^

omg! show u sth super cute! haha.
my friend are alwasy sending me panda photo to entertain me.
so i can share here!
panda alwasy remind me someone~~ ^^

I am always thinking of ways to get rid of my black eye, i should consider this!

missing you...
Friday, November 14, 2008

>Thursday, 13 November 2008<

presentation was a success!! Prof love our presentation alot.
praise us infront of class saym it was a very good presentation and they had proven that a boring project could be presented in a fun way yet informative, instead of the boring ways like the conference or news reporting.
In the end, he still specially send us a mail to praise us! haha..
The class like it too.alot approach us to say good job! ^^
We put in really a big risk when we did this presentation.
coz we are trying a new approach and be different. and being different, is not easy.
you never know if the prof like it or not.
effect may backfire. but glad it was well-accepted.
SMILE. hardwork pays.
and now finally all our photos throughout the preparation can be published.

After presentation, prof took a photo with us. OMG! can you believe thats him! with all our group mate. Oh. me and freda are acting as ghost. so we are wearing non formal and wearing a super big big big white tops over us. Mine with "blood" spilled over my shirt.

The ghostly picture that we took during preparation (to be put in presentation slide) in sequence, me cheryl freda

Can you believe it! this is Ming Cai and Freda height difference! and freda still say she is the 2nd tallest in the house! omg!

missing you...
Thursday, November 13, 2008

>Wednesday, 12 November 2008<

i am okie le.
okie okie okie okie le!

post some nice nice pic i saw!
remind me of someone... ^^
*to better view, use internet explorer*

Kunfu Panda..
heex.. true...

Why is weekend taking so long to come?

a.. sry ar.. today alot of hmk to rush..

Erm.. anyone there to help me? i think i am stuck.

the grass is always greener on the other side.
Your milk look tastier. Can we exchange?

i want JD GAO. =<

i will just sit here and wait for weekend to come!

Erm.. Its time to lose some weight dude.

my ball ball..

Where are you?

CUTE RIGHT! heex..

missing you...
Wednesday, November 12, 2008


i got a super bad headach now.
i am in a super low mood now.
its 1am, i just reach home from the idiot project.
we just keep rushing rushing rushing throughout, trying to get everything done.
rehearsal rehearsal 4 times. read through that 20 over 30 over page report, make sure everything is right.

the journey hm wasnt that smooth.
nvm bout that.

i still have my script to memorise through. 2 page long. before i cant slp.
its the last week b4 everything ends. i need to survive through.

you never understand.

missing you...
Wednesday, November 12, 2008

>Sunday, 9 November 2008<

^^ today is a happy happy day plus a sad sad day.
sad day coz i had a bad bad dream, and woke up to realise i am late
meeting till 2.30pm. though its quite a fun mtg but imagine going back sch for project is so sickening.

happy happy happy becoz...........
jiu shi happy lo~! heex.

ok. tired le going slp le night night.

missing you...
Sunday, November 09, 2008

>Saturday, 8 November 2008<

i am blogging non stop today bcoz i am bored.

Lonely.. i am so lonely...

Met up with jane last monday
Surprise to see her on the MRT and so went for dinner last monday. haha

missing you...
Saturday, November 08, 2008


Grace and mine de ming yan!

Studying is not all of your life, its only part of your life.
So it shouldn't be an excuse to be busy.

Muahahaha. we were just discussing why a lot of people have such poor time management. end up they have too little time.

illene once told me. If you manage your time properly, you will realise you have more than enough time.


I admit i have alot of committment. i ve driving lesson, piano lesson, tuition, school work, cca, in the org com for 2 events in school.


But do you really hear me saying "i am busy, i need time to study" (not refering to project, that one different case)

Not really.

But somehow that sentence seems to a very common excusesreason alot of uni people are using.

werid isnt it.

Are you really that busy? Or are you just so bad in time management.

I have happy with the way i manage my time. =)

Are you?

missing you...
Saturday, November 08, 2008


Its the no. 3~!
good for u if u uds,
coz its not for you to know!

missing you...
Saturday, November 08, 2008

>Friday, 7 November 2008<

sick sick sick sick sick.
I think the weather is too cold. It always is towards the end of the year.

sianz. now in Econs class. Only 18 people are in class la! SERIOUSLY~!
and out of 18 people, 5 have presentation this week! thats means only 13 came on their own record!
There are suppose to be 40 people in my class!
I shouldnt have come!
Damn! i cant pon nxt week! Its my presentation week
I think when i am presenting, only less than 10 ppl will reach!

met up with val, wendy, boss for dinner. aiyo they all still the same! no chance eh! still so femine, other then val, make me feel so tom boyish! aiyo.. but so long nv met them up le. like *counting* more than 1 year definitely, going 2 ba. but aiya. never take any photo! WASTED!

Its damn irritating yesterday night!
Some kuku person keep pressing his honk in the carpark. You guys must uds towards the night, its very quiet therefore when u sound the horn, its extra loud. I think he honk for more than 10 times, and each honk it held for around 1-2s! IRRITATING! Scratch his car leh! angry. =<
Today is friday! Friday is a happy day. heex

missing you...
Friday, November 07, 2008

>Wednesday, 5 November 2008<

super sianz now
super brain dead now
super tired now
super super super.

someone get me out of this place
someone get me out of all this work
someone help me.
i really need some air..
i really need to breath
i feel like a bird trapped in a cage.

i am really tired.
i just want to end all this work!
really very tired
mean it.

why is wednesday alwasy so exhausting.
can i have a break?
i need a break
no. i cant take any break, i have loads that are undone,
i have assignment to be handed in
i have 2 reports that are due nxt week and the following week
i have 2 presentations that have to done nxt week
i cant rest.
i have no time to rest.

when i am stressed, i am bad mood. hiax.
*laugh bitterly* sigh...

missing you...
Wednesday, November 05, 2008


hungry.. tired.. brain dead..
and i am forced to squeeze out some creative, concrete presentation idea by 6.45pm.
i want die liao~!
Deadline are really nearing le..
Today really have very tight schedule eh~
8.30-11.45 BGS Lesson
11.45-1.00 BGS Group Mtg
1-3.30 FA project mtg
3.30-6.45 FA Lesson
6.45 - 10 BGS Mtg

Back to back, no rest.
i expect to be brain dead by 6.45.

1.5 day more~
time will fly
at least i believe so ^^

BOSS bidding.
results out. at least i got something. whew..
but its not what i really wanted.
spoil market lo everyone. sianz.

missing you...
Wednesday, November 05, 2008

>Monday, 3 November 2008<

3 days...
3 days...
3 days...
the next 3 days will be slow and long
=< super moody

3 days will fly past.
there are 121 group of 3 days in a year! i have lived past so many groups of 3 days. what is this to me.
its only 36 hours, 216 minutes.. *give up counting*

missing you...
Monday, November 03, 2008


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