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>Sunday, 31 May 2009<

yeeling hate fungi! totally...
why pester my brownies... sobz...
how to get prevent them from coming..

went out with dear and saw loads or wushu ppl
okie. not really loads but some.
went amk say eddie and his gang of friend.
then went paradise and saw luoling and amos at the lan shop.
C&C is fun~~ heex.. dear become my shifu le..

love u dear!
and i am going out for my diving lesson le.. buai!

missing you...
Sunday, May 31, 2009

>Thursday, 28 May 2009<

muahaha.. my kitties are back!
the last "spring clean", all my hello kitty met a mishap.
they all forced to leave my house due to the lack of space for them.
now that my rooms are packed.
my kitties are slowly returning..
yeeling presenting to you: the miao miao world!!!

and FINALLY i am done with my wushu lessons. 3 weeks of waking up at 5.30am is not fun at all.. and yes! i survived! muahaha...

moving on.. last monday met out with RE colleagues. had lunch with the perm staff then one outing with the temp. wasnt able to get the full photos yet but here is some..

RE....that old days..

then went to some games cafe. haha..
quite cheap coz its new so they having alot of promos.. haha..

the girls..

the guys..

and i got no more photos already!


missing you...
Thursday, May 28, 2009

>Tuesday, 26 May 2009<

i shall be nice and advertise my friend's blog for her!

visit her blogshop@

it is new so the the variety are not that much
but everything start from small isn't it!
do bookmark them, and visit for new updates! =))
and if u are kind enough.. just blog one entry on ur blog to support!

watched angel and demon today with dear..
not bad... heex...
first time we stepped in the cathay cinema together.. haha...
we are a great fan of Vivo and PS GV. haha.. so rarely stepped into Cathay..
but not bad! haha...

went out with my past colleagues yesterday, shall update bout it will i get the photos. =)

missing you...
Tuesday, May 26, 2009

>Saturday, 23 May 2009<

watched night at the museum 2.
really plain entertainment purpose..
super no plot, so just to go in laugh and get out.

went lan shop to play game with dear..
dear taught me how to play Command and Conquer or isit Conquer and command..
haha.. dunno.. i only know its very fun.. heex..
but very lag.. sigh sigh..
lousy computer..
go play again! go play again! hopefully there is good computers around.. sigh sigh..

missing you...
Saturday, May 23, 2009


tired tired tired..

wushu at bishan..
then went to tampines1 shopping!
while killing time! haha..retail therapy to kill my moodiness..
then went going to eunos to wushu lesson

seriously some kids just ought to be stabbed!
feel like taking the spear and just poke them!
so noisy and RUDE!
that is the worst thing.. RUDE..
i really mean rude, and SUPER rude..

i wonder how parents teach their child nowadays.. sigh sigh..
parents ought to be learn..

missing you...
Saturday, May 23, 2009

>Thursday, 21 May 2009<

wooohoo.. thousand and 1 year not blogging! haha...

okie.. lets do some recap..
last saturday went to escape with deardear!
then went to JP to meet up with wushu the people to eat the HUGE icecream. haha..

and seriously my phone and computer seems to hate each other alot..
wasnt able to make them connect and trasnfer the files!
always disconnect halfway and cnt disconnect back!
but still i manage to get them out! woohooo..
okie here i go...

early morning leaving for escape... okie not really early but still..
we actually have 4 free ticket to escape, thats why we are there.. if not escape is really not worth that price.
and so there we go....

while queueing for pirate ship.. we are clever enough to bring along a small fan.. coz it sure is hot.....

went for the go kart.. muahaha.. pro drivers like us.. coming in top 2! woohooo!!

wen to haunted hse..
muahaha.. so funny.. i badly wanted to go.. but once i stepped into the haunted hse i regret immediately! haha.. hid behind him all the way while he lead the way but still damn scared got ppl come from behind..
but once i am out, i realise its really nth scary.. haha..

on the log fume we go.. camwhoring on the boat is not safe.. muahaha.. but still skillful me...

after that ride.. heex..

and i am that dry.. haha...

soon we became bored, start taking the baby ride.. haha.. when we took the ferris wheel. once we got down.. the first thing the staff ask us.. "how was the ride? boring right?" muahahaah!! they know its boring too~

then we went off ard 2 plus.. believe it or not.. we just there for less than 3 hours. got bored and left! thats why its a SUPER bad idea to spend money and buy ticket...

on the mrt! while waiting for it move off... we got bored....

stomp him stomp him!!

stomp her stomp her!!haha...

haix.. more and more ppl stomping each other... some really reflect super childish side of stompers.. haha...

anyway... then off to meet wushu ppl at JP.
our big ice cream!!! since kaiyu has the most classic face, i shall post her photo up! muahah...

the fight for the ice cream.. its full of cornflacks. but overall not bad la.. just abit sinful.. haha..

shihao feeling sinful of his diet and starting to do taiji to burn some fats.. ITS NO USE! coach and liangying totally ignoring his presence.. haha..

acarde time... lol.. went to play loads of rounds of datona.. haha.. so fun.. trying to grasp the technique...

kaiyu the extra.. muaaha... the guys nv get bored with army.. end up playing some army game in the acarde. haha..

basketball match... shihao~~ *shake head*

kaiyu and me got bored.. haha.. camwhore!!

group photos.. and since we ran so far away to take photo.. prays hard the camera man will not take and run away with the camera.. hahaha...

kaiyu bullied deardear.. haha.. stupid kaiyu.. lol... poor deardear

home sweet home... thats all for saturday...

this few days have been tiring one... wokring working working.. waking up 5.30 in the morning to go for work.. damn tired.. yesterday was the worst! after work need go down to meet one of my client at boon keng there.. it is seriously far! its in NE line. i reached at 9.45am so since i told my client we will be mting near noon time, i checked him him if possible to meet him earlier and he say he is out for mtg! arg.. so i waited till 12noon.. the weather was SUPER DUPE hot and stuffy and i had to stay there till 12 and worst still, i just ended my wushu lesson, and that means i am sweaty, tired and sticky! arg... soon reaching noon, i walked to my client office. and OMG! the whole walkin journey was horrnedous! the weather is hot, there is no shelter along the way coz i had to walk by the road and worst still, there was no trees to shade me from the sun so i am really walking directly under the sun for 10 min! 11.45pm reached my client office. he is not yet back, asked me wait outside for him. i thought he would be fast. waitied till i fell alsp in this no air con place.. he is late for 40 min! how great. luckily got yiling to accompany me through sms if not i will die~~~

missing you...
Thursday, May 21, 2009

>Friday, 15 May 2009<

in school now waiting for my dear to be out from work.

praying hard that end of this month will reach faster...
when i will be able to leave the part time job fully..
2 more weeks. it will fly past.
mean while i really dread to take up anymore cases or cont any more work..
i feel so guilty..
sigh sigh..
Emails received from day to day.
Work assigned from day to day
but i just close my eye and cont with my day.
i feel so bad..
okie.. i shall do sth.. sigh sigh...

missing you...
Friday, May 15, 2009

>Wednesday, 13 May 2009<

i finally found the photo dear edited! =))

my new room!

missing you...
Wednesday, May 13, 2009

>Tuesday, 12 May 2009<

today is room make over day!
say bye bye to my old furniture!! its purple.. nice right..

one hour later.. took me long enough to cleared every single things out!

then its spring clean time!!

and 2pm my cupboard reached!

dear at work!

dear helped me edit one photo that shows the whole room. but i dunno where he save it under! help~~

missing you...
Tuesday, May 12, 2009


has anything changed?

missing you...
Tuesday, May 12, 2009

>Sunday, 10 May 2009<

yesterday went fish spa with dear at Qian Hu~
its damn.... itchy... haha..
but after a while when finally get used, it will be better. leg and dun want come to mine.
and seriously the fishes is very bias! all swam around his
first we get into the small fishes pool...
the ratio mine is to him, i believe is 1:3!!!
look at the number of fish swimming ard our leg! compare the difference!

after a while.. we decide to challenge the bigger one..
and its really big.. and alot more tickish... muahaha.. couldnt stop laughing all the way... XP

dear and me. =)

missing you...
Sunday, May 10, 2009

>Friday, 8 May 2009<

today is our 9th moniversary.

i learnt that it is not that easy to let go.

today i realise how much i love.

=) love u dear.

missing you...
Friday, May 08, 2009

>Thursday, 7 May 2009<

i am a rich ass!
i am changing my furniture in my room~
seriously i will miss what i have now..
currently my cupboard are purple!!
no more purple.. sobz...
i requested for a purple bed but they say dun have.
closest is skyblue. sigh sigh..
my furniture are coming on next tuesday!
and be coming on the 1st of the lunar dates.
due to some unpleasant experience we had..
our bed shall enter on the 1st of the lunar dates. =))

and now i am broke..
the ultimate reason why i am changing my furniture is coz my mum is complaining my cupboard is too small, and cnt squeeze anymore.

haa~ if my father ever know the reason i am changing furniture.. he will sure give another solution
instead of changing waredobe, why not consider buying less clothing?
and i am paying for the furniture myself..
broke as i can be...
lol~~ eat grass for the nxt week months..
movies at harvey norman (dear suggested one idea to save money)
okie.. a tired person is a cray person..
i am going slp le..

missing you...
Thursday, May 07, 2009


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