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>Thursday, 24 June 2010<

i am here to complain about our beloved KOI Bubble Tea's irritating and poor customer service.

Our company people had always LOVE Koi bubble tea. so i was encouraged to organize a delivery of Koi Bubble tea which was done before in our company. So happily the policy was always get $50 orders to achieve free delivery. And i called to double confirm everything.

This person pick up the line and told me yes yes they deliver if we are able So reach the $50 order. So i happily told me i will be able to reach $50 and will be making my order for delivery. Suddenly he change his words. he says nono, its too far away, ur company is too far away. we will not be able to delivery.. =.= they delivered it before. then they goes on saying they have to cycle to deliver blah.. i do not believe you can cycle for delivery, you think you are back in China? arg.. Then i ask how much do they need in order for them to delivery. he say $100. $100 he can delivery. Happily i hang up my call, forgetting to get his name.

THEN THEN THEN. i got the orders. ard 40 cups ordered, a accumulated orders of more than $100. I called back. They say "we didnt say before $100 can delivery" its impossible! our schedule is so full. No delivery! I was totally stunned, argued with him a while, but he refuse. didnt dare to argue further becoz my office is real quiet and there are important guest in the office. They will obviously be able to hear my voice becoz they were near my area speaking with one of the senior manager.

So now i made my order and will have to collect it personally tomorrow.. All the tedious work becoz of their 2 promises broken. and i cant cancel the orders coz it will be 40 people disappointed. and really doesn't want that to happen and tarnish reputation. arg..

missing you...
Thursday, June 24, 2010

>Tuesday, 22 June 2010<

Everyday I worked to do my best. To complete as much as possible resumes each day. But anyone who understand about management people at work knows how useless the term "do my best" and "as much as possible" is. We know its one of the least effective goal setting method to do with any employee.

I, am a victim of a "do my best" goal setting system. Everyday i go to work trying to complete as much as possible. but at the end of each day, i completed 50% of what i know i am capable of. I, lack the motivation. Everyday i go to work knowing, my boss is oversea and there is no one to oversee my progress. No matter how fast i complete, no one sees it. Even when my boss is back, she does not see it. It is arguable that I should set a goal for myself. I used to do it, completing 160 resumes in one day. my record. i ended the day vex, from doing the mundane and repetitive work because it just meant i repeated the same step 160 times. My reward for the day: Prepare to complete another 160 resumes that next day. I lost the motivation. I don't hate my work. i am more than glad to be slacking at work without any supervision.

Its just a reflection of what i know. How i am currently experiencing the theories behind management people at work. Something i need to avoid when i step into the woking force.

Goals Setting is important.

missing you...
Tuesday, June 22, 2010

>Sunday, 20 June 2010<

okie time to do some bloggin debts..
working for more than half a month. Getting a bit hang of some things.
My jobscope currently is still very simple work, but i realise i could learn quite abit from how HR work. and i am kind of more clear of the jobscope of HR.
i love the environment there. Everyone is very friendly and works in a very relax atmosphere.

anyway.. i came home one day, realising soft toys under my care leads a very sad life.

Reaching home, i realise My baby tigger, baby pooh and pink miao is up hanging on the wall..
oh poor soul. pooh and tigger were actually hang up by dear.. and my mum hang up miao miao.. evil people.

Then i realised this 2 little toys are found in this position.
Poor duckie trapped above the trophey and dale just think his life is better off dead.

poor toys.. but i love them all!

quick updates. had a camwhore session with my colleages in the office.
This is my working desk. well decorated but i believe i can do better than that.

This is me at my desk with my hyper cute tigger! love it lots!

Since it was near 7pm, the office was quite empty so we decided to do some smu jump. haha.
this is the receptionist area.

since starwood has quite a few brands, each wall in the office is decorated and represent a brand.
so we decided to camwhore abit.

this pic is sweet... haha.. the 2 of them, one is a perm, one is a intern that comes in the same time as me. both from operations and i am the only HR sitting in the operation area..

that on the left is liliing, a senior intern who took great care of me. glad that she had been teaching me alot. this wall represent westin.

isnt the sceneary in my office pretty!!

this pic is cute! bcoz i am cute! muahaha.. i love this wall seriously..
its purple! and it represent W hotel. the shade of purple on the wall is really pretty! anyway people who never heard of W, its opening in sentosa soon. really is pretty!

sunday today went for wushu training after... 1year or so not going.. didnt really train much. but i still got a muscle ache! call me a weakling! hahaa..

shihao and me!
dear and me!!poor dear got pester very badly by shihao, coz shihao wanted us to buy him Cds during his bdae which we refuse!

then i told him, if he can shed a tear, i might consider, so he did this but still, he didnt cry. TOO BAD!

missing you...
Sunday, June 20, 2010

>Thursday, 17 June 2010<

Seriously, its not that I dun want to work. Its just that I realize the HR system cant bear me to work after 5.30pm. Everytime 5.30 reach, the connection to the sharepoint (HR system) will suddenly lag very badly. Forcing me to start slacking. Muahahaa..

Meeting Angeline and Eddie later for dinner! My MPW group mates!

missing you...
Thursday, June 17, 2010

>Wednesday, 9 June 2010<

HAPPY 22nd moniversary (yesterday)... =)

dozing off at work.
really sleepy.. guess i will need some coffee later..
Reading through the resume, i realise i really prefer HR job compare to other department's job.
i get very bored reading other department's resume but when it come to HR, i suddenly felt more refresh and find it less mundane.

missing you...
Wednesday, June 09, 2010

>Monday, 7 June 2010<

trying to get back my patience..
relax choya relax choya..
Doing data entry the whole day really kills.
why is everyone doing things relevant while i am doing data entry here. =(
this feeling really sucks.
hen fan hen fan feeling. sigh..
from morning till now, i entered 130documents.
i kept telling myself slowly slowly, but doing data entry, really isnt that easy.
initally i thought data entry would be easy but after doing it for a day.
i really feel very irritated.
its really very brainless.
sigh.. hate it hate it hate.
i want to learn something.
i dun mind being busy, stress, as long as i take away something from it.

i want my dear =(

missing you...
Monday, June 07, 2010

>Sunday, 6 June 2010<

Started work on Tuesda (01062010)
Tuesday was really a stonning day.. i think my director was too busy to attend to me.
i was told to access to this intranet and read up on the company info. However i have no access to it. so she ask me to wait. and i waited for 4-5 hours for the intranet which never came. at 4pm, i decided to ask my colleague and she offer to lend me her password to access in. THANK GOODNESS. but it look me quite fast to finish reading and i stonned till end of work.

Wednesday (02062010)
Another Senior Internship Person was back from leave. so she taught me one of the Talent Acquisition system they used to stall resume. So i am to helped my director key in resumes that she newly received. However as the system is new, there is no databased in it. So i have to help key in all the resumes that have receive since 2007. Imagine how many they are. my Senior Internship she completed half of the soft copy resume and its already 1200 plus. i am suppose to take over her and complete the rest. Adding on! The Hard copy of 3 big boxes of resume. FAINTS. i seriously foresee myself doing ctrl-c, ctrl-v the whole of my internship. i pray hard i got more than that to do.

2.30pm, leave for a charity project by one of our hotels.
They were in their peak period therefore needed more manpower. So they approached us to see if we could help out. so tada. there we were..
This is my senior intern who is a very nice person and took great care of me.

The cupcakes birthday cake
i think The white colour "unedible" part is for wedding used.
ask one of the cheif, he said its made of flour. COOL~

Met up with eewei, shihao and sly for dessert at chinatown.

poor sly ran all the way from west to eat dessert with us
this is the mango desert shihao has been ranting about.
which is quite nice. but what i really like is the coconut which shihao ordered as a side dish.

We went walking around to buy our toiletries at chinatown then headed to orchard for a walk.
and home sweet home.

Thursday (03062010)
Another data entry day. sigh. director left a note telling me she need to speak to me regarding some HR policies but she never came. Then she passed me an updated GM documents, need me to update them, but since i do not have the softcopy, she said she will send it to me.. As expected, it never came.
Went dinner with my family! Been quite a while since i had dinner with them. and greedy brothers ordered 9 dishes for 5 of us. damn filling.

Friday (04062010)
Last day of the week! =)
The only special thing i did is to create a leave form for the GM. which was kinda of easy actually. Director passed a form and told me this used to be their leave form for the GM however they need a revamp with a more corporate look. She said she will speak to me about it again. 4.30pm, she still yet to speak to me about it, so i decided to do one out without consulting her and send it to her. Let her see then made small changes here and there and thats it.

Really pray hard this is not the kind of jobscope i am going to do for the whole of my internship. *Pray Hard*

went Science Center with dear..
I think my last trip there was during either P4 or P6.
haha.. hated that place. because i never had an interest with science.

This place is full of memories..

The photos we always walk pass when our teachers lead us to climb the stairs..

MR Einstein climbing up and down the pole. i always hated his figure. he look scary and crazy.

I think since we have grown up, alot of things become uninteresting to us. Or perhaps becoz those are things we already know, thus making us uninterested.

Went to Pixar exhibition. Was so amazed with the creation of the movie. so much work to put in. Was always very curious how they made the movie out. and their drawing and painting and shading is so so so real. omg. i wish i can draw half as nice as them.

Went lunch at JE, OMG! they have aston there! love aston lots! haha..

went back to play the outdoor stuff while waiting for our 7pm show. okie these are more interesting. more interactive.

Measuring height. we are suppose to look at a mirror in the floor and move until we see a spotlight. where we standing will be our height. cool~

there was loads of kids when he went in. then as soon as he started, one by one fell down and were taken back by his violent and ran away.. heex. violent him.

7pm came and went for 3D Toy Story 2.
most uncomfortable movie chair, worst sound system, worst lighting. because its science center hall. they transfer a hall to movie theatre for pixar 3D show. but oh well..

missing you...
Sunday, June 06, 2010

>Wednesday, 2 June 2010<

i am now a rock..

my working life yesterday was nothing but stonning...
commencing my 2nd day of work.
hopefully i can get more busy and learn to do more stuff..

missing you...
Wednesday, June 02, 2010

>Tuesday, 1 June 2010<

bloggin while at work.

Intern Task 1: Stone..
Task 2: Wait..
Task 3: Stone..


missing you...
Tuesday, June 01, 2010


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