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>Wednesday, 31 March 2010<

why am i always trying so hard to be understanding when its never reciprocated.

missing you...
Wednesday, March 31, 2010


can see my blogging frequency is increasing,
meaning i am getting more bored lately and really have nth better to do!

yesterday was out with kaiyu to get her party stuff
and then we ended up in kbox.
but this time round we are cleverer, HTHT finish before stepping into kbox, if not history will repeats itself, with us going into kbox for chatting instead of singing.
AND surprisingly kbox only cost us $8!
super cheap! yay! happi!

we passed by Taka when this health product company's employee approached us for "survey". anyway we still followed her and i am still glad we did, coz they are trying to promote some health product but before they promote and convincing, they need to analysis your health then determine what is more suitable for you.

then my BM Age is horrible! Now at 21, the person analysis is my body is performing at 33. =( she said the reason is coz inconsistent eating habit. kaiyu is 17! so good~ hahaha..

so i decided to make some effort to eat more healthily and on time. and suddenly realise it seems to hard! even fulfilling 2 meals a day is so hard! hahaha.. i ate morning breakfast at 8.30am (some vegetarian breakfast) then went gyming at 10.30 - 1pm, on the way home, made myself buy a packet of beehoon although i am not hungry. forced myself eat a little at 3 then started doing my work. now its 5.30pm, i really cnt finish the beehoon. =( my stomach shrinked! i used to be able to eat alot...

wonder if that is good news or bad. sigh...

missing you...
Wednesday, March 31, 2010


was getting bored few days ago,
decided to blink up my dbs thing!

i am not a fan of ALOT OVERLY DONE COMPLICATED blinks but since it is a small item, i dun mind simple de.. ho hoho..

at least it is not the usual horrible red colour. hohoho....

missing you...
Wednesday, March 31, 2010

>Monday, 29 March 2010<

tired baking cookies on friday and it turned on to be hard like stone!
so redo it on sunday!
and finally it is more edible!!

now i am a professional baker!!muahahaha!!
wait till i succeed in baking cheese cake and making cheese!

missing you...
Monday, March 29, 2010

>Sunday, 28 March 2010<

was browsing online and came across this wallet.. look so pretty and comfy to hold!!!!!! pretty pretty colours!! but nah! i am not going to replace my braun buffel wallet! but this look so pretty pretty pretty...

i am trying to gather my momentum to study! really trying hard! but haven been touching anything since my last CAT project end. sigh...

tml i shall start studying! i swear!
i hope. =(

the day to cheryl bdae party.
love the place. love the atmosphere. love the party. =)
the party is different perhaps because the people she invite are those very close to her, therefore its feels more warmth.

our present!

MC last minute PS, so left the 3 of us.

missing you...
Sunday, March 28, 2010

>Friday, 26 March 2010<

my mouse is a little not working.
hate it.

missing you...
Friday, March 26, 2010

>Thursday, 25 March 2010<

suddenly decided to go swimming.
crashed into the condo opposite my house, swam a while and found it quite creepy to be swimming in darkness due to the absence of lightings at the condo. decided to head back home after half hour swim.

came home, my mum dragged me out of room to watch that liu qian magic show on tv with her. i wasnt really a fan of magic coz i hate to be kept in suspense, not knowing how they did it. but still was very amazed on how he actually did some magic! like taking something yellow and put in mirror but it reflect pink!

then back in school stupid yiling tempting me with food... remind me of mahatten's prawn and fish.. hungy~ miss the food.. =( but i am on a diet! should really get away from those food at the moment.. life become black and white when i am on diet. =(

okie since i am here.. shall clear some blogging debts.
was cheryl bdae yesterday, then me and gang decided to do up a photo frame for her
was always very amazed about how people could design their own photos up in using the overlapping of papers, mixing and matching of words.
always wanted to do one but never had a chance or perhaps never had the confidence.
am always afraid things do not turn up the way i visualised it to be.
but somehow decided to do one for cheryl bdae. whatever the outcome, just give it a try!
so after class i went to the paper market at cityhall and started my shopping.
i seriously spend 1 hour in that small shop!!
coz i really went in unprepared of what i am going to do!
After one hour home sweet home to start on it.
Thanks to freda who manage to get to ikea before they close for the day and found a really pretty and suitable photoframe.

My findings from the search in that paper maker shop!

okie so i started..
i sew this myself! pretty right!
haha.. stole the button from my mum cupboard! lol..

i made in a mess in my room..

and tada 75% done

i was quite stupid to take the process but not the finishing product! =.=
but oh well.. wait till i got the photos..

hahaha.. was very happy when i finished.. finally i was able to fulfill a dream i always had! to do this kind! say dao so kua zhang! dream! muahhaha.. haha.. but just always wanted to do one.

today met up with marin and chukeng and head to adam road for lunch.
The food is really nice... loves it no matter how many times i go there.was glad we were able to go there because most of my friends do not wish to do there for its inconvenient. damn sad. but still loves the food there. =)

missing you...
Thursday, March 25, 2010


my projects ended and i suddenly felt lost in my life.
have no motivations to start on my revision for my final exam though i know i badly needed to start.

have no where to go except at home. and really not a fan of staying at home.
all this is making me more moody more sensitive.
sigh sigh.............

missing you...
Thursday, March 25, 2010

>Tuesday, 23 March 2010<

today is a great great day!
because its the end of my excel project!
today is the presentation and i think we did a very good job!
our prof commented "it is more than very good"
arh!!! damn happy!
coz we took days and nights to do out the excel programming and excel solver and analysis!
the BGS feeling is coming back~ i got a feeling~ woo.....hoo....
but i am really glad the amount of effort our whole group put in paid off.

this mark the end of my project peak period and its time to prepare for end year exam!
went to meet dear for movie and home sweet home!

missing you...
Tuesday, March 23, 2010

>Saturday, 20 March 2010<

went to vivo to watch Cop Out
it is a M18 show and we was stopped at the entrance to verify our I/C.
must be i look too young although dear insisted it was him that looked young!

had a HBS report to read through.. 18 page long then would need write a report out to analysis why the company failed in certain business plan.
and worst all, to be submitted tml. on a good nice sunday...
and i haven started reading. =)
okie off to study!

missing you...
Saturday, March 20, 2010

>Friday, 19 March 2010<

met felicia and went shopping today
shopping therapy!

bought a PINK bandage skirt from new look
i am quite into pink clothing lately.
i was once into white, and immediately my waredrobe filled with white clothing, feels so angelic, then it was black. and BOMBS.. black all up. then realise i must have a variety of coloiur, but i still like dark colour coz look slimer ma.. XP then i got dark blue of different shades of blue.
and now was PINKY!
baby pink is so nice. heex.
ho ho ho..

but i will save up! dun want to spend so much before the trip. CONTROL~

missing you...
Friday, March 19, 2010

>Thursday, 18 March 2010<

this is freaking cute!
was browsing tees at threadless tee when i came across this pic! arh!!! how cute!!!!
want to pinch the zebra!!! hahaha..

missing you...
Thursday, March 18, 2010


life sucks.
i have been working on this excel sheet for DAYS trying to create a program with excel.
i spend 7 hours straight hours on it completing the programme, saved it and ended my day.
this morning i woke up, planning to continue on my excel and its DARE TO TELL ME! THEY COULDNT RECOVER MY EXCEL! COZ MICROSOFT EXCEL SCREWED UP!


Sigh.. i really need go back to work.

missing you...
Thursday, March 18, 2010

>Wednesday, 17 March 2010<

blogging in school...
preparing to continue for CAT assignment.
CAT = Computer Analysis Tools
It basically work on excel spreadsheet.
I used to think i know Excel moderately well. All the formulae, =sumproduct.. etc etc..
but every since i started my project on CAT.
i realise how naive i was in the past!
to think i even grade myself 8 for the knowledge on excel!

so now i have less than 1 week to learn the excel and do out a program using it.
luckily i got my deardear to help me!
my excel SHIFU!
manage to cut down ALOT of hours learning and trial and error on excel.
YAY! my dear rocks!

missing you...
Wednesday, March 17, 2010

>Saturday, 13 March 2010<

hungry la~

grace was telling me she went to JJ concert and i realized i haven been to a concert before.. X(
i got a sad life.
but it just seems that it will be more fun if i know most of the songs the singer sings, but i doubt there is such singer. I am really not a big fan for any of the singer. still rememberat secondary school, grace and i were quite excited, wanting to go for Jay Chou concert. But before we even heard the news "start selling ticket", we heard the news of"tickets SOLD OUT". how sad can that be. but it will still be fun if i can attend a concert, just to get the feel of the atmosphere.

i just finish my show.. haha..
so sweet so nice~ make me miss my dear... X(

ok i shall go slp soon! having school tml..
its sunday!!!! why must i go school!!! I HATE MY LIFE.
week 11. 3 more weeks and I AM FREEEEEE~ SUDDENLY I LOVE MY LIFE!

missing you...
Saturday, March 13, 2010

>Thursday, 11 March 2010<

i am a soon-to-be thefaceshop fan!
went to buy baby blue nail polish from thefaceshop yesterday.

they got a$2.90 brand and$7.90 and thought i would try the more expensive kind for once.
normally i have to paint (plus repaint and repaint) my nails 3-4 times to get the texture my nail polish right. but using that$7.90, i use paint ONCE for all finger!
so i am not sure if its just that i am IMPROVE alot or that nail polish is miracle!
shall experiment it a few times before i make any conclusion.
so now i have baby blue nails~

love the colour but thought it seems to darken my skin. and my finger still look as ugly as usual. X< why cant i have kaiyu's fingers...

sometimes back. had meeting with cheryl at cathay.
a change in environment for meeting venue..haha..
freda came looking for us and we start camwhoring in the middle of the cinema. many friends came to ask me where i got the courage from. Seriously i don't know. hahaha...

Freda got that wushu SEH lo!

Journey to Cathay!

missing you...
Thursday, March 11, 2010

>Tuesday, 9 March 2010<

life sucks... =(
its great that my life in uni is very slack now.
but still, i need to have meetings on weekends or unusual timing.
which sucks to the core.
i am not blaming anyone or my group mates.
coz i know how busy they are and what they are going through.
i gone through them myself too, and they were once very understanding to me.
so now i can total understand everything.
but just felt unlucky that the timing is always so not right..

life sucks especially when i am hungry.
i am so grumby now.... X(

missing you...
Tuesday, March 09, 2010

>Sunday, 7 March 2010<

everyone is ranting this. so am i.
the weather is really unbearable.
Being in Singapore, 24/7 summer season, we are SUPPOSE to get used to it.

and worst of all, nachos+cheese+durian+prata today. Had no one to blame but myself for falling ill.

wanted to shop badly. but every time i see something nice, had to keep telling myself, i have to wait for Taiwan trip.
save save save! how i wish everything can be bought without any money!

missing you...
Sunday, March 07, 2010


dear started work lately. (YAY!)
and my school projects starting to piling up..
so we had to meet up less often (booo!)

but still.. =) will patiently wait for the arrival of weekends to meet up with him!

had a SUPER random meet up with kaiyu and eewei. just a phone call and all of us are out for a movie. Alice in the wonderland.

Eewei and me happens to wore couple outfit! xing you ling xi leh~

After the movie, we went popular searching for kaiyu bdae guest book.

and as usual.. that se bei bei..

camwhore awhile at popular..

eewei left to look for her parents..
so poor me and kaiyu continue our quest.

went shop around then off to swensen! good life!

her meat ball something!!

and my salad!!! muahahaha.. damn nice but damn waste money. but its alright! since kaiyu treat me so WHY NOT! hahah..

3 more projects for me and i will declare the end of the project period.
Next week will be week 10
Analytical Skills - presentation on week 11 (we have not met up yet)
Technology World Change - week 10 presentation (er.. about there le la)
Computer Analytic skills- (dunno when hand in) the xiong part.
but nvm! 4 more weeks! i will once again be welcoming my 4 months holiday with wide spread arms.

oh no! i have yet to look for internship yet.
any kind souls willing to employ me?
i promise to be a good girl at work!

missing you...
Sunday, March 07, 2010

>Thursday, 4 March 2010<

school is really so tiring. i gotta get to bed very soon after ths post.
was studying at jurong east library in the morning when i receive an msg from kaiyu to go out for movie.
so called up ew and off we go to wm.

went back school for mtg at 7.30pm till round 10. dead tired now.

out with SJAB girls yday.
quite a while since i met them.

and since val just came from back 6 months intern at china, she brought us gifts! so started choosing our caps!

and purple is my colour!

missing you...
Thursday, March 04, 2010


life sucks without my deardear~ X(

and life sucks with my mum nagging beside my years... i gotta get out of hse to have peace~

missing you...
Thursday, March 04, 2010


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