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>Monday, 30 August 2010<

Last Sunday 22nd August,
met out with Wushu people to rot at liang ying hse.
Everyone packed their own food, not anything fantastic food but just any food we can find, to fill our stomach.

Sit around to play monopoly deal, recently learnt how to played the game and find it quite fun.
However due to too much players, the game got boring and end up everyone gave up playing. Partially of the stuffy weather and partially that no activity was planned for the day, everyone got sleepy and started stoning until we decided we shouldn't be spending our Sunday like this! We decided to go out to have some fun!

called Cdans to check for bowling alleys and to our surprise, they just ended their tournament and off we go speeding to the bowling alleys!

Shihao and guofeng decided to leave for the day so this group of us!
The Girls Team!!
Reach Cdans and what we realise after we park the car... kelvin reverse too much, trying to save more space for a motorbike to put infront.. =.=

look at sly! his facial expression!haha..

me with dear!
the girls!!!
the guys!! haha.. competing muscle! haha.
Group photo!!!
Thanks to the bowling trip! with all the shouting screaming laughing, wake everyone up abit.
Wushu should go for more bowling! hahha.. coz everyone is damn noisy and will hype up atmosphere!

missing you...
Monday, August 30, 2010

>Wednesday, 25 August 2010<

Not sure if what i did was right.
Girls who are not at the maturity to decide on their own.
Am i to teach her to be mature or to tell her what to do.

Anyway, went to S Hotel for brand training today. Do not really want to say out the name ever since i learn of how powerful and dangerous internet is.

Anyway my first impression of it was old, old-fashion and i really wonder why would people choose this hotel over others. but after the GM explained the rational for the design of the hotel, i understand the positioning and the brand image of the hotel better. They target people in the 40s and older, everyone preference changed as we aged. and at our preference of interior design at that age is of the old and warmly kind instead of the modern and energetic design. thus explain the interior structure. No wonder i dun like the feeling! muahahaha..

Happen to meet one of my ex-SJAB cadet over at the hotel. She is now working retail at the hotel. Nice/Not Nice to meet old friends over there.

Find that working in a hotel is really like a big family, which you know nearly everyone. The training actually spark my interest to work in a hotel and i really want to have a taste of how its like to be a butler, a housekeeper or even a front desk assistant. Simple job like this will teach you how the whole hotel is being run.

But ofocz this training also taught me how unglamorous hotel industry is. at the "front area" where all the guest were, is pretty carpeted floor while the back end is really CHUI.

We were dinning at their restaurant and i can feel the stress the restaruant people are feeling. haha. imagine the director of food and beverage is there, all the ex com, the GM there. There was a confusion of utensils on the dinning desk and the F&B look a little crossed and suddenly everyone like fled very far away. Then they were joking no one dare come near our table. haha..

anyway slping time! woohoo!
tml another day at S hotel.

missing you...
Wednesday, August 25, 2010

>Monday, 23 August 2010<

Our second day exploring Sentosa..
Universal Studio!!

headed over early morning to find the place crowded with visitors.
We were welcome with this sign..
closing down sales.. AT RESORT WORLD???
Isn't this place newly opened???

Just before we step foot on universal studio.
Once in, we were welcome with the Hollywood atmosphere.
naturally, everyone stopped to take a few photos but dear and me decide to move all the way forward to the rides. Start taking the rides while everyone is still taking photos. The queue would be the shortest!

The mummy indoor roller coaster!!
The ride would be exciting for the first round, but after the second and third we would start to know how the whole ride goes, thus diminishing the element of surprise and the sense of excitement.

Headed to Jurassic Park.
There is this water ride over there which nearly everyone claim was GREAT. only us thought it was real bad. Anyway, perhaps there was some problem with the ride when we took it, thus, they turn down the rapid speed. coz there was REALLY no rapid! It was a peaceful ride..

Then we tried this ride (i never know the names) which was fun, though not any where near exciting. just an enjoyable ride to have a bird eye view of universal studio.

Camwhore around the streets till its time for the Water World Show.

One of the show i love most.
Filled with actions, fires, gun shots. It just surprise me they can brought so many things despite the space constraint.
After the show, continued our photo taking on the streets,

and serious where is this penguin looking at..

LUNCH TIME! yipee!!
the food is quite nice!
and ofcoz we made full use of the unlimited flow of chilli.

The cars parked around the restaurant..
Went out of universal studio to buy the popcorn which is some unique. (but somehow i prefer Cathay popcorn)

Then back in camwhoring..

dear decided to try on this ride!!
i will never agree to take on rides that spin non stop. I tried once when i was in secondary school and THATS IT for me! It just takes one ride for me to puke, giddy and unwell. so poor him had to take this ride alone.

Soon left universal studio to explore resort world.

THE Hersey shop! Only if chocolate is non-fattening and non-heaty! I would sure buy loads and loads of chocolate back!

dear and his beloved dog
Near 8, went back to the park for a movie
Then out at 10pm for fireworks!

The firework wasn't really amazing as compare to NDP or even the year end countdown firework. But oh well.. budget budget..

Universal studio rides wasn't that fantastic perhaps because the blue and red roller coaster was not up yet. but still, i love the shows and the lighting/fire effects!

missing you...
Monday, August 23, 2010

>Saturday, 21 August 2010<

It was our 2nd anniversary sometime back, went to explore Sentosa for few days! =)

It's werid that despite being together for 2 years, we have never step foot on sentosa together as a couple. Its just does to show how much we do not like to be in the sun and getting ourself tanned.

13th Friday, headed to Mega Zip. Its really quite costly, given that the ride only lasted for 1min and it cost us $30 EACH. but oh well, there is a reason why it is place in Sentosa.
While waiting for a ride up to Mega-zip. Cost us $2 each to be sent up to the top of the "mountain" where all the mega zip, the jumps and the climbs were. But somehow the ride up seems more exciting as the driver make several sharp turns that nearly flew me out of the ride.

Upon reaching, start queuing and god, we had to take our weight and had our weight written on our wrist band. thanks goddness, i didn't eat a cow in the past few days. Then sorted to get our individual safety equipments.
suits up!

Making our way up the tower

While queueing up, we could see how the climb look like.
Its quite interesting how everyone is trusted to complete each and every task on their own without any guidance. Every little kids are let to go independently.

Look at how this little girl, walk on her own across all obstacles alone. I bet most singaporean kids would have started crying halfway through the climb.

Camwhore as we near the top of the tower.

And all ready for the ride.
Exiting the gate

And all ready for any moment.
The first step out wasn't as scary as i thought i would be. Perhaps i know there is a rope attached to me, and i will not be experiencing any free fall.

The ride was videoed down but somehow i have no idea how to extract them to photos. Wait till i figure them out.

Went exploring Sentosa as we make our way to the cable car.
This is the Imbiah area where all the merlion and other unattractive attractions are found.
I used to dislike this place alot when i was young, the small old-fashion tiles remind me of those old housing and i never failed to have very bad nightmare when i lived in one.

Great shot captured by ME~

At the foot of the merlion. Never knew sentosa have places like this.

It feels disrespectful not to take the merlion photo especially when i walked pass it. So just to show that, yes i walk past one before, i snap a quick photo.

Then past a garden with fake birds.
And finally we reached the cable car.
Been quite a while since i last took a cable car. my parents used to love bringing us up mount faber just for a walk or taking the cable car. Since young, my dad has taught us that cable car is meant to be shaked! he love to swing his body or do some stuff to make the cable car swing, and as we grow up, we learnt from him. And when we are old enough and heavy enough to join our father with the swinging, my mum stopped taking the cable car with us, or more to be more precise, she refuses to take anymore cable cars with us. She will just scream and swear her way through the whole ride.

The journey to Vivo.......

Had a lunch with vivo, i wanted having cravings for Japanese omelete noodle and i went one of the Japanese stall in look for one. To my disappointment, they do not have that in their menu. However, the cook offered to cook it for me! HAPPY~ haha.. and felt bad. but end up the food didnt turn out as nice as kobayashi. =(

Headed back to Sentosa for our Song of The Sea show. Night view was splendid. 3/4 of the photos I taken in the night was blurred. =.=
As a typical Singaporeans, was kinda of late so half ran, half walked to the show venue.
The effects of the show was pretty but the story line just sucks. Perhaps they should come up with a better story line to match the whole beautiful effects. The storyline was something like this group of friends want to save a princess and have to wake her up using their singing. blah blah..

i love this fire show.

missing you...
Saturday, August 21, 2010


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