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>Friday, 31 October 2008<

sobz. its another friday night alone.

missing you...
Friday, October 31, 2008


Yesterday wasnt that bad afterall!

went see doctor, doctor say no fried food, no biscult, no cold drinks no slping late, no CHILLI!
Sobz.... but oh well oh well.. since i promised someone to obey.
Whats over!
Financial Accounting Group Presentation
Management Science Group Report
Whats undone!
12th November - BGS Group Presentation (Not yet starting - starting today)
12th November - BGS Group Report Deadline (completing soon)
18th November - Financial Accounting Group Report (Not yet started - starting tomorrow)
14th November - Intro Econs Group Presentation (Not Yet started - that week then chiong ba)

okie. really time to pia.

some photo prof took while we were in class... =

missing you...
Friday, October 31, 2008

>Thursday, 30 October 2008<

today is just a bad day

missing you...
Thursday, October 30, 2008

>Tuesday, 28 October 2008<

Woah! Just a blink of eyes, my long weekend ended..
Sobz~! But i had a great weekend! The only time i can throw all the projects, assignment out of my mind.

Went back school on saturday to watch blood diamond. heex. not bad eh the show, just that some part abit cruel. roar~ cruel people~ spend practically the whole day is school but guess what! Its not for school purposes! => After today, school is not a bad place afterall. HEEX.

Sunday Wushu training~! sobz sobz.. training from 9-5 FIVE HOURS NEH~ and most of the time are on physical training. Now my muscle are realy aching. reaaaaaaallllllllyyyy aching.

^^ nxt week week~ bz bz week~ sobz.. this coming friday.. sobz.. haix..

missing you...
Tuesday, October 28, 2008

>Friday, 24 October 2008<

i dun want to be doing project at this time.
i dun want to be going to social night at this day.
Friday Night shouldn't be a time for school.
Its always isn't. It shouldn't be.
I don't want it to be.

missing you...
Friday, October 24, 2008


its photoshooting day last sunday with funchun wushu ppl!
here are they!!!

we took really long to pose for this photo. and when it is like FINALLY done~ stupid zhihong go look at somewhere else. end up being beaten up by coach and eric. haa. funny.

the colourful colourful picture

me and pei fen

me and zhong wei, clone!

me and jun

me and eric

shuai! heex

the girls!

missing you...
Friday, October 24, 2008

>Wednesday, 22 October 2008<

sudden realise my blog like not much photo eh. so shall post some photo up! This is BGS group mate! tada~! from left to right. junlong, me, freda, mingcai,cheryl.

in school lift.

missing you...
Wednesday, October 22, 2008

>Tuesday, 21 October 2008<


missing you...
Tuesday, October 21, 2008

>Monday, 20 October 2008<

Hey Hey Hey! Photos!
Met up with the wushu people to eat steamboat at Bugis. haha.

the photographer has really bad skills. She took 2 photos and both are shaky!arg..

This 2 werido just likes to attract attention, the other table infront was taking photos so they just pose behind them, so they will be included in the their photo. -.-

Suddenly, shihao kept unpacking his bag and eewei just kept pose with them

eewei kaiyu and the kid! omg. i heard shihao ate like over 50 wanton that day! AMAZING~

3/5 eggies. the incomplete group. aiyo...

Somehow this 3 guys like to eat watermelon alot.. keep eating de....

eric and ME~ ^^

liangying, eddie and ME!

missing you...
Monday, October 20, 2008

>Friday, 17 October 2008<

hungry hungry hungry hungry hungry..
really hungry how......
stuck in this class. now is 1.20. class ending at 3.15pm.
hungry hungry hungry hungry hungry..
should have grab sth to eat b4 class.
hungry hungry hungry hungry hungry..
can someone save me. =<

*damn i type a whole chunk of things yet it is not saved. i am suppose to retype it! arg.**

i feel so tired now. mentally tired.
Despite having ended my exams and some projects, i still feel very tired.
I feel so cheated by adults.
When i was in primary school, that adults would reassure me that if i study hard and do well, i would have a comfortable life in the future, work in a big company, be a big manger, earn big money and lead a good life. Being naive, i believed. i made it to the express stream in secondary school. Not a good school but i manage to survive.

When i get into a secondary School, i was told that if i study hard, make it to Junior College, it guarantee me a place in University. Being naive, i believed. i studied hard. I was glad i made it to Junior College.

When i get into Junior College. i realised they were all wrong. i was not guaranteed a seat in University but i have no turning back, all that i can do, is the close my eye and run. Praying hard nothing goes wrong. But on a bright note, i was told that A level is the last stage in education life. After A level, things will be better. University is a very relaxing place. i believed. AGAIN.

Now that i have got into university. i realised they are all wrong. I am awoken from being naive, being dumb all while. Indeed, university has the freedom to plan your own time. However, what are there to plan? When to meet which group for group project? When to meet each professor for consultation? what kind of life is this?

So what if i were to make it big in the future? with greater power come greater responsibility. with greater responsibility comes higher stress level. Is that the comfortable life adults have been reassuring me of? I rather do a low level job and lead a simple life. at least i will be more happy.

but nvm. i will still survive. I have made it that far, i can survive through.
its not easy but i can do it. so many people survive through. why cant i? =)
i am not that weak.
back to reality. i am going to study hard. =)

missing you...
Friday, October 17, 2008

>Thursday, 16 October 2008<

its 3am. and i am getting out of here! finally finish my report. i am going to slp! like so FINALLY~

missing you...
Thursday, October 16, 2008


tired~ super tired. its 2a.m
i am still here writing report.
why cant sleep be a subset of SMU life.
the report is suppose to be produced on friday.
however our prof suddenly brought forward everything to tml.
then our report not done out. sianz~
now chionging..

missing you...
Thursday, October 16, 2008

>Wednesday, 15 October 2008<

well. got back 2 of my results.BGS and accounting.
didnt did quite well for BGS
but nvm! dun hui xing! will cont to study hard!
my prof told me not to be disappointed and work hard in other aspect.
haha.. okie...

Accounting wasnt very fantastic but still i am contented.
=> happie~

overall still happie with my result. happie~

met with accident yesterday.
shouldnt have been that blur. must really be more conscious about my surrounding.
thnk you for being there^^

missing you...
Wednesday, October 15, 2008

>Monday, 13 October 2008<

its 10.30pm, i am still in school.
can i have some life please. i am tired.

missing you...
Monday, October 13, 2008


sianz. its 9.30pm. i am still in school...
i am in school since 8.30! 13 hours in school liao. anyone want to save me?!
in project mtg.

missing you...
Monday, October 13, 2008


stonning in school now. I am about to go for piano lesson soon.
but before that.. i want to announce...
i am a happy girl! heex.

For the past week, especially the last few days, it had been a happy happy week for me.
I thought it would all end today since i am going back to school. I WAS PROVEN WRONG!

Before i continue, maybe you would like to recall my 29th September post.
in which i was super depressed with my papers.

so today is the day the result will be released
prof put a stack of papers in front of the room and instructed us to search for our own papers.
so i went up, i realise everyone is getting 30 plus or more for the papers(upon 50) depressed.
i thought to myself.its more difficult to search my name so i decided to search my paper looking at the result. I was thinking my result would be around 20 plus to 30. Like i say, i really has no confident in the papers. i couldnt find my paper. depressed. (luckily i didnt go up to my prof and exclaim that my paper lost)My friend told me she found my paper so i went back to my seat to take it. and ta-da! i was surprised! it was good! =) happy! yet to recover from the shock. i guess i did well as my prof was quite lenient with the marking. HAPPIE~! smiling....

okie off i go to piano lesson! woohooo..

missing you...
Monday, October 13, 2008

>Sunday, 12 October 2008<

Night view of flyer is beautiful.

Mr Gao! ^^

missing you...
Sunday, October 12, 2008

>Friday, 10 October 2008<

tired~ sianz~

waiting for some mtg at 4pm later.
and chionging my BGS report now. wah 5500 words ar!
why isit that the more project i do, the words are required. faints.

okie i give up now, go home then do!

missing you...
Friday, October 10, 2008

>Thursday, 9 October 2008<

today is a moody day..
really a moody day..
moody for no reason.
really for no reason.
woke up with a happy smile.
but then after a while when silence came, jiu start to moody dao night le.
haix.. also dunno la. jiu not in the mood for anything, everything.


how i wish weekend faster come.

headache continues...
whats wrong seriously.
i dun feel sick, i just feel headache...
recess week seems to be so boring....


missing you...
Thursday, October 09, 2008

>Wednesday, 8 October 2008<

today is a good good day. its 8th OCT!

bad headache.. bad bad headache..
sianz.. having bad headach since like MONDAY?
omg.. like someone knocking my head very badly.


On a brighter note, i went for 2 interview for the Exco committee for this event
Got in for both event. Anyway, my tuition are ending soon so i guess these events will keep me busy for a while. =)

Went for this CIP Program interview - Selected: Logistic Manager (werid name)
went for the Competition plannning - Selected:Vice Operation Director
woah i am selected as vice. coz when i went to the interview. i told them my experience lies in logistic and finance. operation and marketing is my interest but i have no experience in it, so i am willing to go into the sub committee to assist them and from there learn how the department works. and then i got the EXCO role for it. Mmm.. like that can learn more things la. so nvm. but the logistic one, still a bit stressful ba. suddenly my shoulder sinks down.

missing you...
Wednesday, October 08, 2008

>Tuesday, 7 October 2008<

its always fun to have both of my brothers' at home.
but its tiring at the same time.haix..

went breakfast with them. noisy people..
whole time they goes "mummy, see ah ben like that..."
"mummy, see that pig..." never grown up kids.

then home sweet home. they locked me outside the hse. arg. when finally i was let in.
my room was already in this state

a closer look... in my room..

can imagine what they have done. ran into my room. ransack. threw all my pillows, blanket, softtoy out! then they ran out clapping their hand.. -.-

so i ran into my nicholas room, threw all this things out also.. revenge. and he took those i threw out to throw at me.by then ben already lock himself in the room, preventing me from ransacking his room.. arg.. sianz.. lazy to pack up.

nvm.. i went using my beautiful opera voice and kept following behind nicholas and sang loudly.. muahahah.. then he was like going crazy, keep walking ard, see got what thing jiu throw at me,( obviously he still care about my safety, only throwing pillows and softtoys) then shouting loudy "mummy you seee she......" "mummy,......" so funny.. muahahah..

now back to my room packing my room.. -.-

missing you...
Tuesday, October 07, 2008

>Monday, 6 October 2008<

initially first glance, i find the cat super cute! but soon a closer look at the moving mouth, it look werid. Mm.. okie..
=< tuesday + wednesday

today mark the official start of recess week.
HAPPIE yet.... sad
reason, other uni also start school liao.
reason, my uni friends all have exam after recess week so cnt go out with me
reason, everyone chionging project
reason, ..................................

headach.. headach..
like sum1 hitting my head..
headach.. headach...

missing you...
Monday, October 06, 2008

>Friday, 3 October 2008<

i just finish my Intro Econs exam!
the reason i am so high is not coz i will sure pass..
i think i am not very bothered about if i will pass anot anymore.
i give up struggling!
happy coz one paper down! after tml! exam exam down!
then its play time~! woooo.... ^^

econs essay ask about externalities.
but the thing is, it emphasize on, USE the microeconomics concept and terms taught by him.
but wad i know (JC knowledge) he didnt teach at all.
and i dunno wad he teach la seriously.
so i just dump all that i know down (mostly learn in JC)
i hope i dun get wrong for that.
but dun think will do well la.

nvm nxt half sem i gona be a goody goody goody girl.
and listen in class...
study constantly...
so i wun die when end of year comes.

okie. time to study for tml exam le.
2 exam for tml! wish me luck!

missing you...
Friday, October 03, 2008

>Thursday, 2 October 2008<

there is always rainbow after the rain
will keep smiling..

missing you...
Thursday, October 02, 2008


Happy cat has run out of happiness.

missing you...
Thursday, October 02, 2008


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