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>Tuesday, 27 November 2007<

i found some really funny videos.
just just tried to disturb ppl hu want to take photo.

missing you...
Tuesday, November 27, 2007


ooo.. i am flying in 9 hrs time! heyheyhey!
dun miss me!

missing you...
Tuesday, November 27, 2007

>Monday, 26 November 2007<

went working today...
omg! i mixed up alot of stuff again!
i wouldnt be surprise to get fired.
cant blame me for my ultra blurness
thats me, you see, from my record of losing stuff
they should be warned before hand for the consequence of employing me.
i always mixed tamil and malay books together.
i know the BIG difference is writing. but still the colour of books the same!
ok.. i am trying very hard to minimize the carelessness.

arg.. i thought after last week of wushu, my muscle wouldnt be pain anymore.
however i was proven wrong!
my tigh is still pain. arg..

muahaha.. i am flying in 36 hours time!!
to hong kong!
i swear that i will shop till, i drop!
arg.. hope my leg recover by then! heex!

don't feel like working tml
i really feel tired. very tired.

missing you...
Monday, November 26, 2007

>Sunday, 25 November 2007<

omg.. i cant believe it!
padro can get the same PSLE chinese grade as me!
omg... with his chinese, he can get A, why cant my english get A too!
omg.. why am i getting a B! so unfair!
and he claim to write only a page! oh man! so irrtating..
bash him up! my english standard = his chinese standard lo!

i seriously have an urge to upload his "true" result slip here!
arg.., nvm! i shalln't for the time being!

unfair world! boooooo... but nvm, i still ended up in a english lit class. that proves my beautiful english writing.. MUAHAHA. so B means nothing! chey! give you A lo! take lo take lo!

this should be mine!

a.. quite a bit of flaws in it. heex. but ignore that part! lol.

missing you...
Sunday, November 25, 2007


heyheyhey. finally put up chatterbox. though o prefer cbox appearance. but then it keeps giving me problem! arg.
so tada~! chatterbox.
went wushu training just now. woah.. know more ppl liao..
went to watch enchanted yesterday.
its quite nice, in my opinion.
arg.. have abit of flu.. no mood to blog liao.. arg..
flying in few days time! woohoooo...

missing you...
Sunday, November 25, 2007

>Friday, 23 November 2007<

i am getting sick of cbox.
it is always giving me problem!
someone recommend me a better one pls!
arg.. irritated

went off for work today
sianz.. did a lot of wrong things.
pack alot of wrong books,
they the boss keep asking when did we had a buy one get one free system
coz i alwasy seems to pack extra stuff in.
concentrate pls! omg..
really must focus, if not i will get fired one day!

then went off to find illene at changi airport with rina
her parents seems very nice ppl, snapping photo all while
and definitely look more chinese than she is.
anyway, i gave her the book,
and she return me with a BIG bag full of stuff,
things she needed to clear off from her rm
and a card, and a gift. my bdae present. =)
lol.. when i read the card, i kept smiling all long, coz i realise we had the same writing techniqne, in the msg i gave her, and hers to me. we both end off with loads of way to contact each other. we both started with a fanciful pen/font, and half way through change our mind, and changed a pen/font. lol.
i am touched.
touched not that you gave me a present.
but you still remember my bdae even though u were busy =)

after sending her off, (thnks for the drinks)
went off home, with that 4kg of bag! (i weigh it~!)
ok.. let me summarise what i found inside,
she really mean it when she say cleared her rm.
lol.. coz i really can find loads of thigns in it.

a ring file- yea, its nice, but i doubt i will use ring file in uni, but still i kept it
her photos - may i know wad is it for? i will try use it as darts target
thermometer - er.. yea.. thnks, but i cant really use it, right?
stickers - oo.. those are lovely! i kept those.
paper clip - why didnt u give me b4 alevel, i badly needed them. and yes, i kept those
ipod cover - er.. thnks, but i don't really have an ipod
caricraft - oo.. i have one at home! but different design. i find them interesting, but i nv got to use them. but still, i kept it.
Post-it - oo.. thnks thnks, i needed them! but then, why the purple one left so little! how dare u use all purple! sobz sobz.. heex. thnks! it really alot.
pencil - ok.. seriously do you need so many pencil? i compile them together, it filled up one pencil box! i still kept all pencil, coz i can use them for drawing! =p
marker - why do you need so much markers? i found 4 back, 3 red, 3 purple, identical colour identical brand some more, i kept thse with inks.
bra strip- silence...
locks- thnks, those can come in handle provided i was given the code number to unlock them. but i heard my bro is good in unlocking those code, so i shall ask him to do so.
pen shell- er.. no thnks.
pens with ink - er.. seriously, giving me after alevel, when i dun really need pens in the next 9 months. but still i keopt them.
pen knife - yea.. i long wanted a pen knife, but was always lazy to get one
medicine- yes, thnks for the concern that i may fall sick. Mmm..
melted sweets - is it still edible?
dvds- thnks!
id holder- oo.. its nice! but its heavy at the same time. i kept it.
dictionary - omg! you bear to discard it!

agar like that la.
but i kept quite a few of things, and ofcoz dump away quite a few things too!
thnks for the stuff
thnks for the thoughts.

i will miss you. see u nxt year! =p

missing you...
Friday, November 23, 2007

>Thursday, 22 November 2007<

i dunno why,.
i dun feel good
i dun feel right
i dun feel excited for the end of a level
i dun feel like cheering and running about for the end of a level
i feel FINALLY,
but at the same time, sian, irritated, no go0d.
maybe coz i am already pissed off with studying. not just dun feel like studying.
is pissed off with studying.
and when everything ends, it just feel finally gone. arg..

went orchard today,.
an invisble person.
saw eric, liangying, marsha, and alot of ppl, but was very lazy to call so doubt they see me.

missing you...
Thursday, November 22, 2007

>Tuesday, 20 November 2007<

today is a whole new day!
everything changes, i really mean everything
i have changed in identity. from a student to a ... non-student. -.-
i would soon no longer have student meal. so pls make full use of it.

and one more thing changed.
werid! arg..

missing you...
Tuesday, November 20, 2007

>Monday, 19 November 2007<

several of my friends send me this email.
and i find it quite interesting to share.

it is okie to scold f, when...

missing you...
Monday, November 19, 2007

>Sunday, 18 November 2007<

try having wushu training for 5 hours.
and you will have a taste of what i am feeling now.

i cant cross like leg! coz i cant even lift it up.
today training emphasize alot of leg.
then keep training those stuff on leg.
like squating up and down with one leg
while the other is stretched infront for for 40 times like that
all that will kill.
okie.. so finally i am back! home sake and sound.
after 5 months or not exercising.
suddenly intensive exercise can kill.

okie.. enough of my ranting. shall do some phy later.
my last paper.
lets just hope it ends with a bright note!

ok.. my coach want me to advertise for him
here<-- a webby for sales of lady customer.
cheap and nice. (according to him)
okie thats it for now.
arg.. i canot forsee tml.
muscle ache

missing you...
Sunday, November 18, 2007

>Saturday, 17 November 2007<

i am sooooooooooooooooo tired.

went working today. long working day, 9am-7pm
was at corporate primary school from 9 to 2 for their p1 orientation
then went off to lakeside primary from 2-7
was scolded by one customer!
its not my fault k!
i told her i will recount the books for her to double check
that is always our way of doing.
then when counting, i realise there is this book that is out of stock
and so i told her that,
then continue counting, i realise got one book is not packed in.
somehow the packer made a mistake
then i add in the book
then she started scolding me.
say "why like that! you guys say all in all in, now still here lack there lack!
i already cannot see clearly liao, you guys still need me go back check. i want u to check one by one now."
and the thing was, here she say here eye got problem cannot see properly.
there, he point to a super small word in the book list say.. there here got optional so i dun want
contradicting herself! wad the. oh by the way she didnt pronounce it as optional, she pronouce it as opt-nal. so.. ust admit you cannot read english la. why say cannot see.
fine.. customer is always right. yes they are alright. fine! they are always right!

stupid! arg....

went over to lake side and prepared everything for orientation on monday
nah... i am not going on monday for the orientation
need study.

missing you...
Saturday, November 17, 2007

>Friday, 16 November 2007<

sianz. i wanted to buy nitendo ds, the modified version.
but when yiling went to check, they say, 2 days ago, they are spot check
and all these things are taken away.
cont from here i shall use my pro econs knowledge.
due to negative externality the modified version od DS possessed, government decide to intervene in the market through rules and regulation. Rules and regulation is a easy and fast way to get the message across. however there will be welfare loss as useless ppl have to be employed to do regular spot check. and indeed, these useless ppl arrive at simlink square spot checking. and ofcoz they chiong kong alot of modified ds.
Due to the sudden decrease in suppl of midifies version, monopoly start to arise in the market. producer make use of these time to raise the price of modified version.
well well well.. now there is an inflation! damn it!
when inflation occur, it will affect the macroecononmc aim of sg which ofcoz include the internal effect, GDP and emnployment rate wherea it too will affect the external sector of the trade.. Inflation will affect..........................

shall not cont.

bye for now!

missing you...
Friday, November 16, 2007


chem was horrible.
after chem, i ran out and change and go off to work.
i ran ALL THE WAY to causeway point for taxi. -.-
and i thought i would be the first one to reach cwp
to my surprise, sabrina was before me.
i wonder how she fly!

initial plan is go juying primary school,
but when we are near there,
there is a change of plan and we were told to go boon lay primary
anyway working was quite fun. haha

met this little boy damn smart and cute. only P1
despite being a malay, he spoke fluent and PERFECT chinese
i swear it is perfect!
omg.. so cool.

flip abit of the text book.
P5 EM3, learning about gravitation potental energy.
are u telling me i am learning primary 5 stuff!
and i am having a alevel that primary can do too!

working tml also. hope my working schedule is out soon.
then no need last min all the time.

missing you...
Friday, November 16, 2007

>Thursday, 15 November 2007<

wah.. i study hell lot today.
initially after econs, i thought i would slack through today
but kaiyu came. and i was forced to sit down and study with her.
arg.. i sat down and did like 200 MCQ!
so torturing!

really can die!
now feeling so unwell.
unloaded with information!
hate this feeling!

missing you...
Thursday, November 15, 2007


wad the hell.. u sux la.. not bcoz u tag me. but bcoz i realise if i were to reply ur tag, i would spend damn lots of time, bcoz i cant copy and paste over! so must slowly types. since i am bored.. here it is...

1. Do the following WITHOUT complaint.
2. Choose 5 people to do this after you completed yours.
3. Leave a tag on the person's tagboard to say he/she have been tagged.
4. Start your post with; I have been tagged!


Favourite Color: purple pink
Favourite Food: everything ba. that explains my size. =p
Favourite Movie: harry potter
Favourite Sport: bowling
Favourite Day of the Week: friday, coz that means week end!
Favourite Season: snow. though there isnt in sg, but i love the snow
Favourite Ice Cream: chocolate. yum!

Mood: zzzzzz
Clothes: tee shirt + shorts
Current Desktop: eggies photo
Current Time: 0131
Surroundings: bright
Current Annoyances: i just feel like sleeping
Current Thoughts: i gona slp once i finish this damn thing

First Best Friend: felicia[wah.. this one since i 1 year old ar. ]
First Crush: er.. dunno.
First Movie: Army Days
First Lie: Lied too much to rememebr any =p
First Music: er.... .... ... ... ...
Last Drink: plain water
Last Car Ride: 1 day ago
Last Phone Call: conference with eggies
Last CD Played: er.. i don't CD leh.. due to my richness.. ask songs maybe can! muahha

Have you evers?
Have you ever dated one of your best friend: nah
Have you ever broken the law : jaywalking lo
Have you ever been arrested: er...... duh. no la
Have you ever been on TV: got! just for split seconds. muahhaha.. when going to elaine campus superstar. -.-
Have you ever kissed someone you dont know: erm.. will anyone do that?

Random 5 things you are good at:
5 only ar.. too much talents la. 琴棋书画样样精通,how?

4 things you've done today:
Alevel econs paper
take photo

3 things you can hear right now:
my loud tying of key board
my fan!
my yawning.

5 People to tag: AIYA! EVERYONE IS TAGGED! YOU SEE THIS YOU ARE TAG! shoo.. go do. haix.

missing you...
Thursday, November 15, 2007

>Wednesday, 14 November 2007<

okie.. this post is suppse to be uploaded yesterday, but due to blogger problem, it was postponed today. =p i managed to pack my whole room the day before econs removing all notes, chem phy, econs, gp and math.

my room messy. ofcoz to many this could be neat la. but to me very messy liao. let me introduce,
blue - my prelim 2 papers, just dump all there
green - my finished other school prelims papers
yellow- my notes plus other ws which i dunno where to chunk, plus many many things.
purple- my innova 5 stone! omg! i left there for dunno how long le!
red- muahha.. my beautiful ex-wallet which was well-liked my vast majority! after few hours of cleaning up, tada....

nice and neat! love it lots. my files at the top area all gone, all dumped. my things are packed. my notes are all thrown! all piled up and neatly tied...

okie then i weigh and measure total height. total weigh 25kg without the files. and around 40cm tall! muahaha.. not including lectures notes though. i will keep them in case uni need.

okie.. here are photos of nichoals graduating ceremony. the underground gallery to see the pool.

nicholas receiving some award

and ofcoz ME! muahaha

okie next today.. today econs paper. sianz.. monopoly... arg.. shall not elaborate anymore.. haix...
today jiawei grace kaiyu eewei came my house celebrate ee wei bdae. =) its been along time since all 5 of us gatherd. most of the time only 3 are able to make it for any gathering.but its always super fun and noisy when all gather round. we were crapping laming, playing till midnight. they just left. Mmm.. its funny how we all started disliking each other in secondary school but grew to be very good friends till today. formal photo.

the trend for the bdae girl feed all the rest.
haix.. what a nice nice day!

missing you...
Wednesday, November 14, 2007

>Monday, 12 November 2007<

i am trying to get 80++ organic chem reaction in to my small and useless brain.
haix.. jiayou ba.

today phy is bad.. really bad. really really bad.
i must get 41/40 for my paper 1!
1 bonus mark for neatness of shading! muahahaha...

finally i can rememebr the difference between the reagent of these reaction
halogen to alkene - ethanolic NaOH
alcohol to alkene - conc H2SO4 170 degree
alkene to alcohol - steam H2SO4 rm temp

arg... took me long enough to rememeber!
i am half way through(i hope)

missing you...
Monday, November 12, 2007

>Saturday, 10 November 2007<

i finally finishing why why love!
so happy!
after 23.5 hours of staring into the computer..
i finish watching!
ofcoz i didnt watch everything at one shot la.
i will be dead by now. spend 3 days watching.
anyway. the show still not bad leh!
just don't quite like the behind part. very sad. then very sianz.
heex. okie.. off to bed. tml officially start studying.
coz i have no more excuses to lame around.

anyway, today went bro the diver graduation
its very different from ben Officer graduation
remember ben that time de very formal. got parade,
nicholas one, we are seated underwater. in this gallery underwater
where we can view the underwater of the pool
it look so cool.
and something i am amazed is that, all of them are trained to swim 100m holding their breath. they are suppose to hold longer than that la. but that is the mininium. so cool! i cant even hold for more than 15s i guess..
anyway.. from wad they say.
initally there 400 healthiest boys are picked in singapore then they will go through test and wadever so. 137 fittest are choosen to join the diver course. 99 made it through the diver BMT. and then 87 survive till day.
so cool la. heex. okie.. =p

anyway it was very funny when, they finally graduate, their trainers started running and all of them start chasing. and finally push them down the pool. their pool not like the public pool. is super deep de. anyway.. then sudden everyone started being push down the pool and running bout. so fun.
then ben said that. theirs graduate not that fun. coz officer then they are warn that their image is very important. no one is to be seen playing. no one is to be seen playing around, fooling around. and no one is to be seen crying. life of officer seems so sad. constraint by so many things that will spoil their image. be normal cadet looks more fun.

home sweet home. shall upload photo taken with my bro next time.

missing you...
Saturday, November 10, 2007

>Thursday, 8 November 2007<

decided to sit down and do some studying.
finish one chem paper 1, which was done sooooooooo horriblily!
there is really a BIG gap between the standard of school prelim and A level examination
well who knows. maybe they mark SUPER duper strict in cambridge. then results around the same.

Looking VERY forward to after A level. YIPEE!
12 more days! 5 more papers!

love it lot!
thats means i am going to hk soon
better run away b4 yiling pass me her whole chunk of shopping list
i swear to lose it if she pass to me.
thats means i going to but nintendo soon!
thats means i am going to go crazy soon!

slping early tonight!
muahaha.. night!
i swear to study harder tml!

this is funny.

and thnks eric for teaching me how to BUY music through internet! muahaha.. Bought lots of songs

missing you...
Thursday, November 08, 2007

>Wednesday, 7 November 2007<

Mmm... being bored.. i decided to play with the camera and snap some photo of my house. and to my surprise i realise my brother room and my room all have a common theme. lol..cats! mine as hello kitty and broher, doraemon! my mind you! i dun have a young er brother. that is just a small part of our room, the res use ur imagination la. there is more of things that fit the theme.

missing you...
Wednesday, November 07, 2007

>Tuesday, 6 November 2007<


i just find this song very nice. the tune is very nice.

missing you...
Tuesday, November 06, 2007


tml math was an easy paper.
but that shouldnt be something to be happy about
when the paper is easier that means it is harder to score.
cause when everyone do well, that means no body do well.
that means A is harder to get than usual.
which isnt a very good thing.
adding on, i realise i have over 10 marks of careless,
i don't think i have any right to happy about the paper being easy.

and YAY! i recover le!
thanks goodness. =p
anda woah woah.. i am going for interview tml!
this monrning my neighbour came to ask me apply job with her.
and so yea just apply lo.
and woah.. efficient them, called me to ask me go for interview tomorrow..
abit fast seh..
yay! thats means i am not contributing to the unemployment rate in Singapore

ok.. 5 days break before the start of next intensive exam..
say nice is break la hor.
the truth is pia for 5 days of study la.
i hope i will pia. i think i will.. i will.. i will.. i doubt so..

missing you...
Tuesday, November 06, 2007

>Monday, 5 November 2007<

sianz really sick liao
must this be the trend in my family..
both my brother fell sick in the mid of their a level examination
and so now its my turn.
the feeling is so god damn bad.
thnks got i left one paper tml and i would have 1 week break.
may i recover meanwhile!

totally have no mood for studying now.
shit la.
tml math is stats. hate stats.
arg.. shall go force myself to do some practicing!
cannot afford to not study! sianz.

ppl out there.. take care too!

missing you...
Monday, November 05, 2007


super not feeling well.. omg.. how am i going to do my paper tml!
shit la.
i cant even concentrate in today chem.
stomach pain till like sai!
tml will be worst.
dunno wad is happening.

today chem was okie la.
i know how to do most.
but chem this sudject very hard to say de.
although i know how to do,
i can never get the hang of the technique to answer the qns such that i get the answer.
often able to get the idea but not the key words
*shit. stomach killing me again*
tml is math.
arg.. i hope i can do well.. since i did a bad job in paper 1

hate faker.
why are ppl getting faker and faker day by day
is it that fun to do so?
okie.. so maybe i should try one day..
whats the point of doing all this thing seriously.
got competition on who is the fakest in the whole universe meh
okie.. maybe you just shouldnt take A level anymore.
go join drama club la. i am not surprise that you become an actor one day.
since you are fond of putting a mask and live everyday.
go be phantom of the opera better leh!
aiya. dun spoil his reputation!

Mmm.. wad those phantom mean actually? ghost isiz?

missing you...
Monday, November 05, 2007

>Sunday, 4 November 2007<

chemistry seriously sucks like no body business i dare say...

so.. BOO to chemistry!
sry for the uncivilize-ness happening here.
but come on!
it is horrible!
tml is the exam here and i am looking at all equation as is i first see them!

i lost all my memory
i think i just had a car accident early this morning that cause me to forget every single thing on chemistry!

For the first time, i few that days are crawling!
can it move at a faster speed!
i am not caring if i gona fail everything or no time to study!
i just want to get over with it! and thats it!
give me break!
counting down.
16 more days!
let time fly and soar in the sky with speed of light!

missing you...
Sunday, November 04, 2007

>Friday, 2 November 2007<

chemistry time!

missing you...
Friday, November 02, 2007


lyrics of the video

If necessity is the mother of invention
Then I'd like to kill the guy who invented this
The numbers come together in some kind of 3rd dimension
A regular algebraic bliss.
Let's start with something simple
Like one and one ain't three
And two plus two will never get you five
There's fractions in my subtraction
And X don't equal Y
But my homework is bound to multiply

Math sucks (math sucks)
Math sucks (math sucks)
I'd like to burn this textbook, I hate this stuff so much!
Math sucks (math sucks)
Math sucks (math sucks)
Sometimes I think that I don't know that much--But math sucks!

I got so bored with my homework
I turned on the T.V.
The beauty contest winners were all smiling through their teeth
They asked the new Miss America "Hey babe, can you add up all those bucks?"
She looked puzzled then just said, "Math Sucks!"

Math sucks (math sucks)
Math sucks (math sucks)
You don't even have to spell it, all you have to do is yell it
Math sucks (math sucks)
Math sucks (math sucks)
Sometimes I think that I don't know that much--But math sucks!

Geometry, trigonometry, and if that don't tax your brain
There are numbers to big to be named (too big to be named)
Numerical precision is a science with a mission
And I think it's gonna drive me insane

Parents fighting with their children and the Congress can't agree,
Teachers and their students are all jousting constantly
Management and labor keep rattling old sabers,
Quacking like those Peabody ducks

Math sucks (quack quack)
Math sucks (quack quack)
You don't even have to spell it, all you have to do is yell it!
Math sucks (math sucks)
Math sucks (math sucks)
Sometimes I think that I don't know that much--But math sucks!

Math sucks, math sucks, math sucks the big one
Math sucks, math sucks, math sucks the big one

[repeat until end, fades out]

missing you...
Friday, November 02, 2007


seriously thats all i can..
first 3 paper come and go.
none of 3 i have confident reaching my own aim set.

today paper was.... arg...
infront was easy. i was so shock and suddenly become complacent and start to do slowly.
thinking aiya.. still got so much time..
until qns 8........9...... i realise i start to get stuck EVERYWHERE
so the qns behind were finished off very hurriedly, there is simply no time for checking
plus no time for slacking. so i am prepared for carelessness.
exam end, and i still have lots of undone qns.
really sianz.
i feel that my aim to getting further and further.
paper 1 is suppose to help my paper 2. coz my paper 2 is ALWAYS horrible
haix.. nvm...

jiayou ba.
chem coming soon... my worst sudject... a.. no.. i forgot my econs..
ok.. chem coming... my 2nd worst sudject.
pls.. my econs U-er than my chemistry.
wah.. wad nice comparison i have..
who cares... there is no gp any more!

missing you...
Friday, November 02, 2007


231289 SMU iJC




Wei Xiang
wan yee
Guo En


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& October 2007
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