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>Thursday, 25 June 2009<

this post is a super late post. but since just got the photos...

went yiling hse to do egg tart some time ago!


while i was left ALONE to mix the things needed for the crust..

eggs done!!!! abit burnt surface.. haha.. her fault!

the uncook, undone egg tart...

we bought a total of FOURTY eggs due to the stupid receipe! but only manage to use 20~
so pathetic..
nvm.. yiling must have been eating scramble egg, steamed egg, fried egg for breakfast, lunch, dinner for the rest of the week! haha..

made a total of 60 egg tart! woohoo..
we are genius!

missing you...
Thursday, June 25, 2009

>Monday, 22 June 2009<

loads of things happen over the weekends.. =))

went bt timah hill clinb with my dear! went the green line then to the orange line then to summit!

before the start of the journey~~
clean and fresh...
things brought:
1.5 Litre Ice mountain water
1.5 Litre 100 Plus
1 Big Classic Lays
1 Big BBQ Lays
1 box of Calbury chocolate
2 packet of beehoon/noodle
sounds more like picnic~ but off we go....

in the jungle we go...

refusal to climb! look at the long flight of steps!

dear and his beloved chocolate... haha.. nv forget his chocolate!

and his lays toooo~~

we went ard to find the Quarry and woohooo~ found it! had to walk ALOT of stairs(and a little off route) to reach it! but beautiful yea! hahah..

finally we reach the summit! my poor dear being bullied, end up having to carry my backpack too!! muahahah...

anyway on the way down we saw this HUGE ant.. u know forest the leaf is big de right.. the ant as comparable to the leaf....

and after the hike... slept through nearly the whole day! muahahha..

missing you...
Monday, June 22, 2009

>Friday, 19 June 2009<


and muahhaha..
i am so gona join safra marathon with GC!
6km.. should be fine ba......
dun think will collasp so fast..
haha.. dun dare try 10k.
think i will be crawling when i reach the finishing line. haha..
GC you better dun PS me! if not you will be so dead!

went to watch "Drag me to hell" on wednesday.
eek! i watch a horror movie!
believe it or not!
but 3/4 of the show i am hiding behind my dear, with my ears and eyes half covered..
and haix..
this bunch of secondary kids are sooooo irritating..
chatting so loudly like its their home..
go toilet also must make so much noise..
and one of them is still a spolier! talking out loud what is going to happen next..
irritating! these ppl should be dragged out and banned from stepping into a theatre!
and the girl seating beside me vanish right after the first scary part appear....
think she got too scared and ran out..
i am brave soul!!

missing you...
Friday, June 19, 2009

>Tuesday, 16 June 2009<

okie.. photos for the moonlight picnic! heex..

food we brought~ its not that appetising.. mainly bread as the main course. haha.. shall be more hardworking the nxt time round!

before nights fall.. =))

when night fall....

my dear with this remote control car..

see the scenary! nice right!

heex! then home sweet home~ and yay!! i drive my dear ard successfully!! heex

missing you...
Tuesday, June 16, 2009

>Sunday, 14 June 2009<

how contradicting...

my mum passed me a cup of tea just now..
mum: faster drink.. tea cnt wait till cold then drink. not good..
me: *take a sip* cold le..
mum: orh.. faster drink.. cold still can drink de..
me: =.=~~

missing you...
Sunday, June 14, 2009

>Saturday, 13 June 2009<

some underwater photo!
our diving masters have this camera that can goes 30m under water! woohoo! so lucky us.. got to snap some underwater photo.

this was one of the dive that requires us to hold the rope down all the way to the bed of the sea. coz the current was too strong that day. he was afraid we get swept away. this is around 12m.. and i was cursing why the rope is like nv ending.

down at 18m, the people waiting for those up stairs....

jelly fishes!!!

nemo!!!! okie.. clown fish.. they are like posing for the camera.
okie.. they are actually more like defending their base... "GENERALS, OUR BASE IS UNDER ATTACK!" -heex.. too much of C&C le..

arent this beautiful.. i find this damn pretty...colourful colourful colourful..

keep on swimming... keep on swimming..

fishes! thousand! hundred of them!

this kind too.. werid looking fish

find that underwater creature are like some art compeititon.. they comes in all werid shape, colour and size. and tere are so many of them, all of different kind. like having some creativity competition.. =)

group photo!!

okie.. back to land...
went moonlight picnic with my dear!
muahaha.. people picnic in the noon time, we picnic at night... searching for food in the dark.. we drove to marina barrage on thursday.. and omg...caught in the jam... jam ALLLLL the way from my house to marina bay there.. travelling like 30km/h. heex.. but still we reached!
the night scenary is nice.. you guys should go one day! heex.. upload the photos nxt time.. i am still trying to figure how to extract photos from my brother camera.. sigh..
hard work... =.=

and 10th moniversary.=)
heex.. Mm.. i extracted the photos from my hp and i realise the difference in camera skills.. oh shit.
why is it taken at the same place but the quality of the photo is so different.. time to learn the art of camera le!!

and LerkThai Green Curry is nice! now i realise why i call them Jerk Thai... coz of GC they all.. there used to be (or is there still) one Lerk Thai at Civics Centre. and everytime we pass by we will just chant and laugh at the name Jerk Thai...

missing you...
Saturday, June 13, 2009

>Tuesday, 9 June 2009<

muahaha.. efficient people..
very fast got hold of all the photos..

starting from our pool dive.
its a pre-dive training taken in some pool.

getting use to the water

felicia in action...

nicholas and me. note that yellow regulator nicholas is using! coz he is experienced diver so he went there to assist in the teaching.. then they were not given oxygen tank. so he went down stealing our oxygen through that yellow regulator. then the instructors were complaining why our oxygen deplete that fast.

5th June 2009 - departure date!
its basically a live on board trip

at the sunny deck.. leaving sg.

room allocation! felicia and room.. it is really very small..

ben and kenneth room.
its only one body length. the photo is taken standing at the door

nicholas and kenneth room. they got themselves a honeymoon room.. muahaha.. couple bed.. imagine 2 big size man squeezing on a super small bed.

exploring ard.. this is the middle deck also known as our mting place.

our equipment room and also the place we deploy into the sea...

the clearance took super long.. they are damn slow.. we reach the "line" that seperate sg and malaysia sea water then anchor down. 2 green lights up. then the coast guard will take their time to travel here, come up the boat, check passport and leave.
took more than an hour!

ok.. that ends that night.. the journey will takes up 10 hours so yea..slp through 10 hours ba!

nxt morning 5.30am, rise and shine! we reached.. before the sun rise...

sun rising... nice scenary.. =))

our morning photo..

not long later, start to hear shouts..
group one suits up! ready!
rushes down.. everyone start to dress up! rushing ard, mask... flipper.... weights... oxygen tank.... this and that... so unprepared...

then finally..
ready to deploy~

after the first dive.. only we got the mood to camwhore.. the other 2 seasick le.. haha... poor them..

so the rest of the day continues... dive, debrief, eat, rest(30 min), dive, debrief, eat, rest.... repeating itself...

after a while we got bored.. and decided to challenge each other.. went to the top of the yatch and jump down...
consider the height would be ard 3 storey high.. including the depth u will go, under water.. the feeling is quite scary.. but very nice..

sunday morning...
dive 2 more times and off we go to sg..
deepest dive is ard 22m... its gets cold down there.. heex..

the 1st dive that morning was kinda of scary.. coz my equipments give me some problem under water.. coz at the sea surface, we were suppose to inflat this bag at the back to keep ourselves afloat. but once down deep in the sea.. we must deflat.. if not we will keep floating up.. and floating up too fast is very dangerous.. due to the pressure.. then deep under sea, i wasnt able to deflat it.. so i kept rising up.. then i kept hard to swim down.. but after a while i will go up again.. then once i was quite high up.. then i saw my bro pointing up and my instructor keep giving that hand signal to quickly swim down.. so i looked at and to my horror, i was directly under or yatch. a little higher and i will knock in the yatch.. struggle down and instructor swim up to help me get the air out...
got a fright...

then after 12 hours of slping on board.. we reached back sg.. my poor deardear waited for me for 4 hours at the jetty... due to the delay in the sail.. sorry dear! =))

missing you...
Tuesday, June 09, 2009

>Monday, 8 June 2009<

i love my deardear lots!
a little remote control car turn up at my hse with a small little note.
and then a surprise awaits me.
love my dear. =))

fell down on the way home
abrasion on my knee area.
adds one more injury to all that i had.

and yes.
i am back from diving..
dear went to fetch me yday.
poor him.. waited for 4 hours due to our slow moving yatch. sigh...
will do update with photo when i got whole of them!

missing you...
Monday, June 08, 2009

>Friday, 5 June 2009<

i am going tioman in count down 5 hours time.
will be back on sunday.
just like what that idiot jia wei say.
go and come back, know one know i was missing for few days.
but oh well..
i am still going to announce i will be gone!


missing you...
Friday, June 05, 2009

>Thursday, 4 June 2009<

i just feel like bloggin..
but i dunno what to blog about..
i just know i miss my dear..

i am going tioman tml!
i am looking forward for that experience but not that to the trip.
coz i dun have my dear.
and i seems a little afraid to get down there.. haha..
coz the previous lesson whcih requires us to give in the pool wasnt THAT pleasant.
and that is just the POOL! lol..
give me strength...
haix.. will learn to overcome ba.

i am not a jobless person..
once again contributing to the unemployment rate.
anyone wants to employ me??
i am like rotting already.


deardear new toy. i still dun get the a very clear picture how this whole thing work..

missing you...
Thursday, June 04, 2009

>Monday, 1 June 2009<

like a crushed paper.

missing you...
Monday, June 01, 2009


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