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>Thursday, 29 July 2010<

Have been really quite free today since i had finished all my stuff.
Decide not to bug my boss for more stuff to do. I deserve some break! seriously!
For the past 1-2 weeks has been working like a cow, OT till 7plus, come to work early 8am in morning, brought back work to do few times. Really must balance personal life and work life.

Since work life eat into my personal life, now its for personal life (slacking) to eat into working time a bit abit.. muahaha
my rule, my law.

Went to Desaru with my mum and relatives for a one day tour.
Thanks to the presence of my cousin, i enjoyed the trip.
I cannot imagine what will happen to me if i was the only youngster on the bus.

Woke up 5.30am in the morning to wash up and made preparation for the trip.
6.15am board the bus and off we go to Malaysia.

First stop is the temper, the only temple we go as they took into consideration that we dread temple-visiting. YAY.

we saw this HUGE fish beside the temple. ZOMG!

there were alot of dogs and puppies scattered ard the temple and this little girl, she came hopping around and make some noise through her mouth non stop, the dogs started running towards her and gathered ard here. more and more dogs.
what a interesting life she have.

cont our journey to a beach, i have no idea where it is. but we were just blindly following, when the tour guide were introducing the places to us, we cousins were playing cards at the back.

Move on to visit a fruits farm.
More than glad they didnt bring us tour ard in it, heard it wasnt very interesting.haha. We actually came here just to eat fruits =.= abit pointless but oh well, just follow and do. that day is day not to use any brain.

saw this cute! damn cute.

lunch time! one of my most tong ku lunch. alot bugs were flying ard due to the harvesting season, eek!

they were resting on our food and body. nicholas is so disgusting, he saw one resting on our fish plate. without thinking he started using his fork to poke it. and yes it got trapped under his fork. Damn disgusting! and after he return back with a new fork, he realise there was a dead bug on his chair. most likely he had sat on it alive.
went to play some playground and we decided to wander off ourselves to visit the crocodile farm. walked for a very long journey and FINALLY reaching the farm.

i have some fear with crocodile. coz they camouflage well in the water to wait their prey. PLUS they are not cute!
the owners brought a few small ones out for us to play with. they are like 2-5 years old already and still dead small.
Crocodile can leave up to 300 years like OMG! maybe they seen my great great grand mother before!

this crocodile here is 125 years old!
omg! and to think they did nothing but sit there and act like they are some rock for 125 years. everyday eat slp stone. i think i would rather die.

moving on to SHOPPING!
this shopping more is REALLY more bugis kind. unlike alot that i visited in the past, which sell really malaysian style. however their pricing are little more steep. or slightly more than bugis, so no point shopping much.

Dinner then home sweet home.

missing you...
Thursday, July 29, 2010

>Wednesday, 28 July 2010<

Last Thursday went bowling with my colleagues@Kallang
It was SUPPOSE to be a relatively big event (with slightly more people) but ended up quite a lot back out so left 6 of us.

5.30pm left for kallang stadium. we were like 5 minutes late! if we reach 2 min earlier, each game is only $2.50 but since we reached at 6.05pm, we were charges $3.50 per game! omg!

anyway started the game. Quite alot of them seems to play quite well~

my boss (above)...
the guys brought over from our company pantry. muahahha.. save money!

after like 1 year not bowling.. my colleague encouraged me to go bowling alone. it seems a very normal thing for them to bowl alone. they say its good way to brush up the skills too. maybe try one day if i am dead bored. haha..

bowling is such an expensive sports. I will NOT buy a single equipment for bowling because once the first item is bought, more will come.

Yesterday went to cck for kbox with sjab girls.
Never knew there is one there, its so pretty there!
instead of the normal boring setups at the corridors, they adopted the survivor, garden feel which really bring a different visiting experience.
I really need to train up my singing. i think my singing really sucks to the core. muahahaha.. never had any talent for singing. faints.

alright! back working!!

missing you...
Wednesday, July 28, 2010

>Tuesday, 27 July 2010<

headache headache headache.
think haven been sleeping well this few days..
last week has been a busy week. had to bring back work to do and come early for work today to meet deadline.
but oh well~ it all ended today. at least i hope.
had managed to finish (nearly) all my stuff. so going a slower pace now.

lets do some update! last saturday met up dear in the noon to do some shopping at JP.
happy! bought 2 pair of shoes! shopping therapy!
immediately wore the shoes to Wendy bdae party later in the day!

The party start at 6.30pm and so we reached at 6.30pm AND!
the birthday girl was not there yet! nothing was set up yet!
so when they reached, we helped out in the preparation.

Despite being 163cm only, i am the tallest in the clique so well, all the hanging is done by me~~

camwhore before the guest reached.

the guest started and i got a little busy since i was the camera man

our bdae girl!

pretty shot!! by me by me! somehow i like this shot! hahhaa..

while clearing up, the balloons we gathered!
had to bring it to a corner to have them burst. coz the security guard keep looking out for us, wanting to chase us away. arg..
got see my shoes! got see not got see not! okie this is the best shot i have of my shoes. =.= i didnt take any full body shot.

missing you...
Tuesday, July 27, 2010

>Thursday, 22 July 2010<

Consecutive raining day...
The office is so cold.
think i might catch a cold soon..
went for lunch with eewei yday at DG.
Its so great to eat lunch with people u know well, at least i can talk more freely and comfortably.

Meet Cheryl at Bugis after work.
Since her favorite Jay is in town, we decided to head over to Bugis to catch a glimpse of him.
haha.. really is a few glimpse but its quite fun to feel the atmosphere actually. haha.

missing you...
Thursday, July 22, 2010

>Tuesday, 20 July 2010<

Have been lazy to do any updates.
work is starting to pile up.
on one hand i am glad to finally be able to have never-ending-tasks to do,
on the other hand, i am worried i am unable to finish them on time or made mistake in them.
well.. will do my best.

Did a damn stupid thing today. I was working on this document for the whole of morning and then i accidentally close it without saving. nearly wanted to stab myself. arg.. slaps myself thousand and one time.

went Snow City with my dear last last week. this is a very dated post. but well i just got the photos. Snow City is so deceiving..

look at this photos..
wow.. wow.. wow..
they seems so nice, but in reality, the structure is the same, but the whole feel is so not up to the standard.

but well its for gundo singaporeans like us who have never experience winter season.
anyway the stupid cashier tried to cheat us.
he say if we use safra card, we have to pay higher than other visitor. meaning, eg normal entry is $20, if we use safra card is $25. DAMN STUPID. then i questioned her how is that possible, then what is the purpose of the member card, and i know there is a 30% discount. then she said "oh, yes, actually is ard the same, there is 30% discount." totally =.=

anyway dear and me suits up!!
we were not allowed camera in. so we could only took the outside. its really freezing cold in it. i cant believe a lady wear dress in. Firstly who would wear a dress into a seven degree place. and secondly long pants is a must for entry. reminds me of those girls who wear heels, mini skirt to climb Bukit Timah hill. what is the world coming to!

Me with dear! love!

there is basically just one activitiy in there which is the long slide. though its quite fun but serioulsy you cnt be doing it 50 times. really will get bored. Snow city really need more activity. but well.. still, that slide is quite fun given the speed that we travel now.

missing you...
Tuesday, July 20, 2010

>Tuesday, 13 July 2010<

here to clear blogging debt while working.
have finished all my work already but no one here to tell me what to do.
initially still have a meeting to kill my time.
end up it was cancelled. so i really have nothing to do now.

anyway shihao 21st present VERY LONG AGO.
went to his hse early to "help prepare", more like for self entertain.

eewei with her balloon boobs.. =p

after done with all the balloons, we settle for a game for Saboteur! its like FINALLY my saboteur it put to use!
his cutie dog! heex.. really not comparable to kaiyu dog but its still kinda of cute.
entertaining ourselves, video calling kaiyu who is at korea..
then came the poorly coordinated singing of bdae song. haha..
and photo taking time!

i love the purple rose... how nice will it be if there are really purple rose. would be so pretttty~~
am not really a fan of flower but well rose is more preferred flower as compare to the rest.

we didnt seems to take a proper photo with him at all. did we?=.=
we decided to take something else to camwhore so while shihao is gone to take it, me and eewei decided to camwhore ourselves (incase we dun have 21st party, still can use this and claim its our party) muahahaha..

anyway back he came! our sword for cutting cake!! woot!

okie! something proper!

home sweet home at 10 plus.

some day back, met up with freda and cheryl for dinner at ion.
those crazy girls are still as crazy, making dint in the restaurant,to the extend the waiter had to stand aside wait for them to crazy finish before continue serving us.
did some shopping since its GSS! heex.. and home sweet home.

sigh.. will kinda miss them, cant be studying back with them the next sem. plus freda going exchange the following month. as good as one month no need see them.

missing you...
Tuesday, July 13, 2010

>Friday, 9 July 2010<

not that i want to slack.
but i really got nothing to do.
i have approached my boss to ask for more things to do.
but she say she will tell me what i can do next at 3.30pm.
3.30pm.. its more than 4 hours from now.
then what can i do now?

people who know me, knows that i like to keep myself very busy, with loads of things to do.
slacking is like wasting my life away.
so now, slacking so much is actually killing me..

think i might want to reflect to my boss later at 3.30pm.
if i am still not given enough to do later.
i think the problem lies with my boss only give me ad-hoc things to do. like only when they need me, they get me to do the things.
but what other interns jobscope is consistently ongoing. like their boss throw this project to them and they do it in this 1-2 months. so they are always busy while i am always so bored, bcoz there are always times where i finished my stuff and my boss is too busy to assign further task to me.

i really want to learn and take away somethings from this internship.
i rather busy till no lunch than free till can fb, msn, youtube.

missing you...
Friday, July 09, 2010

>Monday, 5 July 2010<

i realise my office area people are well prepared for a war.
i am seated at this area with another 2 ladies from the operation side.
So we decided to create our own mini pantry. but this mini pantry grew a bit big now.

i started bring more sweets into the office and put at one corner.
then another girl brought one box of peas and cereals.
then came one more packets of crackers before we even finish the first few.

soon our area become a frequent pit stop area for colleagues for a bite or some sweets.
then now.. after a week..

i came to the office with a shock..
our mini pantry have.
1 box of green peas, 1 packet of wasabi peas, 1 packet of timtam, 1 big packet of prawn cracker, 1 basket of sweets, 1 small packet of red prawn cracker, 2 big box of cereals.

really is a picnic heaven now...
food are still flowing in non stop from anonymous people.lol~

missing you...
Monday, July 05, 2010


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