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>Monday, 31 May 2010<

went facial today...
every time i went for facial,
i will curse and swear at myself for being so fan jian.
go there for to go through the pain and torture.
because the part on removing blackhead and pimples is real pain!

but still..
i survived through!

starting work tomorrow.
best of luck for me..

i realise i was so busy switching room yesterday that i forgot it was sunday and i am suppose to go for tuition.. =.=

missing you...
Monday, May 31, 2010

>Sunday, 30 May 2010<

stomach pain...
hate it.. sigh..

i just changed room. X)
spend one whole day at home switching the furnitures!
i believe i have grown several muscles after today..

yesterday went movie with dear... witness a car accident in orchard.
A 2 seater mercedes turned left in a lane that only can go straight.
The loud bang caught our attention. and first thought. wah! 2 seaters mercedes.. The repair will be super expensive..
didnt see what car it hit initally..
then mercedes came to stop by the roadside.
followed by the car it hit.. it turn out that poor mercedes hit a jaguar....
Happy compensating...

missing you...
Sunday, May 30, 2010

>Saturday, 29 May 2010<

i Went to Ju Shin Jung for korean BBQ buffet

I went korea when i was young and i fell in love with their korean BBQ.
From then, i always wanted to try it again..
and so dear brought me to this restaurant to try it.

The side dish were standard,
so they brought us like near 20 side dish at one go.
Got quite a shock with the quantity of the side dish.
but the side dish were very tasty!

We saw this 2 small "sweet" and was wondering what was it.

initally we thought it was some sweets or chemical to be use for cooking..
so i decided to ask the waitress
she poured some water into the bowl,
and tada! the white sweet started growing to this side

damn cool!
i admit i am mountain turtle but its cool!

dear with his fishy!

not much photo taken. The taste wasnt like the one i ate in korean. The meat was just alright (though i prefer seoul garden) but the side dishes saved the day!

went Har Par Villa after that. I know its a "bird don't lay eggs" place. My mum told me that she once brought me here when i was very young. and i cried non stop. After visiting one of the exhibition, i understood why i cried. The exhibition i went talk about the different level of hells. and they have figuring that shows how is people being treated in hell, crashed under stones, cut into pieces, intestines dug out.. YUCKS. they seriously can flim into the next Final Destination.

missing you...
Saturday, May 29, 2010

>Friday, 28 May 2010<

oh no/oh yes. tuesday is coming.
i am having a serious dilemma issue over whether i am looking forward to commence work.

i am indeed curious about work over at my internship
but at the same time i know that once my work start, there goes my freedom.
wish me luck. =)

i am going to eat Korean BBQ with dear tml!
look forward! ho ho ho.

missing you...
Friday, May 28, 2010

>Wednesday, 26 May 2010<

Met up with Joseph with dinner with eewei and dear last friday.
Joseph really slim down alot.
I really prefer the way he was in the past.

he is still as funny, as playful, as cheerful..

kaiyu came to join us during dinner at swensen
Reminds me of the old days, we train hard for wushu
I have stopped going for training and i find it really a pity.
Miss the old days.
Having those good friends to train with me is the best motivation that keeps me going for training.
but now that each walked their own path. training alone will be a torture.

missing you...
Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Haha.. i realise i didnt continue writting the Taiwan Trip..

Taiwan Day 4
Gu Gong Museum, Hot Spring, Yu Ren Ma Tou

Train to ShiLin

Then queuing for our bus.
i think this is our first public bus ride..

UP the bus! The familar bus scene in taiwan drama show.. heex..

GuGong here we are!
Not much photo taken becoz no photo taking in it.
but basically to me, it is a boring place to be in.
History of China is interesting
BUT showing me their art piece of the past is NOT interesting.
showing me the their vase in the past is BORING.
sry.. i am just not someone who appreciate this kind of art.
not my cup of tea. =P

Left after a while, train to Bei Tou for HOT SPRING!

lunch at bei tou. the food we ordered were all, pig organs, pig brain, pig scalp pig blood..
Mm.. realise i still like zhu gan the best. heex

head off to the hot spring..

we pass by this small natural fountain and went in to take a look.
the water is really hot!

the natural small waterfall! so coool!
another epi scene..
we initally went to the hot spring we research online.
I was collating the money while felicia went in first.
she ran out, shocked.
she say that everyone is naked inside. from head to toe.

initally i thought it was okie, and would be normal for hotspring and perhaps i could accept it.
but i followed her in, and immediately i back out too.
its really is quite scary to enter a place with everyone naked from head to toe.

the guys saw us outside and came to our rescue.
talked to the person in charge there and he agreed to return us the money
while we head to the hotel next door.

we were given a room to our own. there is a big pond and a small one in the room.
we filled the big one with hot water and the small with cold water.
changed up

the guys were in it by then! efficient.
the small spring is meant for 2 person but then wanted to see can squeeze how many people in it.
so from 3...

to 4...

to 6....
then they got a hard time getting out.
too squeezy.. =.=

when everyone is finally out, the water level is so LOW!
it was full when the enter. empty when they are out.
calculate their body mass..

My virgin experience in the hot spring. For someone like me who do not usually bath with hot water, getting into the hot spring is difficult.
hot spring still sound fun to me.
but at the moment when i was in it, i thought to myself. immersing myself in cold water feel nicer..

left at 5pm as we make our way to yu men ma tou.
here we are! at night!

after feeding the mosquito at yu ren ma tou..
we went to shilin night market.
didnt had to time to finish the place as we reach quite late. =(
tried the food..

played some games.. I got perfect hit!!

felicia with her beloved bing tang hu lu

eewei and eric from being a shopper..

then end up being the stall helper..

reach back hotel pass midnight
rested and prepare for our day 5!

missing you...
Wednesday, May 26, 2010

>Monday, 24 May 2010<

my stomach throwing a big temper
going to the doctor tml.
kept having the vomiting feel and vomited after each meal.

met up with felicia for lunch today.
the weather is really quite bad.
nearly died walking outdoor.

night met dear to walk shrek at cwp.
hate my stomach. giving trouble the whole day.
sigh. hate it!

missing you...
Monday, May 24, 2010

>Friday, 21 May 2010<

Taiwan Trip Day 3...
A trip to Leo Foo Village.

As usual 7am morning call.
and 8am off to the train station..

This is the usual queuing up at the train station, it will be so great if Singapore has the exact same system.

Took a Cab when we reached the rightful station. A total of 50 minutes cab ride.

It was indeed quite squeezy.. haha..

Here we are! At LeoFoo Village!
Some Morning 5BX! jump shot photo!

1st activity of the trip! CAMWHORE!

1st Ride of the day - Screaming Something..

This is how the ride is like at the front

This is how the ride is like at the back

So basically, we are shot up the front then release when we are at the top and will go down all the way and shot up to the back at super fast speed..

Preparing to enter the ride!

The garangs people took the second time. yes.. those legs are theirs..

funny shot! love this shot!
One day i should compile all the Jin Tian photos taken with wushu! hahhaa..
Everyone is just so good at camwhoring and being drama.. haha..

Next, took anther ride which we did not have the opportunity to take any photo of it.
But Eewei and I surrendered after that ride. I start vomiting. I hate it when my body cnt take roller coaster because i just love to ride on roller coaster.

Moving on, the guys went to take the mini roller coaster. GuoFeng down after this ride too! Guess this ride were too jerky...

Went to the Lost World.. and really was lost coz there was really nth in there.. =.=

Log Fume next!

Then the guys went to take their pirate ship while those not feeling as well stayed to camwhore! haha... Eddie and dear took the pirate ship again.. =.= why do they never feel like vomiting...
Those garangs continued their rides and took this 360 turning station. i dunno all their name seriously..

at the same time.. the defeated few.... CAMWHORE TIME!

Next station and the most exciting of all
MERRY GO ROUND! love love!

and poor gf... need to look after the stuff...

Next, Haunted house which is really not scary to the max.
Really FAIL! Took it twice then went we finally se de moved out of the ride, we saw few kids waiting up next to take the ride. so we start screaming and saying how scary the ride was.
muahaha.. guess will freak them out ya..
another drama shot. =)

Taking water rides next. the entrance have a church setting so why not..

The shots taken in the ride are damn cute!
GuoFeng shouting NO! as the water splash on him and dear..

Sly and Ew praying hard together because both of them are seated together and they are the ones that got the most of the direct splash..

just when we thought the ride was over..
Everyone is sure to get drenched.
The camera is not waterproof
so you should know what happen after this shot is taken..

Left Leo Foo Village after this ride, it was only 2plus

Back to our hotel, changed up and off we go to modern toilet restaurant

it basically followed the theme toilet
Our chairs were toilet bowl, table was a piece of thick glass placed over a bath tub.

Our food! main dish in the toilet bowl,

Drinks in the guys toilet( i dunno whats is it call.)
Ice cream in the squat toilet and in the shape of shit!

camwhore before we left!

left for Shida night market, no photos coz shopping is more impt.
quite love there actually. heex.

Our stuff bought!

Back hotel, the difference in the 2 rooms! hahaha..
Ladies VS MAN!

End of Day 3! =)

missing you...
Friday, May 21, 2010


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