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>Saturday, 26 February 2011<

okie. IEA = International Econs something
yes i dun even know what my course stands for.
shows how much i hate this module.
hahaha. actually i really find Econs very interesting. like really very interesting.
but the process of understanding it SUCKS to the core.

sigh.. well well well..
suck thumb, move on.

missing you...
Saturday, February 26, 2011

>Thursday, 24 February 2011<

sigh sigh..
i want to recover and hit the gym real soon
really irritated for not being able to go to gym
from week 2 till now i have been sick. rashes, down with cough, flu, etc
really getting more irritated.
sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh

IEA is killing me.
like really.
it takes me sooo long to read one page.
i really just dun uds~
or it just takes me soooo long to uds and absorb that i lose interest and mode to read on.
econs is really not my interest.

hate this period of time.

missing you...
Thursday, February 24, 2011

>Thursday, 17 February 2011<

my next year new resolution should be to wear more heels..
there are so many chio heels around..
if and only if i can wear heels everywhere.
and its not tiring
and its comfortable
and its not out of place in school

hahaha.. bit random. but coz i always see very pretty heels around but thought to myself, buy it no use, because i rarely have the opportunity to wear it. so suan liao..

but heels are pretty~~

okie random.
go back study HCM.
midterm tml~

missing you...
Thursday, February 17, 2011

>Wednesday, 16 February 2011<

so tired~~
like physically and mentally.
went for dance yday then came home bath, study abit and realise i cant get into my head and its midterm today!!

so well. decided to take a quick slp at 1am. planned to wake up 2am.
but then experience tell me that i have a high possibility of just slping all the way to 7am the next day.
so i decided to on FIVE ALARM CLOCK plus! get my brother to wake up IF he happen to slp after 2am. AND get shihao who happens to be awake to wake me up later! hahahahaha! going all out to make sure i am awake!

woke up at 2am. continued to studying.. but i am really not a night person. sad to say.. first half hour as productive coz i can absorb relatively fast then after half an hour, i grew super tired again. coffee no use, sweet also no use.. and i didnt had time to read the text book, only browse through prof slides. My concentration was so bad that i wanted to memorise 5 short phrases so i looked, memorise and close the book and write some where, and i can write NON OUT! its like only 5s after i last MIAO the words and i cant recall anything

so decided i am really not suitable for studying at night. went back slp at 4am, wake up at 7am, go school for last min mugging. went into exam hall only finishing 3/5 chapters. sigh. but oh well..
procrastinate kills.

mid term doesn't seems TOO good. so many phrase i dun recall seeing sigh...
over is over.

woohoo my scandinavia flight is confirmed! i am flying on 15May2011, returning on 30th May 2011. =)) flight ticket really is expensive.. $1551. so ex!!!oh well!!

NPD mid term is over today too.. now i feel 60% burden gone. wait till Friday. one more presentation, one video and one midterm more to go for this week!

lets goooo~

missing you...
Wednesday, February 16, 2011

>Monday, 14 February 2011<

when did i start to stop blogging..
i think when i realise that when i press my archive eg "dec 2007", it will not show the full post of dec 2007. reason being when there is too much post. they only show like a certain length of post which makes me more sianz to know that i cant actually really look back at my post in the future. tried playing with the html but really not sure how to go about doing.


okie! let me be hardworking and do some posting!
from cny!

Day 1
Visited Dad's relatives early morning. As usual the dint my brothers make every year CNY morning, bugging parents for ang bao. somehow, its all this noise that makes me feel really blessed. love my family. i really afraid one day when they do not do that anymore, i will not be able to get used to it.

left to grandma hse.
Every year without fail, camwhoring session..

As usual, due to the limited length of my granny chair, we had to fight for a place..

my love my family!

camwhoring with felicia is sth we do every year! hahaha! i think i can dig out every year photos!!

yu sheng arh~~~ somehow i love to eat yusheng alot. like really alot! too bad this cant be found throughout the year. i am still trying to convince my dear to let me eat yusheng for dinner! can i... please???

then visited my mum's relatives which doesnt have any photos, bcoz everyone sits down chit chat, not really into photos..

Day 2
met up with dear for visiting his grandma then to my grandma.
We went back looking for the same spot we took photos in 201o but well, i think they changed the decorations and its gone! =(
oh well... while we took the photos, there is this uncle we look at us NON STOP! eek!

Day 7
After class went celebration with smu friends at Big eater! no more crab that day! damn sad!

In class they were saying lets buy 4D together so each of us came up with one no. and they went to buy 4D. number was 8831 and that everning, the number 0831 came out. SO CLOSE! then for this dinner, due to the table no. we sat for both venue, we decided to buy 1911 and the number 0911 came out! its always the last 3 no. the same and first number ZERO! hahaha... well.. whats us will be ours..

After big eat left to eat ah balling. something along this line for desert. the food is nice~! really a good break from school project, we should really do this more often!

Day 11
Chinese New Year Steam boat with Woosh~
Met up the guys at my place and we drove over. Borrowed Wii from Eewei but sad to say the games that we really wanted to play is spolit! damn sad! that rabbit game! so some of us started mahjong. and this is like really the first time, wushu every played mahjong properly together!
Poor sly and felicia were half dead throughout due to insufficient rest the night before. SEE! lesson learnt okie!

had a great Vday today!
its like the first time we are together during vday! loves!
shall do updates on today soon! yay!!!!!

missing you...
Monday, February 14, 2011


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