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>Friday, 29 February 2008<

hate working....

hate SO many irresponsible people...
gundo ppl.. attitude ppl..

this week i was so damn no mood to do job matching that i only send one person to work.
coz the more i send out the more problem i got..
so totally no mood..
but i shall rest! and i shall recover! and i shall pick up again nxt week!
omg.. hate working....

i tell u, i met this gundo girl. sucks la! send her work 6 days.. out of that she nv appear on 3 days. 1 day she took the mc.. OBVIOUSLY is fake. the nxt 2 she nv..
so pissed off. consider her as bridging of contract. she still bluff to her mum say she is going to work.. coz i called her mum say where is her daughter.. she say.. my daught go work.. adn in the end, i just complain all to her mum say.. the company is very angry coz her daughter is not appearing at work.. shall make her pay for it. arg..

then this damn lady... to think i trusted her so much.. i really trusted her alot alot.. i found a receptionist job and i arranged with her this timing to sign contract. then she didnt appear.. so i thought i should give her another chance. so i gave her another chance. say.. i arranged it for you again.. she reassured me she will come. from 9am .. i waited and waited and waited till 10.30.. she still did not appear. i called her hp, she off it. then at a moment she on it.. but she refuse to pick up, then i called again. she off again. OBVIOUSLY is trying to avoid me.. in the end, i have to withdraw her.. feel so bad to my colleague. coz she promise the company that she found a person. f la. i trusted her so much.

i realise in this job not to trust anyone! ppl look so sincere adn so nice in the outside. and inside is all the irresponsible bad ugly side.. there. the first girl.. she is those guai guai nv can! damn the 2nd one. she is those cheerful friendly type can!

missing you...
Friday, February 29, 2008

>Thursday, 28 February 2008<

realise i very long nv post photos le..
my dad side de relatives.

Move on the wushu ppl.. met out with them for buffet..
(top left)liangying me kelvin
eric eddie(bottom right)

missing you...
Thursday, February 28, 2008


pissed off

irresponsible ppl in life.

after i started this work i realise alot of ugly faces

irresponsible ppl

send her work for 5 day. outof 5 days 3 day on MC.

fo*k la. sry bout that.

still dare hide from mum

gastric flu still can go out play

missing you...
Thursday, February 28, 2008

>Monday, 25 February 2008<

i will never repeat that mistake again.







missing you...
Monday, February 25, 2008

>Wednesday, 20 February 2008<

really dunno wad to say...
sorry sound so meaningless,
thankyou sound so stupid..
i qian you one ren qing.. and you TWO ren qin. omg..
ren qin zai forever also cannot return finish de.. -.-




i really duno wad to say...

okie.. i feel really bad.. but i am really touched..
to have you guys this pals.
coz even my close friend will not do this for me

missing you...
Wednesday, February 20, 2008

>Wednesday, 13 February 2008<

ohman.. let me explain my reason for noy blogging for so long..

i always have a lot to bloga bout. however whenever i go through the proceedure of waiting for the page to load, keying in user, password.. blah blah blah..
i lost the mood to blog.. and i close the window again...

believe me or not, i am coutning down to the no. of the days i gona be stuck in this job. not that i hate this job. but then.. seriously, being jobless is more fun, although, there is this insecure feeling coz money is flowing out and not entering, however, its better than feeling tired, sianz.. or wadever.
ofcoz i am not someone who is easily defeated, and give up, will persist all the way till end of june! i don't want to give others a chance to say... youngster nowadays ar.. cannot chi ku.. so i will persist.. chiong ar....

i got ZERO temps out at the moment. oh no.. oh no.. how how how... sianz diao today.. for something that happen at work.. ppl are giving me ALL kinds of reason not to start work..

2 more days to go on till weekends.. persist yeeling!
4 more months till the end of contract.. persist yeeling!
few more weeks from the realise of a level result.. damn it!
but anyway, i am not scared of it, more to worried.. not worried for the results, but worried for my future.. where should i proceed next if i didnt perform well. if i really get bad results.. so be it, i THINK i wun cry la. maybe just sian diao only.. and feel lost..

come on! its not the end of the world.. lol..

i am just going to crap alot today.. today BIGBIG boss, receive a bigbig flower from dunno hu, i also dunno la.. flower being send to the office.. so cool la.. so like tv show.. i thought this thing will only be seen in tv.. muahahaha.. sudden make me think of something... the worst thing that could happen in a office during vdae is that.. the boss receive flowers, and felt so happy.. then the next moment, another flower is send in, more zhuang guan, more more more big de flower send to another small small worker.. muahahaha.. can try imagine the scene.. how the face of the boss will changed.. may even consider to fire the worker.. muahahaha.. i am just nothing better to do.. go think of all this thing. so drama.. haha..

missing you...
Wednesday, February 13, 2008

>Saturday, 9 February 2008<

i hsould be rushish to meet the e5ians now..
but.. but...
my ds stuff have load finish.. cant get out..
so decided to blog abit..

my CNY. i got drunk the first day..
coz we were playing some game and well.. i lose quite alot
and drank really loads of wine.
we open 3 big bottles and i believe strongly that more than 1 is finished by me..
vomitted and slept.. haix..
seriously why does ppl like to jia jiu xiao chou,
its really chou gen chou lo.
the head is spinning, you cant exert any force.

ok.. my ds is half way load....
da nian chu yi

missing you...
Saturday, February 09, 2008

>Saturday, 2 February 2008<

who want teach a P1 who stay at bukit panjang.
teach all 3 subject but basically only concentrate on his spelling test every week.
2 day per week. monday and thursday 7.30-9. money $130

i am teaching this boy but coz working and tutoring everyday is kinda of tired so decided to let go one....

went to repair my ds today. 50 dollar.
still okie la.. then the person promise he will teach me how to put videos in side, and alot of things. muahahaha..

missing you...
Saturday, February 02, 2008


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