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>Wednesday, 31 October 2007<

sianz. sudden thought of something then want to comment.
everyone say how good how good singapore is.

but think again.

we do not have freedom. do we?

the sg culture or wadever u call that, have instil in us the thinking that we must succeed in our life by all means.
everyone wants to succeed, everyone is working for survival.
everyone do wad is the "right route" to success.
ask me or ask anyone one in the college.
why are u here?
they will tell you "i want to get into uni"
why do you want to get into uni?
they will tell you "it give me cert that ensure survival in the outside world"
everyone want to succeed and sometimes at the expense of their interest.

unfortunately same for me.
i badly wanted to go for designing course
but due to the survival instinct many had, incliding me,
i am pursuaded by many to drop that idea
and go for courses that can secure me a job in the future.
i am very reluctant to let go of my dream but at the same times,
i am afraid that i will be unable to survive in the outside world in the future.

which route should i take so that i will not regret in the future.

should i choose the survival route or the interest route.

or maybe its just too early to say.
maybe end up A level results, i do not have a choice of both route.
but end up in a route with dead end.

one life, live it.
but HOW?!
enlighten me!

missing you...
Wednesday, October 31, 2007


ok.. i was accuse of spoiling yiling lamp. she got this stretch-able light. that it stuck to the ceiling. then can pull down all the way to the table de.. very fun leh.. but then, the moment i pull it, it got stuck just slightly above the table. it couldnt be pulled back anyway. but then.. allow me to defend myself abit...

i didnt spoil it! i was just applying physics Hook law!
Hook law states that the extension of material is directly proportional to the force applied to it provided the limit of proportionality is not exceeded.
i think it just happen i use too much force and it decided to not obey Hooklaw anymore.
did i get the defination right? anyway. its just happen some how or another exceeded the limit.
Mm.. not my fault. i put it down slowly. according to newton second law. force is the rate of change of momentum. then impluse = force X change in time. as i pull it down slowly, time taken is longer so the impact will not be that large. so it couldnt be my fault that i pulled it down too fast.

but anyway.

today is General Paper.
the passage was easiler to uds than prelim i must admit. but then but then but then. with my kind of sub- standard english, passing is a question mark! hiax. i hope i can pass. all i want is a pass! come on! let cambridge be blind for once and give me a pass!

essay was relatively sianz. i cant really chooose qns to write coz i didnt really study for any chapter. did on environment. which was a super common topic.
Is it possible to protect the environment and allow countries to progress with the increasing need of energy.

something to that extend la. forget the realy question liao.

initally thought of doing the one on,
should poor countries still progress on tourist industries when they cannot even fulfill their basic needs
coz i study on tourism abit. but then, sudden mind blank. haix.
but makes no difference which one i wrote, coz i totally have no idea wad to wrote. and have no quotation to cite nor examples to prove wad i said is true. haix.

YAY! 8 more papers to go!
i feel so excited

just want to say. dun feel sad about how u have done!
coz no matter how sad worried unhappy you are,
the paper is already submited.
no way you can change the ans.
so instead of being unhappy, why not just cheers for the end of exam!
worry next year, cry nxt year,
mean while just enjoy!

missing you...
Wednesday, October 31, 2007

>Tuesday, 30 October 2007<

well well well.. 1 paper down. 10 more to go.
i look forward to the day i will announce here 1 paper to go!

so.. today finally Phy Paper 3 A level
wel.. its was alright and not alright at the same time.
alright coz they are some really simple qns like
find 77.4K in degree C and they gave u 2m for that.
not alright becoz there are like 4m qns and i totally have no idea how to approach it.
like the qns, discuss the energy of radioactivity decay
i was qns marking all the way.
several other qns i have no idea how to do or unsure if my method was alright.
but then overstill okie la.
pass is can pass de la.
but then. scoring is another problem.
luckily electricity nv came out much.
if not i will have electricuted meself

all the best ppl.
tml gp. wad the. the worst paper of

missing you...
Tuesday, October 30, 2007

>Monday, 29 October 2007<

was just thinking. i should do one update before my exam starts.
if you ppl out there asking when am i taking my A level.
i am pleased to tell you. i am stepping into the examination hall 17 hours from now.
having the exam in the late afternoon. erm.. did i get my time wrong?
er.. nvm..

ok.. well.. common qns asked.
am i prepared. how prepared am i? how do i think i will fare..
i think i prepared quite a bit
but i think its not enough!
and worst of all! i am no longer in the mood for preparation.

now i uds my bro feeling.
why did he suddenly stop studying during a level period.
coz just cant get into the mood!
that is one of the reason i am here.

oh no.. boohoohoo.. my GP how.
i just hope i get a PASS!
C6 i am happy!
C5 i am jump for joy!
B4 i will shout OMG!
B3 i will laugh at the cambridge examiners for their blindness
A2 i will slap myself 1000 times. coz definitely i am dreaming
A1 i will look out if anyone is crying. coz maybe just happen my paper got swopped.
i seems easily contented. muahhaa..

but whatever the case. go pass A level first b4 think so much.

maybe i shall slp early tonight. coz its really boring now.
haix.. maybe i shall. mm..

YAY exam start le!
YAY! i am soooo happy!
that means i am nearing the day to end of exam!
that means i am nearing the date to over hk.

missing you...
Monday, October 29, 2007

>Wednesday, 24 October 2007<

i am dying here
writing econs essay..
will die de leh..
this one i wrote very long liao..
still not done yet.
not that i wrote alot but i dunno wad to write
lack of knowledge about singapore future.
heex... must keep doing research and research and research
i know alot about singapore today! muahaha

here is the qns..
explain the macroeconomic aims of sg and discuss the challenges faced by sg govt in achieving the aims in the coming yeras and the policies to overcome these challenges.

haix.. shall go back to cont my beloved essay writing. realise i didnt put up any photos on last day of school.. here are they..

illene and gc in the empty library

me at the bookshop

me and marin.. nice scenary right...

me and illene with our empty locker


me and gc sneaking into lecture hall

in the lecture hall

the story of this photo is funny but i am lazy to say. hard to describle with my limited english. anyway.. me and gc had a fun time modelling. muahaha.. the photo is a gift to our ct

the emo corner. a place where people come here to emo -.-

jianyang kenneth and joey. ok.. this is what we call no life. thats what our ct say about us. our class have no life. thats why alwasy play paper areoplane. -.-

and this is wad happen when they lose control of the plane and it went crashing into another block.

this is just some last moment of our class together.

missing you...
Wednesday, October 24, 2007

>Sunday, 21 October 2007<

yes. indeed, think the positive side.
i want exam to end as soon as possible.
so i can relax

but at the same time

i don't want it to end.
because that means i cannot change anything.
my grades are fixed

haix. study time!

missing you...
Sunday, October 21, 2007

>Saturday, 20 October 2007<

feeling relatively stressed up lately.
i am not doing anything constructive.
even if i am, i just get more and more demoralised.
kn0wing that i knew so little
knowing that i have forgotten so much.
i jusr realise i forgot most of the things i used to remember
when there are like 10 days to a level.

i am so tired.
i am so sianz.
i dun feel lik studying anymore
but i know i cant give up

i dun want to fail.

missing you...
Saturday, October 20, 2007

>Friday, 19 October 2007<

missing you...
Friday, October 19, 2007

>Tuesday, 16 October 2007<

studying.. get lost.
you ought to be studying too.

missing you...
Tuesday, October 16, 2007


SHIT la!

i am so super duper triple dead!


and if i am going to slp now [which i am planning to]
i will wake up to realise its
12 days!

oh me god! i am not ready!
my chem is still getting less than 20 when i attempt papers.
my phy is still hanging there. scrapping through pass
my gp is still borderline failing
my econs is still failing COMPLETELY!

this is so bad
i don't want to be be crying nxt year
i don't want to be uni-less next year
i don't want to disappoint my parents next year
i don't to prove that i am stupid.
i admit, i am afraid of failure.

damn. i shall sleep now.
let me face the 12 days bravely!

if my brother can do it! i can too!
if the rest of the sg can pass with flying colours.
why cant i!
if the rest of the world can get into uni!
why cant i!
i just need a lot more little more hard work than other
and i can do as well.

get off to sleep idiot~!

ok.. i am slping.
may i dreamt about A level paper.

hate major exams!

missing you...
Tuesday, October 16, 2007

>Saturday, 13 October 2007<

ohman.. why am i feeling as though it is after a level!
i merely did one paper today can. sth i can finish in less then 3 hours. i took more than double the time doing.
because i keep watching vcd!
i finish watching a 40epi drama in 2 days time!
imagine how much time is spend watching.

arg.. slapslap..
wake up!

missing you...
Saturday, October 13, 2007

>Friday, 12 October 2007<

this is exactly the same post as class post. so if you have seen this.. just skip and scroll to the end of this post. =p

0612E really brought alot of good memories to me.
this 2 years have really been 2 enriching years for me,
and i bet, for all.
we may have quarrel, we may have given bad attitude
but all in all. we still stand as a class. help each other in times of need.
and work towards our goal hand in hand.
this is something i treasure alot, really lot.

indeed we have been through thick and thin,
from the torturous physical training we had weekly to the nonstop listening to "you do this, you will FAIL!
from small little things like, eating together as a class everyday during lunch hour to going out as a CG to various events.
many small things build up to many great memories.
how we sat outside LT 2 to sing national day song.
how we play soccer as a class, girls vs guys.
how we strike to be the champion in camp
how we were chase around by ms lee while holding packets of KFC
how we champion most acers day dance training
how we do our best in cross country
how we.... how we....
its never ending...

as times pass.
i will miss playing childish with yiling and illene
i will miss gc non-stop asking questions in physics lessons
i will miss kenneth non stop interrupting lessons with his little comments
i will miss how lalitha always jokes
i will miss how kent's reaction when we call his full name
i will miss waiting for gc and chukeng to finish their meals
i will miss raj always threatening to leave the class when teacher suan him
i will miss how yeeching always ensure there is no disputes in the class
i will miss how gg nv throw a temper on us despite us always forgetting to pay class fund
i will miss observing how chukeng sleeps without getting caught
i will miss how yeeching will sms the whole class despite in the middle of the whole class
i will miss jared and his DAMN bright orange socks
i will miss marin's quotation of the day
i will miss how gc always come asking me wad i want to eat during lunch
i will miss how spencer always crap about girls.
i will miss how dwayne go rd looking for his gc panically just to type in 2*2=?
i will miss how spencer always manage to get his ans correct but working wrong
i will miss how joey lame when he answer zalina question
i will miss how huiqi always ask for a hug
i will miss calling rina mother
i will miss chukeng sudden cold jokes
i will miss marin never give up attitude
i will miss kenneth's chinese slang
i will miss zhiheng shouting "good game!"
i will miss how dwayne refuse to speak chinese when we talk to him
i will miss always fighting with yiling
i will miss laughing at illene
i will miss winston lameness
i will miss how rina sometimes try to comfort us by putting her arm across our shoulder but always have difficulties coz she cant really reach it. SRY MUM!
i will miss zhiheng non stop pokemoning
i will miss how huiqi always pon morning run with me
i will miss how jared say "you are our favourite teacher"
i will miss how joey always laugh till cannot see his eyes
i will miss how jianyang always act quiet but still always make ppl laugh with his joke.
i will miss huiqi helpfulness and always caring for others
i will miss all the grumble we gone through b4 handing class fund over to gg.
i will miss how kent always can make seetho laugh

i will miss lots of things. i definitely will.

will you?

today is the last day of school
arg.. i want to upload photos. but server is slow today!
maybe coz it is night time.
shall upoad photos nxt time.
sry ppl. =p

14 years of education, of uniform life, FINALLY came to an end.
it feel werid. to be schooless, placeless..
no more 2nd home.
i feel weird not leaving my hse 7am in the morning to report to school
i NEVER will have to do that again

missing you...
Friday, October 12, 2007

>Thursday, 11 October 2007<

arg.. study till mad liao..

i just bear with it!

the more i studies the more worried i am
coz the more i realise i dunno.

but yet.. i should be more happy.
coz the more you realise you dunno.
the more you realise you NOW know.

wad a good way to think.

school is ending really soon.

look forward to this coming weekends.

school is ending really soon.

it will be soon that i cannot see my class anyway. sigh
it will be soon i do not belong to any school anyway
it will be soon, i will facing challenges again

life sucks. at the moment.

missing you...
Thursday, October 11, 2007

>Tuesday, 9 October 2007<

oo. well.. i was a blind idiot today!
forget to bring my spec to school!
damn.. couldnt see a single thing. arg..

went to look my auntie today.
muahaha.. her grand daughter so cute!
the adults ask her to call me yeeling姑姑
but no matter how long they force taught her,
she insist in calling me ling ling 姑姑!
and only remember me as ling ling 姑姑

went pjc to look for jw and ew.
arg.. somehow got one extra security guard there. then tht idiot dun allow me in.
HELLO.. i have been in numerous of time!
this idiot security guard is so god damn unkind!
and in my opinion he got the KAIM PA face! damn him!

and that nice nice security guard hu alwasy lets me in was sitting behind keeping quiet. decided to not say it was him hu let me in incase he get fire or scolded of something. but DAMN the security guard.

missing you...
Tuesday, October 09, 2007

>Saturday, 6 October 2007<

woah woah woah...
i got myself a econs tutor ar! muahaha
Mr Ang Wen.
muahaha.. okie.. for those hu know hu it is.. CONGRATS!
for those hu dunno.. TOO BAD! muahaha..

i did 4 essay today! i INSIST it is 4 essay! i know it is 2 la..
coz 2 essays with part A part B. but i still insist 4!
this is to encourage me! so no one is to argue with me!

okie.. a level is really nearing.. abit scary now.. haha..

got out with eggies yesterday.
its always best to with them
coz they will always stand by me no matter wad happen.
and nv fails to listen to my grumble.
haix.. jiayou peeps.

studied with grace and padro today.
quite effiently yea! haha..
okok.. off to play something! before i get back to studies again..
will i?

seriously this words describe you alot! muahaha..
this word is definitely created for you!

missing you...
Saturday, October 06, 2007

>Thursday, 4 October 2007<

ok.. i have 6 more days to enjoy/not enjoy the times to be in school.
after attending school for 12 years. i am finally going to leave the school forever..
i think i will miss the times being in school, the time crapping with friends
but definately not the time studying.
did i spell "definately" correctly? i cant rememeber wads written on the Gp mistake list.
i know i used to spell it as definitely. heex.

Mmm.. i will miss being in schools. maybe shall bring camera to school o snap some more photos with friends. should i? haix.. quite lazy to bring. Mmm..
its hard to believe i was ONCE a stupid idiot gundo, long skirt long socks freak. and now growing up moving on, and now leaving school. woah.. wad a long journey.

i shall mark my school journey with a happy note! by doing well in my A level.
i hope to get at least AABBC for my A level. ofcoz it will great if i get AAABC. haha.. quite obvious wads is C and wad is B. DUH! lol..

off to study.. waste quite alot of time crapping here. buai

missing you...
Thursday, October 04, 2007

>Wednesday, 3 October 2007<

i know i shouldnt be here.
but coming up to take a quick break.
all the studying is killing me.

i seriously hate it.
but i am seriously worried.
i don't seems to be making any progress.

but anyway, somehow after today lecture and tutorial,
i see confident in my econs
especially when how insist that we had improved and are capable of improving further.
and i SWEAR! never to do macro economic problem again!

another random photo

miss those days. haix.
they will come back...
in.. counting... 45 days time i guess
45 days mark the end of exam.

missing you...
Wednesday, October 03, 2007


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