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>Sunday, 31 August 2008<


went to watch wall-E~~~~~~~!
so cute!!!!!! omg... eeee...va...... wallll.....e.......

went sentosa this morning. with Recruit Express people.
ah. stupid jennie and ben drag me into the water.. -.-
didnt thought of getting wet but haix..
still cant run away from the fate.
nice to meet them back again! shall upload the photo nxt time when i have it.

my bro so cute la!
cannot tahan! omg.. -.-
end of story.

missing you...
Sunday, August 31, 2008

>Friday, 29 August 2008<

wooohooo wooohooo..
okie.. i am just bored...
in lecture listening intro econs..


wall - E is out....

roar! air con here super cold.. freezing...
why they on aircon like no need money like that de!

went SMU bash yesterday. well. first few hour is SUPER boring. the part where the MC come out talk and play game is SUPER BORING. its now like we come bash to listen to them talk. sry bout that. though i think they have good MC skills. but not at this place can.

tomorrow is weekend again! =)

missing you...
Friday, August 29, 2008

>Tuesday, 26 August 2008<

i happily went to my smu email and to my horror, it was flooded with quite useless stuff. took quite a while to clean it up and realise! i got an email from my prof mentioning something about some homework and if it is not submitted, it will be deem as incomplete. i was like OMG! when did she ever gave hmk!

but nvm.. i still did it in the end!
just completed it! lol.. and its 11.43pm now!
omg.. its been so long since i slept so late on weekdays.
sum1 fault la.. make me get use to slping so early. heex

met up with Huiqi this morning for breakfast .=) nice to meet up with old friends again. =p

life been boring lately.
i miss JC life. where can hang out with friends in school.
now its like everyone have different timing and schedules,
hard to find ppl with the same slacking time slot.. shakes head..
i want JC life back..
maybe it will be better soon. =)

haha.. realise i didnt post any photos on convocation.. Here is it! =p FOr those hu dunno, convocation is something like a opening ceremony to welcome us to the school.

peitian's friend, peitian, beverley, me. =p

kelvin, benjamin, wei hsien, me, beverley, peitian, her friend.

HUIJUN!! my 4years secondary school mate! lol.. =p she now more femine le lo.

missing you...
Tuesday, August 26, 2008

>Sunday, 24 August 2008<



missing you...
Sunday, August 24, 2008

>Friday, 22 August 2008<

i learn a super important lesson today

never scold xiao qiang...
they will come after you more..
when you see the brown brown thing coming towards you..
sweet talk abit to it, it will go away..
scold it, it will come to you further... irritating....

tell u a secret
realise why i didnt use the english name of xiao qiang..
coz i dunno how to spell it..

smile =)
so tired......

missing you...
Friday, August 22, 2008

>Thursday, 21 August 2008<

uni life have been slack till then.
I wasn't able to understand fully what is mentioned in seminar. Though its no surprise since i never had been able to understand what my lecturer was saying in JC, but this time rd there is no tutorial! SHIT! that means i really have to depend on myself ! I would have to go read up myself what the prof had been chanting throughout the seminar.! sobz..

Well, I bought 2nd hand textbk, its still so expensive.... faints..
i want die liao.. pls make sure i do well in my modules, at least make the money spent worth while!

its thursday, 2 days to saturday. =)

missing you...
Thursday, August 21, 2008

>Tuesday, 19 August 2008<

times passes very slowly........
why is it only tuesday.....

went dental today! ROAR~! just that 20 minutes, i need to pay $210!
CONCLUSION! dentist are rich ppl! omg.. faints..

no school today~! Weeeha!
but life become abit boring this way.. SIANZ!
must stay at home.. mum nagging i am alwasy not at home..
life at home starring at 4 walls is boring..
so i stuck infront of the com all while..


why is it only tuesday!

missing you...
Tuesday, August 19, 2008

>Monday, 18 August 2008<

well.. Bondue camp picture. i know i am abit slow.. but i just got it! what can i do! haha..
We are TRYING to promote the heaven and Earth drink but was kinda a failure.. so.. nvm.. *shakes head*

our breakfast! haha..

We at Geylang walking ard see see look look.

Remi, me and Sara
wushu competition!!!! and photos mean a thousand word!

missing you...
Monday, August 18, 2008

>Wednesday, 13 August 2008<

wushu compeition coming.
training training training.
althought its tiring but its fun.
Being the wushu people is always relaxing and fun.

okie. update.
wushu compeition round the corner.
Saturday 6.15pm there is one
Sunday 9.30am there is one
Wish me luck dude!

mtg KY EW for training later. Hopefully no one get hurts

missing you...
Wednesday, August 13, 2008

>Saturday, 9 August 2008<

ALL camp officially over! =)

This time rd the business camp.
photos nxt time la.

We played some super super dirty games. They used really horrible things to play. but kinda of fun to get every one dirty
items used in games ( paints, vinegar, egg, flour, cogate, wasabi, mayonise, banana, chiken, cuttle fish, clayfish, chocolate, tomoto, watermelon, payaya, mentots, soya sauce, red bean(those in western food, peanut butter de) everything will be over you by the time you finish all stations. One of the game musical chair, the seat is filled with tomato suace, cogate, mayonise flour, they once i got myself a seat, sudden they pour the bottle of soya sauce on me. Then still got station that require us to paint our whole face with tomato and peanut butter. and got captian ball! but the ball is not ball but chicken, payaya and cuttle fish. -.disgusting.. i try to imagine GC playing with chicken. She will faints. MUAHAHHAA.. then at night is geyland shi zi lu kou game. but my group damn slack we walk to one station jiu stay there play liao. then we tour rd those small alley to see see look look.

sentosa trip, Amazing race, we didnt finish all stop yet the last to reach school. After a few station we end up playing our own game. haha. our group are the slackest group lo! our faci also very slack de. though slack but very fun.
Night, is drinking night. we got this, dunno wad, quite strong de thing. then every rm got their own party. and by the time wel left the rm, ppl outside all wasted le, all vomitting like merlion. then damn noisy. then can see people being carried coz all wasted le. -.-
luckily my group all not too bad drinker, all survive throughout. went super after that and slept at 4am plus. woke up 7am plus. thought reporting time is 11 plus. but too used to wake up early le. -.-

sports game. played. foosball, doughball and muggle qudditch. the concept of muggle qudditch quite funny. is that harry potter that game. exactly the same. all playing with brom stick, then got snitch got seeker got chaser got beater. lol.. then went mt starring smu people. jiu home sweet home.
my dad so nice! he know i going home from camp with big big bag. then he dunno what time i will reach so he just went downstairs to wait for me till i return. touched.. =p

oh my god! my bidding resutl how!!! i failed to get any. if not wo jiu only have 2 day study week! FAINT!

missing you...
Saturday, August 09, 2008

>Tuesday, 5 August 2008<

haha.. my Time table is finally OUT!
I only need go school for 2 days! Wednesday and Friday.
Shuang Dao nothing to say! coz i was lucky that my seminars was squeeze in one day. lol.
I was only assigned 3.0Cu to take (max to take 5.5Cu each sem.)
36Cu to be completed in 4 years.
Exempted in 3 modules. so 33Cu to be taken in 4 years.

well.. look like i got to bid for more courses. if not i gona be rotting for the next half year.
considering of bidding up to 5.0 Cu

Going to camp again tml! lol.. tired.... =(

Wushu Wushu Wushu! lol.. went to settler's cafe with them to play play play ! muhaha.. the last game very fun! lol. i think we are saddist people like to play with games that involve violents. that is the nature of Wushu. -.- PS. i am not violent. =p

Ended Camps, had Amazing Race in the morning. i am really glad i survived through the running. Thanks to Cadera, Kelvin and Yong Sun. lol.. shall not dwell too much into the camps. guess it wil be boring if i were to list out everything. =p After that met up with JW, EW, KY and XB. nice to met them up agian.. slack on the top of vivo. but then hor. was really tired. was can only left there to emo. couldnt join in the cam wore with them

In Camp, all the games.. games.. games.. Tunneling was fun! it is a man made tunnel which u have to crawl through with alot of up stairs down stairs. slopes. inside. quite fun. =p
Camp fire in the night time. it is so different as compare to sec school and JC de camp fire. at least this one more interesting you see and more high you see. =)

off to camp. got to know few nice ppl over there. First day was boring. Ultimate Boring. lol.. Sry bout that. at night we played a game sth like cluedo. at least there was better. end of the day with a brighter note. =)

missing you...
Tuesday, August 05, 2008


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