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>Monday, 30 June 2008<

well well well..
muahahaha.. so shuang!
tomorrow going back to innova. XD

happie.. SMILE!

missing you...
Monday, June 30, 2008

>Saturday, 28 June 2008<

seriously, all this questionaire may sound stupid.. but i like doing them! coz it kill time!

1. what’s your ambition?
-- to be a tai tai

2. Who is more important to you? Friends or boy/girlfriend?
-- GIRLfriends!

3. Who is the person you trust most?
-- whoever that i worth my trust

4. Do you think you have enough confidence?
-- No.

5. What will u do when u are feeling stress
-- cry..

6. Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain?
-- Yes.

7. What is your goal for this year?
-- you can say slim down.. MUAHAHA.. that is FOREVER my goal! muahaha.. ok la.. i just want to stay happy.

8. Do you believe in eternity love?
-- maybe

9. Have you broken someone’s heart that she/he tried to commit suicide?
--woah.. not to that extend.

10.What feeling do you love most?
-- happy. -.- limited vocab seh.

11. Which person will you like to find out about most now?
-- myself

12. Do you cherish every single friendship of yours?
-- DUH! stupid qns..

13. What does flying means to you?
-- to be over the moon

14. What do you crave for the most currently?
-- sleep

15. IF time were to rewind, when will you want it to be?
-- now, i do not regret living my life that it is. so i don't want any rewind

16.If everyone else except you were to die now, who would you miss the most??
-- everyone

missing you...
Saturday, June 28, 2008


woah woah woah..
left 1 day to OFF WORK DAY!

what i gona do!
i gona go shopping
i gona go back innova
i gona do loads and loads and loads of things
excited... dont you feel excited for me??!!

anyway. tday nth special.. (i hope)
went with jennie and eve go fish and coe.
its been thousand and 1 years since i step into orchard.

i gona go celebration with yiling on monday!
one word.. SHUANG! muahahaha....

missing you...
Saturday, June 28, 2008

>Wednesday, 25 June 2008<

i will be very soon and i will be out of here!
i will be super duper happy.

i want to go oversea. to hongkong or taiwan. Anyone out there want to go and accompany me.
updated more on today's evening in the future. =)

missing you...
Wednesday, June 25, 2008

>Tuesday, 24 June 2008<

okie.. i just realise its been a while since i post some pictures

all the wushu pals.. lol..
tired.. just finsih training.. shuang! contract ending soon.=).

missing you...
Tuesday, June 24, 2008

>Monday, 23 June 2008<

my computer back in service!
my documents still here!! muahaha
so shuang!! listening to my songs..
so shuang!!! =D
love it lots!!

4.5 more working days. for me!
why 4.5 leh.. coz wednesday i took a half day off! muahhaa..
monday my last day of contract! SHUANG~!

woah woah woah!! SHUANG! close case liao.. no need do month eng closing with ZERO perm class liao!~! hahaha..

today abit high!! haha.. WOOHOOOOOO~~!
but sianz thing is really nothing to do at work..
i am trying hard to work for people coz i uds some ppl really need my help in looking for a job for them. but i just cant seems to find a suitable job for them.
i am so sorry.. feel so sorry for them.. haix..
i will try my best to find a job for you in the next 4.5 days!

what happen..
things shouldn't be like this..

missing you...
Monday, June 23, 2008

>Saturday, 21 June 2008<

made my choice. SMU. business.

uds business requires strong english, for arguments, for presenting your stand well. that is definitely something i will lose out alot in. but should that be a reason for me to back off? i dun think so. uds business may be more compeititve than science. for that i am going to withdraw. i am not a tortoise.

ok.. i lazy to type le.
just know i chose tht can le.

but i still have time to regret and change. monday is the deadline.

mugger for life.......

missing you...
Saturday, June 21, 2008

>Thursday, 19 June 2008<

the final answer..
will Ms Yeo Yee Ling, choose SMU Business or NUS Science,
the answer will be revealed 22th of June, this coming Sunday.. Stay tuned to www.geniuslalaland.blogspot.com for more details. Tune in in the evening and the final answer will revealed.

People who have yet to place a bet of which course she will enter finally, kindly do it so quickly!

6 days more!!!
striving hard....

i can survive.. i will survive!!!

missing you...
Thursday, June 19, 2008

>Wednesday, 18 June 2008<

i thought i have got over this...

It was a aim since JC, a goal i had. to get into SMU Business...
i fought my way through, got my ABB.
i chose SMU Business, hoping that i can get in.
I went through the interview.
but no news from them.

NUS Science came. i choose it.
disappointed. i convince myself NUS Science would be a better choice for me
i really convinced myself.
i finally accpted myself as a NUS student.

when i thought all is settled. came SMU called.
congraduation, you are selected into SMU Business..

i am lost.. i was convinced by myself that NUS would be a perfect choice for me.
and now came another.

i know my mum badly wanted me to go SMU. i also wanted to get to SMU. i thought through. i chose SMU.

Came my mum sms. told me she knew she shouldnt have stress so much of wanting me to get into SMU. and chose SMU due to parental pressure. so i thought through..

i through very carefully. asked around for opinion. i came to a conclusion on NUS..
i really made up my mnd..

Few days later which is todya.. i thought again.. will i regret?
WIll i? The only reason for me rejecting Science is that i dun want the future i can get through science. The reason i will reject SMU, i am afraid that i cannot pass, coz its competitive and BUsiness seems hard.

but should i reject a course just because i am afriad. that seems so coward.
that seems to be avoiding more than facing it.

but i am stil afraid..

NUS Science VS SMU Business

What should i do.

Can you advice me.


missing you...
Wednesday, June 18, 2008

>Tuesday, 17 June 2008<



missing you...
Tuesday, June 17, 2008

>Saturday, 14 June 2008<

went sentosa today with the Wushu people.
and those wu gui are late..
nvm la.. since i am always late also.. muahahaa.

sianz.. went to jap lesson that time took wrong MRT
end up at tiong bahru.
i was still go confident when i board the train!
hate it lots.. i nv seems to be able to get to my designated places safely w/o getting any mistake!
sianz!!! how to cure blur this disease..

went to IT fair with yiling. we thought we can get some info on lab top but we gave us.
coz we really have no understanding of lap top and dunno wad to ask
i only can tell you which one LOOK nice but cannot tell which one nice to USE.
haha.. so we end up in looking at this we know.. like mp3, mp4 all this.
so i bought a mp4 for $125. its initally price was $149. then coz IT fair so end up is $129. plus yiling powerful bargaining skills. it went down to $125. lol...

home sweet home. i am tired.. tml still got wushu.. omg.. i realise i am meeting wushu people so frequently this week.
Monday - Woodlands Wushu with shihao
Wednesday - AMK wushu with shihao and eric
Thursday - Vivo watch movie with wushu ppl eddie eric SLY, kaiyu and eewei
Saturday - Sentosa with wushu ppl
Sunday - Wushu training

wah.. 5 out of 7 days leh! QIANG!



missing you...
Saturday, June 14, 2008

>Friday, 13 June 2008<

well.. went to watch kungfu panda yesterday .
master wu gui!!

okie.. come to think of it..
my pay this month is damn high!
see at..
my commission plus my basic. like that... assuming i do not earn any comission for the next 2 week.
that means my this month pay around $7 per hour le leh!
not bad ar!
okie.. i am trying very hard to comfort myself. please do help me along..

feel very bad now.. nei jiu... arg.. urg...
stupid eric fault.. arg... okie..

missing you...
Friday, June 13, 2008

>Thursday, 12 June 2008<

tired.. night..
thats all i can say.. by the way....
cham this week.. very very very cham.. haix..
oh.. i got my pay slip.. so now can summarrised.
commission obtain in
March - $104
April - $135 just got the commission this month
May - $32
June - ??

May is damn bad.. how how how how...

missing you...
Thursday, June 12, 2008

>Tuesday, 10 June 2008<

was bored. so decided to look ard..
my fav part..
coz these piano piece is supre nice!

missing you...
Tuesday, June 10, 2008


omg.. i realise my result in the month of may is so pathetic.

my commission earned for month or April is $104.
month of May is only $32!
omg! this is so horrible!
but this month.. is very good.. still accumulating..
only 1/3 of the month, i got ard $102.. and its still going on..

cham cham cham
i think my this week sales super bad..
sianz..some one pls save me..

i want to leave!

congrats panda lee! he POP le! cheers!
liangying and eddie tml!!! lo.. congrats for surviving! lol..

looks mlike i really got nth to do. i nearly die. i realise this com no audition, no maple. sianz!!!

missing you...
Tuesday, June 10, 2008

>Sunday, 8 June 2008<

nothing better to do.
computer down..
nothing to do..
this is my bro com...

missing you...
Sunday, June 08, 2008

>Monday, 2 June 2008<

i badly want to leave..
colleagues are leavin day by day, week by week.
i badly want to leave. i dun care if they are gona terminate me or wad.
i just want to leave.
i dun like sales job.
its just not for me.. i think so..

let tml be the justice date.
i heard i was given a warning le..
coz i not in office today.
so tml i believe i will be offically pulled into a rm to issue warning OR to formally ask me to leave.
i believe so.
i will gladly do so.
though i will be upset that i am unable to help my mentor anyway.
and help those ppl hu in needs of my help.

but i will be glad to leave the place of sales
to pursue my own interest.
however i go not regret joining this company as this is where i have learn alot and pick up alot.

i just want to leave earlier.

okie.. i am talking as if i am already FIRED!
take note.. i am not yet fired.. but i believe i am pending.

anyway.. went out with yiling to k song then went to look for illene
she return to singapore and will be leaving for tokyo in 6 hours time,
after which, she will fly to US and formally starts her uni life.
i wonder when she will be back and if she will ever be back.
ILLENE! dun miss me! lol.. pls remember to be online every early morning or late night.
so can chat! since US and here is like 12 hours time different. =p

missing you...
Monday, June 02, 2008

>Sunday, 1 June 2008<

i went to the zoo yesterday... but we didnt make it to the raccoon area.. sobz..
anyway... i shall make michelle and irene sponser my one more ticket to the zoo to see it!

okie.. friday! after work, met with jiawei and went for jap lesson.. then chiong to China town to meet colleagues for KTV session.. their singing all very powerfull scary... anyway..

left there ard 1.30am. then they all send me back to granny house. well.. then off they all go to some pub.. went back chat with samuel tikll 2.30 - 3am like that.. slept, wke up ard 5am to rush back home. well.. reach Chinatown MRt to realise earliest train is still god damn long, so walked walked walked walked.. walk to the nxt MRT station until MRT start going.. Home sweet home at 7am.

changed and went out at 7.30am. taxi down to clementi, go do CIP at the ZOo! ooo.. dun think wrongly, my CIP does not invovle cleaning up the zoo! just to bring some kids around the zoo.. started pouring in the afternoon. fong diaoz.. so brought the lunch to them at some sheltered way. they have some animal show there which is cute! lol..

went off to the Rotary club bowling competition nxt. was like half asleep while playing.. but still make it through the game.. haha..
1st game 89 - lol.. this is the waking up call game..
2nd game 124 - okie.. looks like i am more awake
3rd game 133 - okie.. i am awake.. lol

meanwhile mic and irene KO le. but cannot blame la.. then ZERO hour of slp yesterday. haha..

well.. there i end my day. slp at ard 7, intially wanted to wake up at 8pm.. but then.... when i reopen my eyes.. it was 7am! wooohoooo.. sianz...

i want go download THEME HOSPITAL! somewhere teach me where to download can! sobz.. i really want to play that game.. my childhood game can..

missing you...
Sunday, June 01, 2008


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