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>Thursday, 30 July 2009<

as i always believed =)

it supposed to brighten up my day
but the story behind why the help is needed did not really brighten my day that much.
but nevertheless....

went to a Punggol school to help coach negotiate some wushu prices...
and omg!
Punggol is such a 鸟不生蛋 area!
i was dead hungry when i board the train at Bb. wanted to bear with it till Punggol for my lunch.
after an hour of train ride. (if u dunno where Punggol is.. i believe most doesnt know.
its at the end of purple line.. one end is hbf, the other is Punggol)
OMG~ i stepped out only to realize that there is only one bus interchange, and some newly built HDB ard the area.
PUNGGOL as good as EMPTY!
there is no shopping mall, no eating area!
I went to the interchange, hopping that i can have a bus back to the west side for future use, since i will be teaching in that school in the future. and well.. NONE! there are like only 7 bus on service! and out of 7, 3 is running ard Puggol area, 2 goes to the changi/tampines and 2 goes to amk/yishun.. omg..
and worst of all, i took 1.5 hours to reach that place and that conversation with the teacher only took 5 min!
what a total waste of my day!

missing you...
Thursday, July 30, 2009

>Wednesday, 29 July 2009<

went out with yiling and gc for dum sum buffet@zhou kitchen!!
fei si wo!! haha.. muahaha..
but i didnt eat ALOT other than the feng zhua (chicken feet)
muahha.. yummy..

happen to board the same train as GC and off we go to Zhou kitchen!
while waiting for our dish to be served..

anyway the food there quite nice ba...
though the variety not that much.. yum cha had much variety but there are the quantity may not be as good..
the quantity for each dish is SUPER LITTLE.. they put SMall is for 2-3 person to share. so we ordered small but end up i think its for 1 person or even less! look at the vege.. its eaten a little but the number of vege can be counted! but anyway its buffet so just order more lo.. haix.. so we order 3 plates of that bean, small medium large! haha..

went to JP after that and last few photos taken..
toilet break before going off..

i love my heels! we are tall freak! haha..

today went to find jiawei for her japanese test.. realise i have not been touching jap for very long...
a very sudden plus random decision to go running together! haha.. but i think she eat more than she run.. she exclaim loudly that she gain weight after running. i think coz she ate waffle plus bubble tea right after the run. no wonder there is an increment of weight.

missing you...
Wednesday, July 29, 2009

>Monday, 27 July 2009<

i am soooo happy now....
boss bidding result release!
good news no. 1: I FINALLY BID dao my 4.5. modules. after 6 window....
good news no. 2: i only have a 3 day study week! woohoo...
soo happpy... haha...

anyway went to NDP rehearsal with dear..
hahaha... think we are the busiest audiences..
hahaha.. go there find this people find that people..

thnks to kelvin, we got 2 blue ticket.. which is a good seating location coz most of the things are at our side.
reached at 4pm under that hot sun.. arg...
just settled down...

our dinner!! muahahah.. tabao dinner in since we are suppose to be seated b4 dinner hour and the show stretches over dinner hour

first person spotted.. WEEEE shi hao!
hahaha... see how he act hardworking.. lol..
then came MR Soh... haha.. he came in singlet and got chase back by us to change into his number 1.. haha..
dear with him...
then Padro came! slacker.. haha.. dunno jiu feel that he is slacking ard there.. haha.
photo taken before he ran away to return his stolen keys... hahah..
seee sly... damn cool right!! omg... this photo very nice.. haha..
This small little drum stick in the goodie back sponsored by Mr Bean.. cute right!
LAst of all fire works!!

its good to have people we know inside... coz so convenient for eveything! hahha.. when the show ended, the crowds squeeze their way through the small exit. while we follow sly to the back door and exit through their staff exit.. haha... yay!

then home sweet home....
enjoyed myself throughoutly! haha...
NDP rehearsal isnt that boring... haha...

missing you...
Monday, July 27, 2009

>Thursday, 23 July 2009<

Mmm.. There seems to be some problem with my laptop! why cant i view blogger posting website.. i mean the format are all screwed up and i need to use another computer in order to view them. but oh well...

okie. went out with felicia the other day for shopping.
to think we spend hours just doing to ard 4 shops. you can tell how long we spend in each!
but since GSS is ending.... forgive myself for shopping.. muahahha! what an excuse.

went to look for dear after meeting felicia.... this is what happen when you feel too rich..
we spend $6 trying to get these sweets..

and that stupid appolllo in that machine refuses to drop down even though its very close to the edge.. sigh... we decided to waste no more money and leave for home.

This saturday we are going to NDP rehearsal! er.. its nth really exciting, its not like its the first i am watching.. but its the people that will be there! haha.. would be able to support and find lots of ppl....woohooo~

my boss bidding is screwed up. haix.. dunno what to do.. its the 6th window also the last window for bidding le.. and i only had 3.5 modules.i need ard 4.5-5 modules. i need one more to study. its not like as if i want means want, we need to bid. and well.. i never seems to bid enough to get the amount. desperate choice, i spam my whole fortune down to get one course. and yet someone else also did that, and happens he is richer than me.. so i lost again.. i bidded e$70 and he bidded e$100. faints. how can anyone in their right mind bid for 100! for just one module when other people are going in with just e$15! haix.. nvm.. i think if its me, out of desperate choice, i will do that too.. i just hate boss bidding..

missing you...
Thursday, July 23, 2009

>Wednesday, 22 July 2009<

Something wrong with blogger format.. haha.. but oh well! nvm!

well out shopping with felicia. since its the last week for the GSS!

i cant find the upload photo button. angry.. just upload next time!

missing you...
Wednesday, July 22, 2009

>Monday, 20 July 2009<

blah blah blah..
i finally end work..
really finally..
coz its really tiring.. the last 2 days were crap.
doing survey survey survey...
asking ard for survey after survey.
the manager kinda sucks.
but shall forgive him since he gave me the sound bug as a present.. muahaha..
oh speaking about the soundbug..
its a very cool device... at least its cool to me.. haha..
in layman terms, its call an invisible speaker.
another words, it actually transform alot of things into a speaker.
lets say i put that device on the door, the door will become the speaker. and the music will come out from the door.
cool right!
its makes use of vibration to create this effect.
wooohooo~ so shall forgive him for everything ([provided he also give me my pay)

went to watch harry potter with dear yday...
OMG! it is really horrible. i love the first 5 parts,and didnt FULLY believe what others said when everyone told me its horribe. i thought perhaps some parts which are suppose to be there went missing or something to that extend. but after watching.. i raise my hand to agree with them. FOr those who didnt watch 1-5(e.g GC) you are HIGHLY not recommended not to watch it. but perhaps the boringness is due to the fact that they need to explain what that is going to happen in movie 7. but still... haix.. so disappointing..
to think i haven been looking forward to watch it.... sobz.

missing you...
Monday, July 20, 2009

>Thursday, 16 July 2009<

okie.. i started a 3 day work today.
and i nearly died today

i am suppose to work in this trade fair where buyers and sellers meet for business negotiation and to know more about the newest technology. and seriously i see SUPER interesting things over there..
and i find it super useful.
anyway... since i am studying in business, the mkting manager pulled me to work with him. in one way i was glad to follow him as i really learn quite a bit. though the things i do is really sai gang, like running ard, find the media and getting items for him.was really an eye opening experience.

started off the day with handling the media poster.. as the board is hard and we are suppose to pin the posters up, its is tedious and painful for the fingers. to press in like 70 over pins into HARD board using thumb.... ouch..

then followed mkting manager ard to lead international media to different companies talk. and sit in to listen to several companies as they introduce their newest product... there is one very interesting stuff.. for the layman it is changing any metal thing u see into a speaker or a mp3... really is anything.. ranging from window to table to chair to refrige. the sound will come out from the table... like as if the table is a speaker. and its only thought one small device... super cool...

then the manger brought me to attend this lunch business meeting where sellers and buyers interact with each other. and seriously, each entry is $200! muahahaha.. and i got in for freeee~~ so listened to how ppl from different companies try to get to know each other.. how they break the ice, etc..

then another media tour with different group of media. end up becoming a translator coz ppl there chinese really CMI.

but the sad things is, i need run ard for 12 hours in irritating heels~! imagine tip toeing for 12 hours! coz i need to be in formal attire as its quite a impt event so heels is needed... but OMG~~ REGRET TOTALLY!
its really torture! my legs hurt big time and is not soaked inside HOT HOT water. mum say that will help relieve the stress.. dread work tml... sigh... my leg yet to recover..

nvm! 3 days earn 200. WHY NOT! its shihao half a month pay! woohooo!

missing you...
Thursday, July 16, 2009

>Thursday, 9 July 2009<

bidding closed and results release...
manage to get
Management Communication and Marketing.
Left 2 still couldnt get. but oh well.. nvm... try again... haix...
left all the bad prof though...

went orchard to look for presents....
must look high and low for them de leh...
went to borders first.. got shihao things..
realise i am so clever.. was wondering which section it belong to.
then realise that idiot like country song.. so went there to find.. and ta-da found it!
but realise border dun sell chinese books.
march off to kino something de..
and then i found it.. the person still say its the last stock they have.. whole sg popular also sold of... if kino also dun have i think i going faint le....

but muahhaha~~ everything in!

missing you...
Thursday, July 09, 2009

>Monday, 6 July 2009<

ok.. i am back blogging.. blogged half way took a break.. lol!!

yesterday met up with some wushu people for kbox session.
since dear got this 10dollar nett kbox!! =))
so off we go to jurong safra! heex
went there and realise they dun have room anymore. so we had to wait till 5pm for a room.

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_US0firHDobc/SlGbMw1FiuI/AAAAAAAABuc/DwqUZCXYLuY/s400/P7050902.JPGthis is a children corner in jurong safra. so tempted to play.. haix.. anyone can organise party or something here? then invite me???

began crapping ard, and taking random photos before we embark on our trip back to jurong point for SHOPPING!!
think those people behind us were like STARING at us.. haha..

but oh well..

began shopping at Jurong point, haha.. and in replace for 2 cups of plain water that we owe ew, we had to pay for her expenses that day! lol... which sum up to be 2 levis jeans and KBOX.. muahahah..

5pm reached back at the KBOX. they told us the 5pm ppl haven leave yet. so they had to give us a big room mean while, but told us that if necessary, we would be switch to a small room. initally i thought its just bigger... like the one yiling and i went.. but to my surprise...

ITS LARGER! its like the size of my room or bigger! wasnt able to capture the whole room..
and we had 2 LARGE LCD screen!!
camwhore a while before we start our singing... haha..
all this was before we started going crazy and starting playing all the high and dance dance song like....
don't cha
wu yue tian songs...

and going crazy in the room..

left at 8.15. and home sweet home.. =))

missing you...
Monday, July 06, 2009


i still cant upload photos to blogger directly! duno why! it say upload successfully but no photos seen.. so this is what i did.. when it say upload complete, dun close the window. go right click that small photo, view image. then copy and paste the image over.. sigh.. go the long method.. but nvm!!
went to watch Iceage with dear the other day... 3D Ice age! haha.. but quite no point.. coz after watching a while, u will get used to the 3D and its become a normal flim. us with the spec...

May 21st bdae on saturday@NSRCC.. went to help out on friday.. =) its really a beautiful chalet.. like a glass house... camwhore time..
that sprial staircase up the 2nd floor...
the happy bdae banner~ took a while to figure out how it should be held.. -.-
at the living room. nice right...

then home sweet home!
went ECP roller bladding the nxt day!
dear taught me how to roller blade..
its not that hard after all.. heex

and dear took the bike instead! it think he followed me dao very xin ku. coz i am super slow in roller bladding! hahaha...

after that...

drove out to market place to purchase something and some IDIOT van wanted to fight parking lot with me! idiot! so irritating!! i am like all position to get the parketing lot, then it reversed and blocked the entrance.. waiting for me to give up so that he can enter. so arg...this people should really be banned from using the road... road courtesy!!! and while we were trying to fight for the parking lot, this car at the park, keep pressing the horn NON STOP. i mean its like, not as if he has waited for very long. once he reach, he started pressing. and when we trying to move out of his way for him, he continue pressing NON STOP. whats wrong......

went off to may's party...

dear went with me! =))

the FTB group!

missing you...
Monday, July 06, 2009

>Saturday, 4 July 2009<

something is seriously wrong with blogger~~
i cant upload photos!
angry... =<
sobz.. dun want post le la.... arg...

missing you...
Saturday, July 04, 2009

>Thursday, 2 July 2009<

i hate boss bidding TOTALLY..
going through all the trouble to pick 4 course out of the 30 plus course
then to choose ur ideal professor then the ideal timing and day.

anyway i have narrowed down to choose my 5 module...
Analysis Skills
Creative Thinking
Management Communication (another english course)
Technology and World Change (Something to GP about how technology evolve)

haix... hope my time table can be more well organised..

missing you...
Thursday, July 02, 2009


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