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>Thursday, 27 August 2009<

project project project...
Napoleon history and Lesson in Hubris..
due on last friday so deardear came to help me with some video editing for presentation.. heex..
my dear the best!
becoz of the tight deadline, my dear work nearly the whole night.. then drove him back camp this morning..
poor poor him.. =<

went working last week at ctc. happen to see loads of people around.. haha..
seriously working takes up alot of studying time.. haha..

projects are rolling in.. my time table are filling up with project meeting real fast.. haix..
time to buck up! time to catch up with my work! go go go!

this year project deals alot with companies, having to go for coporate visit to get our project through and done... companies from WIDE range.... from IT firms to even TATTOO shop.. =.= challenging ourselves till the max... lol..

okok.. go go go study study study....
really need to.. to keep up the fast pace.. haix...

missing you...
Thursday, August 27, 2009

>Tuesday, 25 August 2009<

haix..suddenly had a very bad flu..
hate flu!

today is a busy busy day..
went for Management Accounting class
and wasnt able to concentrate that much..
start to wander half way through the lesson..

after lesson rushes off to CT mtg with this kuku late for 40 min..
then went off to MPW mtg and finally straight to CT class..
busy busy day.. and bad bad nose.. arg...
really need some hot drink...

lots of things to catch up in school..
go go go !!

missing you...
Tuesday, August 25, 2009

>Monday, 24 August 2009<

how tiring...
work work work yday and came to school early in the morning..
luckily able to wake up on time.

glad i survive through my work yesterday..
working with eewei and felicia in the travel fair..
survive through 10 hours and wooohooo~
i earned 120 over the weekends! heex..
dear came to fetch me...XD

haix.. need do a little catch up in my academic.
know that i just started school, so i shouldnt have much to catch up.
but im quite afraid that i will procrastinate
and in the end couldn't catch up again.
really hope to pull up my GPA this term...

finally blogger is back to a little more normal..
my dear gave me a surprise during the chalet...
see...see...see.. nice right!
love him lots...

missing you...
Monday, August 24, 2009

>Saturday, 22 August 2009<

tired tired tired!
after a day at work with felicia
went to work with ctc again.
to give out flyer...
much smoothier today but more tiring, coz less slacking time.. haha..
there were quite a few companies there giving out flyer.
and as KPO ppl, we start asking how they are paid..

one lady quite well dressed and giving out flyer said she paid 10 per hour! omg! so much higher!but i think will be damn tiring as she wore high heels the WHOLE DAY!

saw this woman quite poor thing, she is only paid $10/1000 pieces given out. omg!
so little! today whoe day we onl gave out 1400 like that.. cheap labour for her! haix..

tired.. going slp le, tml another whole day! anotehr day at work!

love u, dear!

missing you...
Saturday, August 22, 2009

>Thursday, 20 August 2009<

Bloogger is still as irritating as every.. haix..

lets recall..
last weekend went to chalet with my dear... =))
love my deardear lots! he prepared a surprise for me!

Monday start school le!
went got MPW class.. its a module i bid alone.. hiax... but luckily happen to meet people i know..going into a unfamilar class is really a very strangle thing.. haix..
dear came to look for me after MPW.. heex.. went playing Jube box!! FUN! addicted liao... hahaha...

boring day.... went for Management Accouting class.. MA is not fun.. the prof is kinda of boring... kinda of dry.. but haix... suan le ba...
stone in school for 3 hours then went got CT class. its a year 1 class and i am likethe only pathetic year 2 there.. trying to get used.. coz there is really a difference...

went to rebond hair... my hair abit yucky now.. arg.... coz its flat.. need a few days for it be "deflat" haha...

missing you...
Thursday, August 20, 2009

>Thursday, 13 August 2009<

seriously whats wrong with blogger nowadays.. okie..
or isiz singtel or isiz i dunno hu..
facebook got problem, blogger got problem...
and mozilla cant access to hotmail! i must go in through IE

pissed off!

missing you...
Thursday, August 13, 2009

>Tuesday, 11 August 2009<

sunday went to send grace off at the airport.. talk about that when i get all the photos ba!

monday went paint ball with wushu ppl!
haha~ fun~

preparation preparation at home!
ew wore my bro clothing while i wore dear de. heex

briefing briefing...
then we were split to 2 groups. Terrorist and Counter Terrorist.

welcoming... the Counter Terrorist Group consisting of gf ew sly dear me guoliang

then the Terrorist Group!( haha.. they no time to pose.. coz busy planning how to win the war)

We were so well appropriately dressed! haha.. Counter Terrorist in the army uniform while terrorist in civilians clothing.. haha..
anyway first 2 game! Terrorist are to plant a bomb under a helicopter while Counter Terrorist are suppose to put a flag at a bridge to win the war.

Game started! full force ahead!!

haix.. victory goes to Terrorist Group.. haix.. but nvm!
took a short break! camwhore and back to battle again!

this time round Terrorist had caught a hostage and counter terrorist are suppose to rescue him!

haha.. so now our group decide to be more well planned.. having sly dear and me to be the sniper.. haha.. camp at some place to shoot.. while the rest be in the rescue team..

woohoo! and ofcoz! victory goes to us! heex.
the guy in red is the hostage..

game end!
its camwhore time!!! woohooo~
ew damn zek ark! want to shoot dear! haha..

okie.. thats better! save our own team mates!
but liangying is not suppose to be in the picture!!


mask off for our team!

after the game... everyone was tired!

small kids playing on road! haha..

restrest time!

dead... haa..

me and my dear!!

okie changed up! and off for lunch...

missing you...
Tuesday, August 11, 2009

>Friday, 7 August 2009<

7th August le...=))
tml its 8th August.. its our anniversary! heex...

went to watch GI JOE...
its nice! the technology and weapon they use it quite cool. heex..
u guys should go watch!


missing you...
Friday, August 07, 2009

>Thursday, 6 August 2009<

i have been super sian with blogging also blogger is down.. but woohoo!

okie updates..
went giving out flyer with eewei on sunday.

we started work happily that day! changing in to our bright green uniform..

we were sadly seperated into 2 different area to give out flyer.. half hour after starting work, ew msg came, saying the guard chase her away. coz we do not have the permit to give out flyer there. there was a travel fair but our company do not have a booth there, we are just there to snatch business with them. but anyway so we tried calling our incharge but none was helpful, all wanting us to settle on our own. they told us to move our base to other location. and OMG..

moving them ourselves is a torture! there are like 5000 leafet for us to move! 1 leaflet is 2 A4 size paper, meaning we are carrying 10k A4 size papers~!

that is only 2.5k of the leaftlet and we could carry it for more than 10s.

After carrying everything, we were like dead tired... we carried everything from suntec entrance (from citylink that entrance) to the link bridge.. and we didnt walk inside the building as we are not allowed to, so we walked outside which means its a bigger round!

reaching the link bridge is not the end, we need carry UP the bridge!
really a fats burning exercise! muahaha..

fianlly reaching first level, 2 mroe to go! woots!

then rested for 15 minutes and start working again.. start distributing flyers... haha..

then worked for 1-2 hours and its lunch hour! self declared lunch hour! hahaa.. changed back into our own top so as not to attract to much attention

pizza hut! pamper ourselves b4 working again. though abit over pamper but still..heex..

then shihao pop out, to visit plus to finish my mango tango drink plus steal my pizza eat.. arg... haha..

back to work...
that hardest thing is to drag our feet back to work... sigh...

that girl sat there to slack while i hardworkingly give out the flyers.. haha... but anyway i am okie with it since i am not that tired yet.. lol.. after that we decided to take turns and i went to slp slp a while.. but only closed up rest less than 10 min, ew called.

grace happen to pass by! hha..

then work non stop till 7 plus 8 before we end our work!! woooots!

went dim sum eating then walk ard abit then home sweet home..

heex.. nice ba the heels.. haha.. ew that one quite nice.. but far look nice, near abit not that nice... heex...

missing you...
Thursday, August 06, 2009


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