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>Wednesday, 30 December 2009<


missing you...
Wednesday, December 30, 2009

>Tuesday, 29 December 2009<

party world with wushu on 26th
i think they spend more time talking and shouting and EATING than singing..
but still thanks everyone for the bdae surprise.

went to supermarket before the singing to purchase some food
just cause we know the food provided by partyworld will not be enough to fill the stomach of the 5 guys.
and so.. we had this,
provided by party world.
and on top of that...
we have this!

which they finished up by the end of the session.
had some fun singing..
their mum mum mum mum song...XD

as usual, wushu people never changes their spots. or maybe its just him.

wushu slippers~

thanks ppl for the bdae cake. =) nice but damn fattening!

we are twins! happen to get the same shirt from f21 so decided to be twins. with the same necklace, same bracelet, same slippers, but seriously dun you find the hand on my shoulder super spooky... Ew standing position looks like she put her hand by her side. yet there is this spooky hand on my shoulder. That black nails added the spookiness.
end the session

went acarde hang around, not putting down our cameras..

makan time and home sweet home!

went movie marathon with my dear on 28th! alvin and chipmunk followed closely by sherlock holmes.
that sherlock holmes movie is like i know he clever and he solve the case but i still dunno how the crime is done. its all, bcoz of reaction of copper plus this and that so this will hapeen, then this chemical plus that chemical = this and that. hahaha.. watching this show only proves that my chemistry really CMI. haha....

missing you...
Tuesday, December 29, 2009

>Saturday, 26 December 2009<

now, i am officially 20. =)

BGS Group
for celebrating my bdae for me!

23rd December
dear nv fails to make my day. =) love!
had lunch at far east this thai food restaurant. the tom yum fried rice was NICE~
highly recommended. craving for it ever since that day!
waiting for my cook to prepare it for me! heex.

while waiting for our food arrival!

went watching avatar 3D after that
nice nice scenery. very beautiful indeed!

then went hbf for a walk.

my first photo with a christmas tree this year. first and last! hahaha..
love you always....

24th December
went to JP with eewei and jiawei, went to eat zhou kitchen.
we were told by the person that reservation is full but there are still tables available for walk in. BUT... must queue.. and entry is only allowed ar 2.45pm.
so we decided to be kiasu singaporean and went at 2.15pm only to find a long queue outside the zhou kitchen.
but we are glad coz by 2.30pm, there a freaking long queue behind us!

and note that we are not the first, there are like 5-6 families infront of us.

camwhoring while queueing..

Finally it was out turn to enter....
but we realise a stupid thing. the person told us LIMITED TABLES! first come first serve basis, so be there early. end up when everyone in the queue got a table. there were still tonnes of empty tables! wasted half hour queueing!

26th December
out with wushu to Partyworld Woodlands.
Thnks lot for the surprise celebration. =)
chocolate cake!!! heex. nice~ but fattening!
shall update when i have more photos!

missing you...
Saturday, December 26, 2009

>Wednesday, 23 December 2009<

clearing of blogging debt.
met up with jc class mates for dinner and bowl..
the 5 people from different clique meeting together. lol.
that sound werid..
took loads of photos but end up half the photos was blurred.
so.. only few left.. =(

lalitha and me.. after a long time not meeting her..

she and her high socks. ah toot.

couple of the year!

the guys... im glad the guys were not that resistance to photo taking. =)
the guys went on playing pool and girls left for home.
lalitha drove me back, just got her liscense and its like her 2nd time driving!

went mahjonging with fellows BGS mates.
Thnks YA for the surprise celebration. =)

somehow.. i like this photo! everyone look so happy. but we know behind the scene......

dear and me!

group shot!
and yes, we were in a mid of mahjonging...
Thnks guys! You guys made my uni life more vibrant!

Malacca trip also known as food tour.
coz our tour guide (my uncle) is just so crazy over food
In his planned itnerary, its all nothing but food.
End up, her 4 years old daughter was like clinching onto his neck and telling him "daddy, can we not eat anymore and go home.. i dun want eat anymore"

departed singapore 6am in the morning and reach our first stop in malaysia.
The driver meeting leading the 5 car.
my uncle was hilarious, he was telling the rest
"this is the first time you are driving in malaysia high way, dun speed too fast, just press ur accelerator all the way will do, but dun speed too fast!"

along expressway we were stopped by a KIND and FRIENDLY police.
he was VERY POLITE and told us
"ah... we caught you speeding on highway, next time don't speed okie, i need to fine you." then we were like lets settle now. then he continue "you want settle now? okie =) next time dun speed alright. keep your limit between 110-120, don't go over. You can go now" take the money and went off. he was SUPER polite all the while.. hahahaha!

reached my uncle home packed and slacked rd abit..
went off shopping, but seriously there is nth much to shop.
went thai masage instead.

thai massage is indeed different..

went dinner. then to eye on malaysia...
somewhat similar to sg flyer but it its smaller, travel faster and look more dangerous.

camwhoring in that small space is indeed a challenge.
and worst still, this container unlike singapore, will swing,( is like sg cable car
and to take a photo like this, everyone need to sqeeze to one side of the carriage. imagine how tilted our carriage was.

then supper time, dinner and supper time is like only 1 hour apart. -.-
home sweet home.
nxt day its the auntie's day. went to buy all the food.. pineapple tart, etc.. so its camwhore time for us..

me and our car.

my hip grandmother
went do our nails and home sweet home!

missing you...
Wednesday, December 23, 2009

>Tuesday, 15 December 2009<

NEA man: Hi.. we are here to check on mosquito breeding... is your parents home...
Me and Nic: No.
NEA man: is there any plants in your house. if got must check..
Me and Nic:(Look around, stare at that few plants in our house, look back, smile) NO plants.. =)
NEA man: okie.. look after the plants outside ar...(left)

how gullible. or maybe they are not. they are just too lazy to check.
im not being socially irresponsible, its just that, looking at how my mum clean up the hse everyday, i doubt it is possible for any mosquito to lay their eggs around.

staying at home nearly everyday.. i feel that i am wasting every day of the holiday! get me out of the hse please..............

missing you...
Tuesday, December 15, 2009

>Monday, 14 December 2009<

i came back from malaysia on sunday and i got chio nails now! haha.
love them!
though there are seriously giving me problems.. hahaha..
the blue one is felicia, the purple one is mine!

but shall talk about it when i get more photos. =)
dear came over to do PIZZA before i left for malaysia!

heex..its relatively easy! shall do more nxt time!

amazingly doing the bread doesnt need butter!
i always thought butter is essential for all receipe that require bakin

dear kneading the dough..

the toppings!

then apply that pizza sauce!!! then throw every single topping up there!!

and tada!!
BLOATED pizza!
but its still taste nice! TRUST ME!

i dun have the done pizza coz my family ate it as soon as it is taken out of the oven. -.-

missing you...
Monday, December 14, 2009

>Wednesday, 9 December 2009<

sianz sianz day..
why do i always feel that i am like a desperate when trying to organize outing..
why do i always have to feel that all this is just an one sided friendship.
why am i always putting in so many effort to maintain a friendship when u dun seems to even care.
sianz sianz.
get out of hse, hoping to feel better
came back home feeling worst..
do this do that do this that..
being command ard to do this and that.
being look down for every single thing.
this is my life.

missing you...
Wednesday, December 09, 2009

>Tuesday, 8 December 2009<

quite irritated now.. i retype this post for like 3 times!
the window just keep hanging. irritating..
just when i thought i should start clearing the spider web on my blog..

went cineleisure celebrating JW bdae over saturday
head over to Orchard central for some shopping, only to realise there is nothing much to over there... sigh..

but we found a good camwhore site! haa.

featuring... jiawei and Kaiyu!

me and Eewei!

SOlo! this was more of a candid shot but taken quite nicely.Xp

Happy 16th moniversary my dear! LOVE! =)

missing you...
Tuesday, December 08, 2009


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