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>Friday, 28 March 2008<

so happy this week! i had a fruitful week!
cause i helped 3 peron found a permanent job! haha..
then help 3 person found temp job. well..

its a good thing!! =)

nice nice nice feeling.. and its weekends again!

i love weekends!
dun scold me crazy but cause weekends means rest time
weekends means wushu time
weekends means shopping time!
how can i nt be happy!

missing you...
Friday, March 28, 2008

>Tuesday, 25 March 2008<

okie.. let me blog about good Friday.
went over to felicia house early in the morning.

went shopping at marina square then headed to Equinox Restaurant to have high tea buffet. if you are wondering where Equinox Restaurant is, it is located on the 70 th floor of SwissĂ´tel The Stamford. Yea. it was high class. well.. but saw a few toot Singaporeans. Coming to this type of renowned restaurant with pyjamas tees shorts and slipper. arg.. not only so.. they sat like they are visiting some hawker center. -.- arg..

nice nice view from the top.

their wine collection.. cool right!

then we went shopping non stop. bought myself quite a number of things
blouse $29.90
skirt $49.90
Earrings $10.00

lol.. then leg very tired, we decided to pamper ourselves with some leg massage. heex.. went for foot massage.. cost me 50 dollar.. bit ex.. but it was nice...

woah.. decide to pamper ourselves more and went to stay in the hotel nearby. forgot wads the name la. just remember it costs $588 per night. woah.. playing with the camera till late night.

then we decided to be crazy for once and tada.. the bathing feast! -.-

finally we decide to slp.. that was 2am by then..

Next morning.... our balcony view in the morning. while felicia that piggy is still asleep..

Next day!!! went shopping again!! muahaha.. we are crazy..

went bowling in the morning first..
wah.. expensive in bowl in public holiday.. -.- but it was good back at the bowling center. i love bowling. but my friend dun like bowling so there is no one to always come bowling with me..

Lunch time!
went to Jack place for lunch.. woah.. another expensive meal. However this is the cheapest bill out of everything.. -.-

then finally back at reality. went back home pianoing.. -.-

Sunday went to wushu. today spaing. coach make us fight. initally verses ee wei. omg.. wah there was once she puch me at the head. wah.. suddenly the head start spinning and like earth quake in the head like that. then after that each of us had to verses our coach.. duh.. ofcoz lose la.. he damn fang sui la. he punch not pain de.. but kana hit alot of times. so that means if he really use force. i am dead already.

black - me
red - ee wei

Coach Vs Shi Hao


missing you...
Tuesday, March 25, 2008

>Friday, 14 March 2008<


let me tell you a story.. one day jiawei went out with a directionless friend. They decided to take an MRT home from clementi. only to find themselves landed in Outram. In the end.. poor them have to make a u-turn back to clmenti then cont to where their destination should be. a short 10 minutes MRT right end up to a 30 minutes MRT ride. how stupid and no sense of direction can a person be.. i wonder.. seriously cannot stant that jiawei and her no sense of direction friend. singapore so small, sign no big also will go wrong direction. next time really must bring a BIG compass out. haix.. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

okie.. her that no sense of direction is me. period.
*shakes head*

missing you...
Friday, March 14, 2008


just had my basic theory test for driving. omg..
it is really call BASIC i tell you.
and duh.. i passed..

i took a half day leave. and i realise the ma-faness of taking leave.

my poor candidate couldnt go to the interview bcoz she cant reach me.
she miss a chance to work just like that. feel so sorry bout that.

missing you...
Friday, March 14, 2008

>Saturday, 8 March 2008<

How well you do is not determine by how well others expect you to do.
but how much you expect from yourself and if you have reach what you expect.

this is what someone told me today when i cried very badly coz my mum refuse to listen to me.

but now she FINALLY understand.

my grades.. you want know you come ask me.
i am satisfied with my results.
this was my aim. an aim i thought so impossible.

missing you...
Saturday, March 08, 2008

>Wednesday, 5 March 2008<

well.. i am in a VERY GOOD mood when i left the office today..
coz finally 1 temps out. though its sitll omg.. bad.. but still is better than ZERO!
then i got this whole stack of candidate no. to call through. coz they responded to my adv.
but somehow didnt manage to call them. =p

feel so bad..

missing you...
Wednesday, March 05, 2008

>Tuesday, 4 March 2008<

well.. well.. well...

the good thing about the release of result oh friday is that..
finally.. i can just face it, and get over with it.

the bad thing about the release of result this friday is that
people will start asking how badly well u done.
i dun like it when ppl keep asking ESPECIALLY when i done badly.
haix.. we likes it seriously.. lol.. but then i like to ask ppl their results.. muahaha..
so idiotic.. lol.. okie.. ignore me.. muahahah..

yay!! long weekend this week! muahaha.. bad thing is short period of time to fill temps out. oh no!
today went out with my RE de temps. didnt took a photo. pity pity pity.

this pic is so nice.. XD i go slp liao.. panda eyes... Ohno!

missing you...
Tuesday, March 04, 2008

>Monday, 3 March 2008<

omg!!!! bad news bad newss
bad bad bad bad news...

i realise... i realise....

i realise.....


I HAVE....



missing you...
Monday, March 03, 2008


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