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>Sunday, 29 March 2009<

Wooohooo~~ back home!
i drove my dear back home SAFELY!
and my car didnt died today!!
see.. i am not that a bad driver after all isnt it?

but the return jouney was abit sian diaoz..
chiong the expressway and chiong pass my exit.
then realise oh shit.
went to the next exit which is seriously very far away.
but still.. i know the way out!! haha.. woohooo!!

yesterday went to Marina Barrage!
its bascially just a place to chill and relax..
but nice place!
can go fly kite! anyone know how to fly kite!!

at the mrt....

at top of a something....

ours photos were on the screen! muahahaha!!

then home sweet home! ^^

missing you...
Sunday, March 29, 2009

>Friday, 27 March 2009<

i got super duper freak out just now!
benben called.
ask me drive to wm de fetch him. my unlucky night starts

before i cont.
background info: my car is an antique. It loves to throw temper and yesterday it threw a super big temper.. the engine just died whenever it likes. so my dad brought it for repair today and come back claiming its done!!!

okie story cont...
so i went.. happily thinking the car is OKIE!
while getting the car, i fell, injured myself..
ouch.. got abrasion on my leg..
msg dear to complain.. sobz sobz sobz...
then move on...
first traffic light i encounter, the car DIED!
i remain calm, tried to start the engine.. but it refuse to listen to me..sobz!
then i look at the traffic light as it turns from red to green..
and the car refuse to start...
i look into the rear mirror, the long stretch of car waiting for me to go off..
i panic, tried to start the engine numerous time which fails..
i quickly on the hazard light... well clever ppl will know sth wrong with my car if i on it..
but ppl behind just goes on horning...
and the green light turns red again..
finally engine started...
i began to pray super duper duper hard it dun died again..
i move on...

2nd traffic light~
it did the same thing to me again.
died again!!
the same stretch of car behind me...
i swear i was cursed like siao..

took me freaking long before it decides to obey me..
i called my bro, asking for help..
but he cant help much, just say drive faster to me..

so thats my journey..a supposely 5 min trip, fell down, injured myself, car died 2 times, get horn by thousand of time..

lucky me.

missing you...
Friday, March 27, 2009

>Wednesday, 25 March 2009<

i have a very cute student.
she came to ask me if my school have library,
i asked her why.
she say "jiejie, i want to look for this children story book, XXX"
i went "..."

missing you...
Wednesday, March 25, 2009


few days nv blog le.. i beocme a boring person during school period...

LTB presentation is finally over. GROUP PHOTO!

1 presentation down. 1 more to go this friday. woohoo.

mid of last 2nd week of school le!
i seriously am going to enjoy myself during the holidays!
and find a nice nice job to work in!
then i will sit in the office looking forward to pay day everyday! haa!

^^ XD

missing you...
Wednesday, March 25, 2009

>Saturday, 21 March 2009<

im dying soon..
tired from the writing of essay..
Needa write an essay on Quality of Life.
and YAY! i am at the 7th page already!
but oh shit! i need 10 page and i only have 2 points left. i dunno how am i to reach 10 page.
yes adding one more seems to be a good idea but if i do not have any more points to write. what should i do?

i need volunteers to help me edit for language.
any brave souls?

missing you...
Saturday, March 21, 2009

>Thursday, 19 March 2009<

tired yet content.
feeling least of the stress now..
coz things are more or less on track
Rush through my projects from 10am (or maybe 11.30am) - 10pm.
and i really mean rush, no breaks, non stop working on it.
manage to complete most of the statistic report and the idea for LTB presentation is more of less out.

ending of week 11 now..
week 12 - 2 deadlines
week 13 - 3 deadines
week 14 - study break
week 15 - exam
WOOOHOOOOOO~~ 4 months break!!! haha...

looking so forward! ^^

missing you...
Thursday, March 19, 2009


got this email from my friend(credit to Huiqi) which explain why numbers are written like 1234567890.
i dunno how true it is. but its definitely is something interesting!

The logic that exist in the arabic algorithms is ANGLES..

dunno if its true.. but nvm!!

missing you...
Thursday, March 19, 2009

>Monday, 16 March 2009<

starting to feel stressed up.
getting so fan easily..
deadlines are getting near. and i mean real near.

though there are not much i can do.
but the rate my project is going and deadline coming nearer and nearer yet not much things can be done make me feel so tied up and stressed up. sigh..

i thought my nxt half sem would be easy to pass.
definitely its alot easier than first half but still...

sigh hate it.. hate the feeling of getting fan easily..

missing you...
Monday, March 16, 2009

>Thursday, 12 March 2009<

ok.. i shall blog on the outing with 12e.
since winston choo dares to step up that plane without uploading the photos after numerous time of warning issued to him!
so out class (one third) went out celebration!

went to Billy Bomber to have dinner. i dun think the food is nice as compare to NYNY or other western restaurant.

me and yiling out to buy seetho cake plus our own bag!! haha~shopping time~

seetho and the brownies we bought for me.
the brownies is seriously damn sweet.
who ever can finish it alone SURE get diabetes.
so end up no body wants to eat the remaining few and so no choice but to play zhong ji mi ma. and dear old seetho and gc were so lucky to have the honour to finish the rest of the brownie for us. =)

then went off to some bubble tea shop as seetho wanted to treat us bubble tea.. cam whore there abit but its all in winston camera!! someone please volunteer to go taiwan and grab it from him!

ending off with a group photo!!

missing you...
Thursday, March 12, 2009

>Monday, 9 March 2009<

its raining heavily out there.
this is a perfect weather to sleep.
my eyelid is feeling heavy.
so here i am!

shall blog on the roadshow i just did last last Saturday since i just got all photos..
haa.. my post are all not in order. lol.. but oh well nvm..!

21st - 27th February 2009 Preparation for Roadshow.

the storage of the teddy bear.. this is one of my gifts for that day. so we had to spend time slotting them into the bags sponsors gave us..

Puzzle making.. nearly get all of killed making the puzzle.. super time consuming lo!


Printing of 1000 flyers!! we were at our beneficiaries office, printing all flyers.. and cutting them.. time consuming...

haa. dear came to help out!!! the board that we designed and did! ^^

28th February 2009

Preparation starts~~ Presenting everything on the booth tables..

caught slacking.. haha..

lunch time! see! one pathetic small plate of food, we still have to share among 2 person! they still dare tell us lunch provided!

Sunflower cups~~

Group Photos!

As the day proceed...

then YAY! dear came to fetch me home~ heex... HOME SWEET HOME!

okie think i am awake to continue my studies le.... YAY!

missing you...
Monday, March 09, 2009

>Sunday, 8 March 2009<

went out with 12e for class gathering yday..
also a celebration for seetho bdae.
shall upload for photos nxt time when i got all the photos..

today training was horrible..
super tiring...
shihao was complaining why i deleted all his photos and only have me and my dear photo. haha... ofcoz la! who want keep his photo!! so we had a mini camwhore session during break time...

soon wei ming joined in....

and our coach realise he cnt be left out..

and YAY finally my photo~~ lol..

sobz... someone have guard duty, not ard to take photo with me~~~ dun want take with shihao....

oh.. yday went to support ben ben in SMU for his dance... haha.. here is the photo...

and not to mention, i took 2 hours get from bukit batok to ORCHARD!
WHY! initally i took 174. there was a massive jam at Bt Timah. i was stuck at the Bt Timah road, just outside old Bukit Batok Primary for like half an hour to one hour!
then i gave up waiting, requested the bus driver to let me get down and i went opposite and took another bus u turn back to MRT and take MRT instead! angry.... NEGATIVE EXTERNALITY! whats with the traffic nowadays.. they should not allow all rich people to stay in one area.. coz all will own car and road will jam! haha... this is a naiive thinking on my side but i dun care! road jam!!!

eric & eileen X)

a teddy bear that money cant buy. =)

missing you...
Sunday, March 08, 2009

>Friday, 6 March 2009<

三八 妇女节 is coming!
8th March!
三八姐妹们, lets go~

missing you...
Friday, March 06, 2009


dunno whats wrong with me this few days.
not in a fanastic mood and just being sensitive over small things..
sigh sigh sigh..
hate the way i am acting and feeling but just cant seems to help it..

i need a teaspoon of sugar..

missing you...
Friday, March 06, 2009

>Thursday, 5 March 2009<

suddenly remembered what something my teacher once said.
dunno is Mr Seetho or Mr Ng

The only thing constant in life is changes.

anyway i found something constant in life too..
my English grades.. but oh well.. nvm...

i am in a sighing mood.. =((

missing you...
Thursday, March 05, 2009

>Wednesday, 4 March 2009<

fat and no determination.

so true.

missing you...
Wednesday, March 04, 2009

>Monday, 2 March 2009<

The past few days have been relatively busy for me, trying to cope with midterms, assignment and projects.

To the beneficiaries, our roadshow is a success.
To us, it was a failure.
Its wasn't up to our expectation.

our prof spoke to the class and told the class how she felt about our project
she shoot us down with very immature and bias thinking.
the suggestion she gave to us were impractical and only goes to show her immaturity and over generalizing things.
To think that she is teaching about charity and caring for others, her actions and words does not run in line with what she is teaching.

her words totally brought our group to the bottom.
As we sat down for discussion, one could easily sense the tense up and frustration atmosphere.
Our discussion turns out to be one of the worst i guess.
ideas were throw in and eliminated with very unpleasant tone.

seriously after today lesson, i dun respect her as a prof anymore.
We are not the school marketing tools.
We are just students out there trying to make a difference to our beneficiaries.
We are not people who are trying to abuse the term "charity" and use it as a tool to market our own name.
If the grading system is such that whoever are able to market our school name the loudest get the A++ so be it, i rather not be that A++ if this the meaning behind A++.
i rather get a B grade or C grade but had truthfully contributed something constructive to the society.

missing you...
Monday, March 02, 2009


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