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>Wednesday, 30 September 2009<

my recess week start tomorrow!! wohhoo! end school lo!!! haha..

missing you...
Wednesday, September 30, 2009

>Monday, 28 September 2009<

my flu, my cough is killing me..
arg.. hate to be sick!
yesterday is finally a timout for me,
after all the stress from projects, presentation reports, assignment for the past few weeks..
although everything is yet to be over but finally can spend some time with my dear. =)

went to watch ugly truth yday!
a light hearted show.. =)
went shopping with dear after that! =)
its been so long since is shopped.
haven been in a spending mood lately.. but glad to spend some things. X)
watched f1 over the tv yesterday.. totally give up watching half way through,
i just cant understand why does people like to watch f1. seeing it zoom 61 rounds, doing the same thing for 1 hour.. -.- not my cup of tea.. definitely...


feel some clearing my waredrobe.. like getting rid of some clothing that i no longr like..
possible to sell them away?? Mmm.. haha.. its feels better than throwing away lo...
any suggestions?

missing you...
Monday, September 28, 2009

>Saturday, 26 September 2009<

getting lazier and lazier to blog.. haha...
been busy with school so nber had a chance to blog..

signed up for some Yeo's scholarship, scolarship only got surname Yeo
and woohooo! somehow i got it!
hahaa... i think is too little ppl sign up thats why i will get it...

okie.. just a few short updates..
had steamboat+BBQ at eric hse with wushu people...

went 8th National WUshu showcase with dear joesph and peifen! thnks GC for the ticket!
totally idiotic people.. refuse to look at camera!

and i am in school today! so sad! =<
no deardear day... haix...

missing you...
Saturday, September 26, 2009

>Tuesday, 22 September 2009<

realise i have not been blogging for 10 days..
muahahaha.. just too lazy and too busy..
thnks dear for accompanying me through these stressful days..
thnks gc, sly for the concern...
soon all this days will be over! muahahaha..

missing you...
Tuesday, September 22, 2009

>Saturday, 12 September 2009<

woah.. if blogger gona continue like this, i believe that all the bloggers will run to livejournal.. sigh.... okie.. last thursday went out to celebrate yiling bdae with ew gc. early bdae...

i drew here a card!! seee!! but she didnt take it back! how unthankful!

while waiitng for GC to end tuition...

then drove to bukit timah for have a sort of zhu chao..
while waiting to foooodd~ hungry~~~

food! there are 3 hungry ghost at the table
the prawn is nice.... i mean the mai pian.. coz i only ate that... they ate all the prawn!! poor me.

after eating, eewei was saying, lets walk back to the car incase the inspector come to check. and true enough, while walking back, i saw some man in white walking ard, looking at all the coupons in the cars. haha. ran back to guard my car coz my coupon timing is up! hahaa.. what a lucky day!

went visitng a company to interview some personnel in an IT office. haix.. Sometimes i would wonder if i am in the right place or the right school, i realise i am really bad in alot of aspect. example, my group mates seems to be very good in ACTing i-know-it-all but i never seems to be able to.. =( they seems to be able to speak that confidently and fluff alot but you just don't realise they are fluffing.. Envy that kind of confidence.. =(

early morning went searching for ingredient for my cheese cake with deardear.. went jurong east where i normally visit for get all my baking needs. they USED to have this baking shop over there. but some how or another, it CLOSED! OMG! to think i went all the way there! arg.. wanted to find a cream cheese but couldnt find it.. went the fairprice at Jurong East then to fairprice behind BBSS, then to the one in Westmall but still couldnt find! or OOS. went back home, thnks to jane, then realise we all along found it, but just that the word "cream cheese" is very small on the packaging.

then back we are HOME, starting our baking!

dear smashing the biscult! i think he kinda of enjoy it. haha..

towards the finishing...

before it goes in...

when it is done!!!

its dear bdae tml!
its yiling bdae tml!!!

both are marching into their 20s!!
i am still YOUNG INNOCENT 19! XD

missing you...
Saturday, September 12, 2009

>Wednesday, 9 September 2009<

somehow... haix..
hate to be in this kinda of mood....

i need a spoon of happiness.. to chase the moody feeling away...
off to study...

missing you...
Wednesday, September 09, 2009

>Monday, 7 September 2009<

why did shihao say that his blogger has recover when mine is still as crap. haix..

went to watch G-Force over the weekends.
omg the xiao qiang! they use it in few of the scenea. like hundreda of them! though its cartoon, its still as disgusting.. arg!!!
but haha...

after long period of laziness, decided to go back to wushu training. immediately regret going back half way through the lesson. somehow, the feeling seems different. the atmosphere seems not right... and worst of all.. i cant split anymore! hahaha.. cham cham...

missing you...
Monday, September 07, 2009


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