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>Friday, 30 October 2009<

feeling kinda of bad, feeling i am a free rider.
really wanted to help in the project but doesn't seems to be contributing much.
even the only thing i could do for them, wasn't done a very good job.
my wrong.

okie.. some photos received.. shall update abit.
met up with the girls, its been so long since we met up.
perhaps after grace left, we didn't really met up anymore..

whitey and ew necklace broke at the same time! omg! it was damn qiao... we were wearing it then suddenly my dropped then hers dropped too.. whahaha.. they planned it all along! to commit suicide together!

then it was freda bdae! quite a failure surprise. We thought she was in the room and brought the cake in, halfway walking, we saw her outside the room taking some dunno what photos.. -.- but still.. its the xin yi that count okie!!

term coming to an end... chop chop finish everything!!!!

missing you...
Friday, October 30, 2009

>Monday, 26 October 2009<

was so pissed off doing a Power Point for my group. arg.

powerpoint slides that come with ESSAY
shouldnt powerpoint be in point form
like come out, essay slides is done when i am in p4. i stop doing that in p6.
Tables that are full with words! so much words such that only a size font 9 need to be use to put it properly in the slides.
i said i will do the slides but at least give me some standard work for me to work on.

missing you...
Monday, October 26, 2009

>Thursday, 22 October 2009<

Mm.. am thinking whether i should go school tml...
thinking.. thinking...
going school to study..

13 weeks of school term.
currently at the 10th week..
WOW school is ending!
WOW there are still LOADS of deadline to meet

missing you...
Thursday, October 22, 2009

>Sunday, 18 October 2009<

before i lost my mood in blogging again..
lets talk about saturday!
when dear and I decided to be patriotic like for once.

had lunch at mahattan. fei si fei si fei si..
then decide to go Istana in search for sly.
its like my first time going into that place.
and seriously after walking for ten minutes hours under that sun, we are still mid way through the golf field! like helllloooo...

anyway manage to crawl our way through to the main building.
paid 2 dollar to enter into the main building, how enthu we are to pay-to-enter.
but anyway since there are aircon inside, the 2 dollars is worth while, i think the payment is just to prevent ppl from hogging in the main building for too long, abusing the aircon they have.

went searching for sly.
found him at......
the big difference of the image when in public and when behind close door..

waited for his duty time, which is like in an hour half time so waited and chatted

soon its duty time! see how the sudden change came...
marched all the way out and snap some photo..

liangying was so popular! haha.. everyone cant wait to snap a photo with him.. lol..
everything ended when this gundo kid went up to liangying and ask "are you real?" liangying nearly burst out into laughter.. haha.. see him trying to hard not to laugh.. haha..

missing you...
Sunday, October 18, 2009

>Friday, 16 October 2009<


Selfish thinking people have
everything good is prioritize for yourself
and the rest rotten are for others.
Stop being self centered.

missing you...
Friday, October 16, 2009

>Wednesday, 14 October 2009<

one by one..
clearing all the work i have procrastinated.
reports after reports...
4 reports, 5 presentation to go within the next 3 weeks!
all the bes to myself!
Predict i will be going crazy soon..

missing you...
Wednesday, October 14, 2009

>Tuesday, 13 October 2009<

a day out with kaiyu..
trying to get out of the hectic life, into the "woods"
met 10am but as late people, we were both late, end up mtg at 11am.
starting off the hike.
start off at 11.30, ended at 3pm! i guess...

Some random photo taken at Henderson wave. Since it was at a weekday, the area was quite deserted and that ofcourse gave us an opportunity to camwhore abit... ABIT.. i really mean abit.. merely 2oo over photos in 2-3 hours time.

Sunday... 4 dieties came down to earth to visit visit plus camwhore..





some group photo taken...

after a hard time of balancing...


missing you...
Tuesday, October 13, 2009


finally finished my accounting assignment..
loads of unfamiliar numbers cramped onto one piece of foolscape.
i wonder if i really know what i am writing.
but no matter, i still finished it!

missing you...
Tuesday, October 13, 2009

>Saturday, 10 October 2009<

sitting in front of the study table on a saturday morning trying to study my managerial Accounting Spent 3 hours plus studying few pages that could be simply finished in 30 min. how effective.

anyway... Allow me to tell you a story of my 2 owl..lets call them blacky and whitey
Once, I was doing my usual see-see-look-look on online shops when i came across this owl which was once a must-get-item in forever 21. I decide to get one for myself. However, Forever 21's items are just too expensive, I decide to try my luck on ebay. And i found Blacky selling at ebay at $9. well. i would consider that as a steal.
it was my first ever transaction on ebay and me like anyone will worried if I will be cheated. I carefully checked through the reputation of the person before making payment.
2 days after payment was made, the seller contacts me to inform that her dad passed away and she needed to return back to her country, China. China..Mmm.. okie.. moving on.. she claimed she will send it to me when she returned, but that would be 2-3 weeks after. I agreed. 2 weeks later, an envelope arrived with one necklace attached. well the necklace was quite ugly not that fantastic looking. A letter included, saying this is her brother and sending on her behalf of his sister. However he couldnt find Blackie and send that necklance as an apology. Well, since they are so nice, i accepted. haha.. 1.5 month later,Blackie still did not arrive, the seller should have returned. so i decide to email her.. 2 weeks later she replied. she explained that her brother forgot about it and apologise that she will send it be soon.. soon she said. i waited. 2 weeks later, i send her another email. letters normally take 3-4 days to arrive, 2 weeks is just far too long.. I waited another weeks for her reply but she didnt reply.. disappointed, i gave up hope on Blackie, but i decide that i couldnt let go off this seller so easily, i decide to defame her on ebay. ebay has this comments columb in which buyers are allowed to post a 50 letters feedback. 50 letters just cant explain anything. i tried to practice my singlish summary skills here "3mths since paymt.item yet2arrive.buyer refuse2reply"this method really works coz i get immediate reply. She replied requesting me to remove my feedback and explained that she had mailed out the parcel and reason for not replying is coz all my emails are send to the junk box. well i told her i give up on blackie le. coz its beens one month since she said she sent it. Then off i go to look for shihao and eewei to shop at far east. and i bought whitey at $15.90! happy and delighted, i went home with the curse from shihao that blackie will arrive soon. haha.. and true enough.. blackie arrived! MUAHAHAHA.. now.. blackie and whitey will leave happily every after in my drawer.

missing you...
Saturday, October 10, 2009

>Thursday, 8 October 2009<

today is our day =)
the 14th moniversary...


missing you...
Thursday, October 08, 2009

>Wednesday, 7 October 2009<

yeeling is a shopaholic and she promise to start saving AGAIN from now on.
and not to shop till terms end. =)

missing you...
Wednesday, October 07, 2009


Mooncake festival. A day for everyone to gather around for MOON CAKE.

my family decides to gather around the microwave over for...


bacon PLUS otah!

just when everyone gets bored in the night. few phone calls and half the wushu team is out for ice cream!
lot 1..
ben and jerry time at the roof garden!

icecream for the girls!
shihao slim/muscular/WHITE/long leg. to think that he is only 158cm. his leg look quite long.. haha.. must be my good photographic skills.

deardear and I!
stuck in the toilet.

going climbing at mount faber with kaiyu soon! excited! can foreseen us getting lost! hahaha..
alright! off for preparation.

missing you...
Wednesday, October 07, 2009

>Tuesday, 6 October 2009<

2 days into the holiday, 2 days in school. =)
but still relief that life is alot less hectic now.

CT project mtg at 2pm. reach school at 12.30.
came to library to use the computer due to my laziness in bringing my fujitsu to school.
spend half hour trying to get a computer working but it died on me. changed a computer and after a fight with it,i finally got into Smu Vista, only to realise its about time for meeting. what a good way to spend my 1.5 hours in school.

missing you...
Tuesday, October 06, 2009

>Saturday, 3 October 2009<

had a great great day today! =)
went to malaysia with deardear to visit his home and ofcoz shopping! =)
early morning went to custom.. realise they so high tech le.. haha.. just scan ur passport and thumb print jiu can go off, no need wait long queue..

been to malaysia many time but something different about this trip is that was brought to see the residential place.. heex..
and seriously some of their hse are like PALACE!

dear bought me to some beach in the morning. was quite empty in the morning and the sun was terrible.. haha.. and seriously the cars there are horrible.. can drive up the walk way at the beach..image a car driving pass the path beside singapore river. omg.

saw some mobile theme park.. took some random photo.. haha.. this kiddy railway track

decided to leave coz the weather was just unbearable.. and i really got to mention that bus!! haha.. like forever rushing to somewhere.. press bell for alight.. it never stop fully.. it just keep moving and i need jump off to balance myself.. arg.. hahaa.... nice experience though!

took a bus to dear hse. alighted and went for lunch at some "foodcourt" but well.. like out of 100 stalls, only 3 are open..
haha.. the food are quite nice! hahaa...

the long stretch of road to deardear hse.....

after quite a journey, we reached!
and sat beside a drain. so many long kao fish inside! haha.. think i can squash some if i jump down! haha.

dear misses his hse... =) there thats his hse! but currently rented out.

went to the mama shop behind his hse and tada! ice cream!

went shopping at pelangi then to city square!

and dinner at *shit i forget the name*
but its some malaysia fast food. surprising quite nice...
though it has fierce compeitor like KFC, it has its own unique taste..

dear was just telling me one week ago, that i have not been shopping for quite a while. i think ever since start school. so this week, i decide to let myself off abit and go for shopping and to my horror! i bought tonnes of things. haha.. 1 bag, 3 bracelet, 1 necklace, 1 couple keychain =), 4 dresses, 1 tee. the food are dear de.. piggy piggy.. heex.. his childhood food..

S$ refering to those i bought in sG, and Rm is those i bought in malaysia. i cant bear to calculate how much i spend.. lol!!

reach back home, nicholas gave me this rose.. haha.. damn funny.. there is story behind it but very lazy to narrate. getting late le... slping time...

missing you...
Saturday, October 03, 2009


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