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>Wednesday, 28 May 2008<

got a sudden chong tong to blog abou my last.. dun care if you interested not.. just READ! muahahhaa..


wenjun, jane, eewei, jiawei, me. well.. this was the last day of secondary 2.. my group in sec2. cassy not in only.. well.. i am still keep close contact with eewei and jiawei. jiawei so cute rite! the shortest one.. muahha.. she is taller than me now you know! eewei not much change seriously.. wel.. lower secondary was not very enjoyable due to some conflicts.

ok...well.. my CCA is SJAB.. see that.. these are my juniors. well.. why cannot find mine leh. i think i accidentally clear all file lo.. sianz..haha.. sobz..there was a point of time, i was so stressed up, having to organise very huge evente alone, zone events, alot of major events crash at one time, i was throw the organiser duty for alot of things. and was so stressed up and cried alot.. haha..

soon it was sec 4.. andy, audre(forget how to spell), ahmand, jiawei, yeumet, kaiyu, grace, me. well i know i still look horrible.. andy is the guy sitting infront of me throughout the 2 secondary school years. well.. lol.. miss the old time, when mrs toh kept scolding us non stop.. it was so funny.. us that group there.. i remember there was once, (coz i have been slping through Amath lesson and failing them like siao) i told myself i shall not slp anymore and pay attention in class. i swear i was determined! then i started listening in class la. then the gang behind me lehui kaiyu yewyong there started chatting.. and suddenly called me name. so i turn and back to see hu call me la.. then suddenly Mrs Chan (amath cher) shouted "12345! get out of the class time! its always you few! nv do hmk! nv listen in class, get out!" i totally sian diaoz and so was chased out of the class as usual. then i didnt give up listening k! i stood very near the window trying to absorb wad she was teaching.. i still remember trigo qns.. then she shouted again ''yeeling! dun disturn the people in the class, stand further away!'' i totally sianz diaoz.. so went off the play outside the class room.. then that time kana chase out de for yewyong, lehui, me and kaiyu and one more forget hu le. then we started playing our own game ourside lo.. anyway.. upper secondary life have been great!

well we this 4 have been in the same class throughout the 4 years! haha..

soon i move on to Junior College.. this is my 12e class.. well.. they are bunch of very nicew people.. guy and girls mix together well.. something really i treasure is that our class has the habit of sitting together during lunch hour.. even if b4 lunch, everyone is seperated into different classes, and lesson venus, we nv fails to find ourselves a place where everyone can sit together. haha..

well.. i took part in alot of activites i assure you.. ALOT.. here are some..

Campland - lead Primary 5 kids in camps and bring out the leadership in them and bond them together.

Bodewadmi - School Orientation

iProject - Overseas CIP - Vietman

teamINNOVA - Wushu team.. my beloved CCA.

now that i have graduate..

and in 1 month.. i will be FREED!!!! wooohooo.. okok.. other random people 's photo that i find it worth uploading. be honoured!

wushu ppl!

missing you...
Wednesday, May 28, 2008

>Tuesday, 27 May 2008<

Wooohhooooo. blogging from office! woohooo.. waiting for candidate for interview..
and waiting for damn yiling.

DAMN HER! go Changi work wad work! wah lao.. now come back take so long.. so bu zi de lo..

missing you...
Tuesday, May 27, 2008

>Sunday, 25 May 2008<

i recently got this sms..
shall share share...

25/1 china have this xue zai.. like those snow de deaster
then 2+5+1=8

then 14/3 got this diseaster also
1+4+3 = 8

then 12/5 is the earthquake

olympic is held on 08/08/08

and the day earthquake happen is 88 days before olympics


this is a poem by a very very famous poet in the future. thousand of years ago who live in china.

by reading them downwards, they form this 2 sentence
北京噢运 (beijing olympics)
四川地震 (sichuan earthquake)

believe it anot.. ppl are saying this poet already know wad is going to happen in today''s world

missing you...
Sunday, May 25, 2008

>Friday, 23 May 2008<

i was very angry.. but soon i become very sianz..
why am i so stupid to trust them... 99.9% of them cannot be trusted..
yet i trust them once and once again..

i got this candidate.
Calling 1st time
me: I got this porsition to share.. blah blah...
Az: I am interested
me: are you sure you want this position..
Az: Yes.
me: i want you to consider carefully. i dont want any case that i confirm you for the position and you do not turn up
Az: i am sure i want
me: the location sure okie for you? its industrial area.
Az: No Problem for me
me: very long working hours
Az: I perfectly fine
me: if you are fine i send.
Az: Ok.

Calling 2nd time b4 i send the resume to my client
me: I just want to double confirm if you are really serious about this position.
Az: i am sure i will take up
me: If Shortlisted, able to start work?
Az: no problem for me
me: Sure okie with industrial and long working hours
Az: I am fine.
me: Can come sign contract toda?
Az: can

Resume sent. Client got back. Shortlisted

at 4.30pm
called her phone no one pick up, so called her home
me: Is Az in?
Az sis: NO, not at home
me: you know where she go to?
Az sis: dunno.
me: i have something impt to contact her, how do i get through her
Az sis: okie.. i call her
me: but she didnt pick up
Az sis: i call her tell her pick up ur call
me: .....

at 4.40pm i called her hp again,. she pick up
me: I called you so many times, why didnt you pick up?
Az: my phone spoil ar.
me: Where are you now?
Az: Home.
me: ........ [didnt someone say you not at home]
me: anyway.. my client want you start work monday.. need you to be here at 5.30
Az: Okie.

at 5.30pm no where to be seen
called alot of times... FINALLY SHE PICK UP!
me: Where are you now?
Az: waiting for the bus
me: i thought you say coming at 5.30
me: how long would you need?
Az: 15 minutes..
me: i will wait for you

at 6.30 no news
i called.. no body pick up.. called her home.. she not at home

at 7.00pm
i gave up sms her.
me: Where are you now? Do you know alot of people are still waiting for you?
Az: I don't think you wait for me.. Lakeside got accident.. i stuck at lakeside..
me: Are you still keen in this position? IF you are keen, i will come down PERSONALLY to let you sign the contract tml.
waited for her reply.. she didnt reply.. i got pissed! i waited so long leh! 4.30 to 7 leh!
then no choice must quickly find replacement coz she cannot be trusted liao..

later i sms her this.. since she qill not pick up

me: If you are not serious in looking for a job, please do not waste my time. I have spend so much effort in looking for a job for you, sending in the resume for you. You have not just wasted my time, you have wasted my client time. To think that i have put in so much effort and this is what i get, you are such a disappointment

and yes.. i am angry! arg..

missing you...
Friday, May 23, 2008

>Sunday, 18 May 2008<

chatting with feli over the phone now..
waiting for my piano teacher.. its supposed to be 7pm. but its 8pm le...
still waiting......


went driving lesson..
kept kana scolding.. sianz diaoz.. hate driving lots.. but i want to get the liscene fast!
arg.... booooo....
no more driving!!!

siazn.. my orientation for science is the last week of june.. but i am still working
wonder if they can let me go earlier. i want to attend the orientation!

missing you...
Sunday, May 18, 2008

>Friday, 16 May 2008<

I passed my NUS interview

Application status

The general stages for the application status are
Application received --> Application processing --> Outcome of application

You have been offered Science in academic year 2008 - 2009.
The details of the offer will be stated in the offer letter.
Your letter of offer was sent on 15-May-2008.
Please reply at the Joint Acceptance website by 02-Jun-2008.

haix.. only NUS got back now.. still dunno where i will go.. still waiting

missing you...
Friday, May 16, 2008

>Tuesday, 13 May 2008<

32 more working days for me. May left 11 working days and 21 for June..
I look super super forward to after my work
more and more sian with work.. dun seems to be able to reach any target..
seems lost in my own world..
super sianz diaoz.
someone save me.. tml must work again. sianz diaoz.

went home and saw one of my neighbour so she start asking about me and my brothers
she: oh so.. where is ur elder brother going to?
me: SMU, double degree in business and econs.
she: Ooo.. your 2nd brother leh
me: SMU, degree in accountancy
she: you leh?
me: *silence* dunno yet.. still waiting...
she: **gave a forceful smile** okie de la, ur bro can do it, you can do it.

haix.. sound so ke tao huo. haix.. i always had this conversation with other people. those aunties seems to like to ask alot of this things. but seriously where will i be in next year time? when am i receiving some confirmation. i seems to be in a forgotted world. Them forgetting my presence.. i need a place in UNI too! YUHOO! heard me? heard me??


sianz. tml must work again.. HATE WORKING
i repeat, i HATE WORKING!

missing you...
Tuesday, May 13, 2008

>Monday, 5 May 2008<

shall upload some photo at work. coz on friday.. out of 16 ppl who are suppose to be office. only 8 turn up. coz the another half went Hong kong for holiday. Shuang la.. so we started taking photo.. but is after office hour can.. not during...

me and michelle..

me irene and michelle. doing sai kang.. sai kang = filling

This is my mentor.. muahaha... naggy person.. but very nice.

missing you...
Monday, May 05, 2008


interview ended..

They : Can you do a self intro?
Me : interested in math stuff.. blah blah... outgoing person like to go take part in alot of activity.. blah... like to talk.. blah.... currently as a HR consultant..
They : don't you think you are contridicting your self by waying you like math and you are outgoing person
Me : -silence- [found that qns stupid! no link can! so what if i like to talk. cant i like math?] what is your impression of someone who like math? quiet? obedient?
They : -Silence for 0.5 min-

They : What do you like math?
Me : Start the usual crapping
They: but normally people won't like math?
Me : [so?!] because i am werid [i really said that]
They : Do you have any talents?
Me : Not really.. [really what!! people modest leh...]
They : any sports you do?
Me : Wushu.. [crap alot bout it.. alot i mean]
They : What is wushu?
Me : its chinese marital arts [I nearly killed him, i crap so long]
They: Are you involve in any community project?
Me: Yea i participated in a oversea CIP project project organised by students
They: You don't seems to write anything in your application form. Your application form is as good as empty.
Me: O.. okie.. [silence]
They: Why is your GP like that?
Me: The examiner dont like my writing. And honestly i am not someone who can write well
They: But you can speak well. I though people who can speaks well can writes well..
Me: [silence.. that doesny applies for me la.. can...]
They: What is your ambition?
Me : Honestly speaking. now, i want to be a HR personanell. but being a teacher is something i want to do since young. most probably a math teacher
They: Looks like you are really interested in math.
Me: Yesh..
They: You choose B..i....z.... as ur first choice.. what is that.. then got a..d....mm... 2nd choice is... a...c....c.....t..... what is that
2nd interviewer spoke to her softly but i heard it: that is business admin and business accts
They: Oo.. why you choose that?
Me: [sianz diaoz.. business accts also dunno] i like no. and cont to crap.
They : Any qns?
Me : Yes. i am interested in the mathematics. but i do not know the detailed module i may be studying. What i got is really hte brief one i had. Is it possible for you to explain to me.
They: Actually we also dunno anything. If now you ask me a math qns i also dunno how to ans.
Me: [for a moment i thought i step into the wrong interview venu.]

20 minutes intervew.

any chances for me?

dunno leh.. haix..

wait.. suddenly i thought of a qns. i have been studying math for 12 years. do i really want to cont this math life? this may be my strength but is it really a passion i can hold up for the rest of my life?

i still want to be a HR. but there is any chance. i will find a way out.

missing you...
Monday, May 05, 2008


ta-da! i am here blogging in the library..
why am i here leh!
coz i took a half day off.
my interview supposed to me at ard 3 but then well. i think slacking is important
so i left the office at 12.15pm.

and well well well..
here i am at the library computer here..
and damn! they are so cheat mooney de lo..
there is this couting down de clock counting no. of seconds i am using.
But then! half the time i spend is waiting for the pager to load. the loading take super duper long la!
lousy computer!

a hungry man is an angry man..

thats partially why i am angry....
i am hungry! and i cant eat till 1.30 coz my bosses are out there havving lunch!
i met them they sure ask . huh. thought u left early for the interview?
well... so huingry and poor me is here trying to get a life.. and blogging
while waiting for time to pass!

Good Luck to me!
coz in no time, i will sitting in the interview room with the interviewer
well.. i am not afraid of interview coz seriously i have been interviewing people for the past 4 months. EVERYDAY.
but then what i am afraid is they ask some current affairs which i have not heard before!
then iwill be SUPER dead!
i will stunned there.. ee.ee..a...a...a...e....e..e...o..o..o...o...
well so bless me.. they ask me some SUPER general qns liek do self introduction
or EVEN mas selamat qns! for sure guarantee plus CHOP i know the qns..

okie i am off for lunch.. abouttime!!!

blogging is a good way to kill time! muahahaha....

missing you...
Monday, May 05, 2008

>Saturday, 3 May 2008<

i sudden remember last year, MR Ng shows me the list of result our senior badges and they not being able to be admitted to their desire courses. i thought it was all lies the school made up to make us work hard. now, i believe.

With a result like mine, ABB GP E. its not fantastic but at least its still better than my expected result. i thought i have chances of getting into somewhere of my desired course. i seems to be wrong. very wrong. i wanted to get into business. My wish of studying HR or even tourism seems be be tarnished.

To think that i anyhow put all the choices behind. coz hu knows will consider till tht far.
my PSLE, i tio 2nd choice,(Bukit Batok Sec) - quite obvious
my O level tio 1 st choice. (Innova Junior College) - obviously
How the hell i know, they may consider up to 4th or 5th or even 7th choice in the application!

regreted for not studying hard in A level? Nah. i think i study hard enough. I think i did my best. well.. i may have slack sometimes but i believe i have work as hard. if i did not slack that few times, i may done worst due to stress. so i do not regret slacking a bit abit during study times. but still i study hard enough.

so JC2s out there. strive hard. and no regret. heard that felicia?

1.75 more months in RE. celebrate ppl.. celebrate..

missing you...
Saturday, May 03, 2008


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