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>Saturday, 31 January 2009<

Day 2!
Just put down the phone with my dear! ^^
He said there are 80 people in one bunk eh!
the bunk is one whole lvl de!
sure damn humid, smelly plus dunno what else..
haix.. nvm! ^^

today is a damn busy day!
had lesson from 9-12.15pm (i knows it saturday)
chiong back to bb for tuition(suppose to be at 1) but only manage to reach at 1.3o
then rush back to school again for business law mtg.
which is suppose to be at 3.30 but due to the delayed, only manage to reach at 4pm. haix..

soon soon.. =))
i just realise my business law prof is younger than 28! omg..
so young he can be professor le and still hold good position in the court
and is our school specially call him to invite him down to teach the class de
he is so young only!

and by the way, grace is suggesting a combine blog..
dunno will work out not...
shall see first. ^^
so dun be surprise for a change in blogs.
but not much common friends, combine blog like.. dunno eh..
nvm.. see can bring ew and jw into blogging not.. heex..

missing you...
Saturday, January 31, 2009

>Friday, 30 January 2009<

Day 1 of departure..

just return from the airport.
dear flew le..
=( going over for 17 days...

anyway.. saw vivien and shufang at cwp!
so long nv met them le! haha.. vivien still as blur.. aiyo..

but anyway...
depart le.. =((

oh! surprise to see joey there!
haha... so he is flying together to there training.. haha..
stupid him! eyes still as small! muahaha..

and my dear did this to my note book! =)) heex... everything is blurred for a purpose! haha...

alll.. 17 days! i will die!

missing you...
Friday, January 30, 2009

>Wednesday, 28 January 2009<

i dun like CNY
why must i always be reminded again that this is my life.
why cant ppl just rmb that i am a human with feelings too.

but nvm its over.

missing you...
Wednesday, January 28, 2009

>Sunday, 25 January 2009<

sometimes i just hate to be at home.
to be commanded here and there.

its CNY, i know i cant be unhappy.
but i just cant help it.
i been ask to do this do that..

she just came into my room and say, "third warning, go do this...."
but what the hell.. if she need my help, can she say nicer..
and i have been helping her abit this and that, this and that since morning
and all my brothers do is play their own computer
she didnt even ask them to do a single thing, not even to pack their own bed
and she come using those tone to me...
i just hate it when people that "warning" word at me.

i want my dear... i need my dear ma... =((
these 2 days will be like a pre-trip rehearsal
CNY just don't feel like CNY anymore.

i shall smile =))

haix.. my mum still rocks the world..
i know it dun feel good that to be doing everything alone, nobody to help her with the chores.
so i am trying to help as much as possible.
just that sometimes, i dun like the way she ask me to do certain things..
but still i love my mama. =))

and i love my deardear! ^^

missing you...
Sunday, January 25, 2009

>Friday, 23 January 2009<

its 2am.. i just finish my Academic Writing on Euthanasia.
i am dead tired.. dead tired.. and i shall go slp now.. i still have morning class tomorrow..
that left me with 4 hours slp.
have been slping 4 hours for few days le..

missing you...
Friday, January 23, 2009

>Monday, 19 January 2009<

i am in a bad state now.
i dunno why.. dun ask why

today during the night lesson.
suddenly didnt felt right
stomach feel like someone just want to use a needle to poke it burst
vomited. head giving me problem.
my throat that has yet to recover giving me more problem. think due to the vomiting.

this is just a bad day.
Its was great since morning, the night time just runied every single thing.
i am going to slp first and shall be up later to finish my AW
Seriously i hate AW damn lot!
why must the deadline be so tight.

missing you...
Monday, January 19, 2009

>Sunday, 18 January 2009<

With the request of Grace Tan Xue Bing,
I shall hereby write:

I want to meet eggies.

End of Entry.

*If Kaiyu see this entry, she will say "Si Yeeling, da bian la!"
*If Grace see this entry, she will say "Wah lao.. like that lo(give that kuku face)"
*If Jiawei see this entry, she will roll her eyes and give me a stupid face!
*If Eewei say this entry, she will say "Yeeling, (pointing at me) NI HAO "



missing you...
Sunday, January 18, 2009

>Friday, 16 January 2009<

waiting waiting waiting...
waiting for time to pass to see my AW prof...

eeeekk.. why am i studying stats!! arrrhhh~~
luan luan luan luan luan...

this week is a happy and relaxing work
not that i have nth to do.
but i am able to mt him nearly everyday!
woohooo.. ^^

missing you...
Friday, January 16, 2009

>Wednesday, 14 January 2009<

i am suppose to draft out a critique on this essay by tomorrow...
i hate this assignment!

if you find yourself too free.
suffer with me and read through it!
How dying become a life crsis

anyway i have made up my mind to drop one module.
Technology World Change.
Coz the prof is CMI!
nvm.. i am deciding to drop it and bid again nxt sem!
anyway waiting for 3pm to come. coz i can only drop at 3pm. -.-

this means i will be more free le!
i would have lesson on monday and friday only! tuesday and thursday just go a 1.5 hour session each in the morning jiu end le!
how can life be better?
but the sad thing is my modules this sem are project based and have very heavy readings.
so.. sigh.. cheers!

just less than half a month and he is flying

missing you...
Wednesday, January 14, 2009

>Monday, 12 January 2009<

i am sick and i cannot meet doctor GAO.
i want doctor GAO!!

missing you...
Monday, January 12, 2009

>Sunday, 11 January 2009<

a trip to the zoo!

let me introduce, the battle on deardear and the elephant!

my dear and elephants seems to be shui huo bu rong (water fire cannot survive together). heex.. nvm i dun really like elephant too!
haha.. we are so choosy in looking at animals.
He dun like elephant.
i dun like monkey.
so we skipped through alot of exhibit! haa!

ok.. started off at woodlands.. after much research, i concluded that we should take 927 at wdl. heex.. waited there a while and realise, oh oh! no 927 on saturday. then dear decided to follow his own instinct. and went to cck to took a bus over!

me and the white black tiger

oh! something interesting we found.. on the path way somewhere. we saw this komodo lizard i believe..

soon later.. we found it....

this is located in the polar bear swimming pool.. did it came all the way here for a swim.. Mm...

went to find sunny bearbear! and its practicing split! cool~

realise zoo is alot about martial art! muahahaha

dear had to fought a cockroach.

and soon a battle of the ratfu(rat+kungfu=ratfu) begins!

this monkey kept following him coz he had sweet in his mouth! haha...

the first time our MIAO MIAO came to the zoo! heex. please do not the neglect that alligator behnd them! he is suppose to part of the picture too!

soon.. after that, went over to far east to purchase somethings and hm swt hm!

missing you...
Sunday, January 11, 2009

>Saturday, 10 January 2009<

i am going to the ZooOOOOOOO with my Deardear!!!

byebye!! dun miss me!!

missing you...
Saturday, January 10, 2009

>Thursday, 8 January 2009<

sometimes i just wonder why am i so useless.

missing you...
Thursday, January 08, 2009


Happy Monthiversary my Dear! =))

Unable to meet him due to my mtg in schools. =((

but still...
my dear is the best!~!!


went for Acad Writing lesson this morning, my prof thinks we are so free! omg! on tuesday he said, go read up this article and pg 1-30 of your AW book.

2 days later (today) you should have finish reading pg 1-30, now read pg 30-47, also read Smith 2006, Hoey 2006, and the article i going through nxt week. write a short paragraph on what your point of view on Hipprocrath Oath. Oh your Assignment 1 essay draft to be out nxt thursday too.

Thats lands with tones of things to do.

Biz law prof says: go back read on ur own chapter 1,2,3,7 of the biz law book.

arh~ that is only 2 mods out of my 5 modules!
expecting more to come! okie! off i go to finish all my readings!

missing you...
Thursday, January 08, 2009

>Wednesday, 7 January 2009<

Met up with yiling just now. woohoo~ so long nv see her le! anyway, she told me her new idol is lin feng? a.. this one ar?

wah! nv know ur taste so special now leh! (in the mid of spoiling ur reputation, heex)

think i will get killed for that. but the first person who came into my mind is him ma, when you say ling feng.

its coming to the end of my rest day. =<
i will be back struggling in school again tml.
give me a break. haix...

missing you...
Wednesday, January 07, 2009

>Tuesday, 6 January 2009<

sigh.. today is only the 2nd of the school and i am starting to feel that work are piling up and deadlines starting to come. i am trying my best not to procrastinate and clear things as fast as possible.

its amazing how fast i took to get tired of school. just 2 days.

i cant breath. =<


missing you...
Tuesday, January 06, 2009

>Monday, 5 January 2009<

well well.. school started.. sigh..
having a bad headache now..
i will have super Monday blues from now on. sigh
i have morning lesson that requires me to wake up ard 6.30am in the morning.
and a night lesson that ends at 9.45pm studying business law!
imagine studying law in the night!
its so hard to absorb

my mind just auto shut down once in a while and i need to restart my brain.
sianz. i have a lawyer prof that speaks fast, tell joke without laughing or smiling and dun allow me to use lappie!
but good thing, that keeps me focus!

felicia just sent me few of my photos taken when i was young in korea!
it look horrible terrible vegetable and its shall not be publicized for the benefits for everyone's eyes!

a count down to 24 days to 30th Jan. hate it hate it hate it! =<<

missing you...
Monday, January 05, 2009

>Saturday, 3 January 2009<

irritated la! damn irritating la! its not me la! irritating!!
i am not yiling i am yEEling. but people just dun uds.

sounding alike doesnt mean the same.
sigh.. lazy to explain...

missing you...
Saturday, January 03, 2009

>Thursday, 1 January 2009<

haha.. i shall not remove the last 2 post coz i still find it very funny.. haha..
okok.. coz shihao demanded me to post a entry specially for him. and group photo is not allowed. must be individual photo of me with him. so well i did! didnt i? Mmm.
but looks like he is unhappy about it. wonder why.. Mmm... i did post an entry of him what..

ok.. shall be nice and post the photo again for everyone to see.
Wee ShiHao, the self proclaimed vegetarian, who assume chicken as tomato, pork as fruits, fish as carrots, mutton as vege.

hey! i am doing justice now to repost. so you cant kill me on sunday!

missing you...
Thursday, January 01, 2009


but.. doesn't this look better!

PS. this entry is posted VERY WILLINGLY. ^^ SPECIALLY FOR HIM~ haha

missing you...
Thursday, January 01, 2009


This post is specially for Wee Shi Hao.

PS. this entry is posted unwillingly. and SPECIALLY for him

missing you...
Thursday, January 01, 2009


goodbye 2008!
hello 2009!

2008 had been a great year for me. getting into my first office job at Recuit Express, starting my new life in university. And the best thing in life is to keep in close contact with your friends and being together with him. =)
Look ahead at 2009, i foresee a tough year ahead. dun ask me why, i just foresee. =)

let's just post a few photos to summarise my year 2008! =)

me and michelle at work. i especially like this photo. coz we just some how look damn professional.. lol.. nonono shouldnt say look. we ARE professional!

Moving into university~ SPOT ME!
and getting to know new friends.

Staying in contact with eggies

all the wushu people
and the JC friends

and ofcoz me and him. =)

missing you...
Thursday, January 01, 2009


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