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>Thursday, 26 February 2009<

i was researching on some articles for my Acad Writing Research Paper when i came across this very interesting article on Abortion.

The title reads "The Only Moral Abortion is My Abortion"

How contradicting these people can be.. Some women will vote for anti-abortion, claiming it is cruel and unethical. However when these women are suddenly faced with an unexpected pregnancy, many will choose the path she would deny to other woman - abortion.

This physician from Australia wrote "A 16 year old schoolgirl who came back to picket the day after her abortion, about three years ago. During her whole stay at the clinic, we felt that she was not quite right, but there were no real warning bells. She insisted that the abortion was her idea and assured us that all was OK. She went through the procedure very smoothly and was discharged with no problems. A quite routine operation. Next morning she was with her mother and several school mates in front of the clinic with the usual anti posters and chants."

Another interesting point i came across......

Many people have been searching ways to prolong life. But so what if our life is prolong.. Even if scientist manage to double our lifespan from 80 to 160, our sense of time will adjust accordingly. A life of 160 would seems as short as the 80 we are having. How would i know? Haven the average lifespan nearly doubled since the olden days from 40 to 80? What do you think of life now?

okie.. i admit reading can be fun.. when they provide me with interesting points.
but majority of the times, it sucks! seriously! muahaha..

missing you...
Thursday, February 26, 2009

>Monday, 23 February 2009<

my 2nd post for today!
this is my recess week..
and recess week is definitely not a week for break, not a week to take a deep breath
it is a week for us to catch up in our studies that we lacked behind in
it is a week for us to do a last minute revision before exams
it is a week for us to chiong projects that have their deadline due right after school reopen.
a week just that it is a slower pace..

today is project day
met up LTB
had to do a preparation for road show.
this is the bearbear we manage to get. got some company to sponsor us.. cute right!!

anyway here is a few cups i draw for the event. its call sunflower rememberance day

and ofcoz abuse of materials for personal use....shhhhh....

missing you...
Monday, February 23, 2009


lets blog about yday!

went back to wushu training after 1 month of not going.

the guys going back to childhood and start playing with this..

this photo look like shihao and weiming quarrel then shihao kicked him off to a far away place and now weiming is coming back to apologise. muahha.. good imagination of me!

Moving on moving on.. went for Sushi with wushu pals
muahha... despite eating the buffet for 25, we only paid 15 coz the person calculated wrongly..
i think they lost damn much by doing that! haha.. coz coach and liangying
ordered from the teppanyanki. and 33 serving of salmon. checked their menu online...each serving is $12. woah~ sure not?? did i see the wrong one? nvm...

this is Round 1 and not all dishes are up yet and quite a few are being eaten by hungry ghost.

the sofa seaters..


the guys~

having ache all over! shit!

missing you...
Monday, February 23, 2009

>Saturday, 21 February 2009<

didnt blog for quite a while. heex.
well well well..

yday met up with some sec sch friends to Singapore Casket.
suddenly i felt death is so near us.
i thought... what will i do if i were in her shoe (touch wood!)

anyway the gathering was quite funny.
coz some didnt see each other for like 5 years...
so we had a mini orientation, just that there is not ice breaker game.
going one rd to re-self-introduction. lol..
after that we start recalling all that happen at those days
good old days. lol..

love my dear lots~

missing you...
Saturday, February 21, 2009

>Thursday, 19 February 2009<

whenever it comes to AW, i hate life lots!!!!
shucks it!

missing you...
Thursday, February 19, 2009

>Tuesday, 17 February 2009<

b4 i start on my AW!
i shall blog!!!
rant all i can with all my singlish b4 i commence with that serious formal english!

serious AW sucks to the core!
so much effort, so much time for so little grade..
got back my results for assignment 1
i am just one sub grade to fail leh!!
and ppl who attempt my paper all like that leh!
it gona pull those my GPA drastically.
my current 3.0 grade, plus a 1.0 grade, average out.. 2.0 leh!
i cant graduate with hours! how many A++ must i get inorder to climb back to 3.0 or even higher! arg....

this friday i have assignment 2 and stats midterm.
gona kill me! really!!
i gona chiong!

missing you...
Tuesday, February 17, 2009

>Sunday, 15 February 2009<

wooohoo... Blogging at changi airport now. According to e info provided, he is landing in 2 min time. Wonder how true is that! I survive through. my longest 17days i ve gone through. =)

missing you...
Sunday, February 15, 2009

>Friday, 13 February 2009<

stoning in school till 5pm.
sigh sigh sigh...
i am missing him lots..
though he is returning tml but why not NOW!

i have library training later.
before i got into SMU.
they told us library training is compulsory
so i went..
and now then say one more! it is also compulsory. last time not counted.
irritating to the max lo!


missing you...
Friday, February 13, 2009

>Thursday, 12 February 2009<

ask me how i am going to spend my valentine day!
i have a date with 6 people!

in the morning i will be going for tuition.-.-
in the afternoon i am meeting my LTB group mates to do LTB project-.-
in the evening time, i a planning to spend some time getting some slp-.-

in the night time! i will be leaving for the airport! XD

after 17 days..
why am i saying all this now.. its only thursday..
but its coming! heex..

OFF to go AW le.
shit AW!

missing you...
Thursday, February 12, 2009

>Wednesday, 11 February 2009<

day 13~

life sucks.

missing you...
Wednesday, February 11, 2009

>Tuesday, 10 February 2009<

day 12~
i am counting down to the last few days.
happy i can be! ^^

today today today
went a hospice to do voluntary work.
hospice is for patients who has less than 12 months to live.
well.. initally is do sai gang for them.. do filling.
then went interact with the patients there.
chat with them and heard a few of stories from them.
some of them really have very positive thinking.

went to do classic pedicure after that!
the service there (Square 2 - Nail Korea) is really good.
they would advice you on certain things
they would not pester you to buy goods or anything
unlike citibelle which i used to go.
totally hate their service there.
citibelle will insist on taking out ur wallet from ur bag and take the money themselves
they will non stop pester you to buy their package which is DAMN expensive
they will not do a good job.

went out with felicia.
it was funny how sales girl got shock by both of us.
coz the sales girl is between me and felicia, then she saw felicia, turn back she saw me again
then she kinda shock, coz she say we look too alike. haha.
no. she didnt get shock coz she see my face. its coz we look alike. make that clear. =))

studying AW now. got to 10 choose 2 article to write about. sigh.. totally hate it..

i will nv grown up unless you let go.
cant you just let go and let me learn my way
and not to restrict me and let me march on the spot and start telling the whole world how stupid i am to not have improve.

missing you...
Tuesday, February 10, 2009

>Monday, 9 February 2009<

day 11~
tired le..
start yawning le..
starting to get very tired le..
cham le~

tml till be going to do voluntary work!
going to a hospice to help out in office work(sounds like internship)

missing you...
Monday, February 09, 2009

>Sunday, 8 February 2009<

woohooo~ mahjong compeition finally ended!
after all the planning the mtg. =))
though i did quite a fair bad of mistake..
haix.. but still nvm! its a successful event!
played the whole day mahjong. coz we got nothing to do while others are in the competition.

today is the 8th!
today is the 8th!
its day 10 too!
soon soon soon..
today is in a good good mood..
coz today is a good good day!
coz at this point of time,
my Biz Law Presentation is down,
Report is down,
AW Assignment 1
Mahjong Com is down.
the major things left in the term is.
AW Reseach Paper
AW Assignment 2
LTB Project

today is a good good date!
coz its our day! ^^

arh~ i am just so in a good mood!
and i miss my dear lots..

missing you...
Sunday, February 08, 2009

>Friday, 6 February 2009<

its day 8~

i hate to be blur.
i hate to be careless.
i hate the way i handle things.
i hate the way i handle stress.
i hate the way i handle my emotion
i hate everything.
i hate myself.

stupid crybaby.

missing you...
Friday, February 06, 2009


its 1.18am! i am damn tired damn pissed off.
coz tired me is a angry me!
i just dun uds dun uds dun uds!!!
its just a small presentation with no grades awarded!
why put in so much effort, scarifying so many hours to do it!
its just 3 qns! why take so long!

and idiot!
b4 discussion we ask hu compile and send to prof.
-immediate silence-
silence super long leh.. i cnt tahan they say okie do it fast i compile
then b4 the discussion start i got disconnected.
when i am back they started discussing le so by right i shouldnt be compiling
so to hint hint.. incase they throw everything back to me
i ask again when everyone is very active in discussion.. so you guys compiling right.
-immediately silence-
now end liao.
they suddenly throw everything to me.
ask me u compile then i say i really tired le.. cn someone take over..
they say "but you started everything le ar..."
when did i ever do! shit them!


how i wish my dear is with me! =<<

missing you...
Friday, February 06, 2009

>Wednesday, 4 February 2009<

its day 6 already~~~

=)) time will pass fast de..
but look ahead.. its 11 more days.. =((

met up with eggies! look at this!!
played mahjong with them. i got this tiles can! and the 3 flower is my feng. my card damn nice! but guess what! i didnt win! coz when grace was about to throw the red dragon, stupid jiawei go shout out my tile!!! so irritating!!! scream at her! chop her into alot alot alot pieces..
but we didnt gamble. its just a causal game.

i was being outcast in this picture. they kicked me out of the sofa coz i didnt wear spec! how nice! but nvm!

and i cut my hair! didnt have the time to cut so before mtg them jiawei accompany me go the EC hse that 10 dollar place.. haha.. was quite scared when i go in coz i dunno how skillful they are!! but that hair dresser was super not si wen can! didnt handle my hair and my head with care! sobz.and she is so fierce!!

missing you...
Wednesday, February 04, 2009

>Tuesday, 3 February 2009<

life sucks, because of everything
life rocks, because of him.
and eggies..
and shihao (i know you gona complain, so write ur name first.. sigh..)

missing you...
Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Day 5 lo! ^^
but anyway.
i just receive my NYAA SIlver Award Cert
Seriously, ij emphasize so much on how good how good how good it is.
which i seriously dun think its good but still i fulfill the requirements
my cert came. its was crumpled and my name is yoe yee ling..

-.- so much for putting effort to write everything out.

off to rush my biz law report. for people who are too free.. can read through this case.. the report i am writing.. see i so nice.. SHARE MY JOY with everyone! muahahha...

Emma, a Briton, is a single working adult who just secured a job in Singapore. Since she is living alone so far from relatives, she decides to purchase a dog as a pet to keep her company. She visits several pet shops and finally finds a puppy she wants to buy at Pitter-Pet Trading, a shop owned and run by Peter.

Peter fills in the details on a Sale of Animal Form which states the following on the front page:

Date of Purchase: 1 August 2006 Salesperson: Peter
Breed: Yorkshire Terrier Sex: Male
Age: 3 months Colour: Black and Tan
Origin: Imported Price: $2,300

Emma then fills in her name, contact number and address, and signs against the declaration that appears at the bottom of the front page of the Sale of Animal Form. The declaration states that the “Buyer agrees to purchase the Animal at the Price indicated above and subject to the terms and conditions overleaf”. However, Emma signs the Form without turning it over to read the terms behind. Instead, she wrote out a cheque for $2,300 in favour of Pitter-Pet Trading and hands it to Peter as he prepares the puppy for her to bring home.

Amongst others, the following term appears on the back page of the Sale of Animal Form under the heading: “Standard Terms and Conditions”

Clause 3:
Should the Animal contract a viral or bacterial infection within 24 hours from the date the Buyer signs the Sale of Animal Form or upon delivery of the Animal to the Buyer, whichever is the earlier, the Seller will refund the Price to the Buyer subject to the following conditions:

  1. The Buyer furnishes to the Seller a report of the Animal duly prepared and certified by a qualified veterinarian at the Buyer’s cost indicating that the viral or bacterial infection contracted by the Animal occurred within 24 hours from the date the Buyer signs the Sale of Animal Form or upon delivery of the Animal to the Buyer, whichever is earlier; and
  2. The said report is to be furnished to the Seller within 24 hours from the date the Buyer signs the Sale of Animal Form or upon delivery of the Animal to the Buyer, whichever is earlier; and
  3. In the event of the death of the Animal, a post-mortem report shall be furnished, a the Buyer’s cost, to the Seller within 28 days from the date the Buyer signs the Sale of Animal Form or upon delivery of the Animal to the Buyer, whichever is earlier. The post-mortem report shall describe and identify the Animal and shall also confirm that the death of the Animal was solely caused by a viral or bacterial infection.
  4. The refund of the Price to the Buyer is in full and final settlement of the Buyer’s claim against the Seller including but not limited to all consequential loss and damage the Buyer may suffer arising from the viral or bacterial infection or the death of the Animal.

Within two days of bringing the puppy home, the puppy becomes sickly; has poor appetite, watery stools and a high fever. Alarmed, Emma brings the puppy to a vet. Unfortunately, although the puppy appears to get better a week later, it suffers a relapse the subsequent week and has to be brought to the vet again. This goes on for a few weeks, with the puppy getting better only to have a relapse with worsening symptoms. Finally, on 15 September, a day after the final visit to the vet, the puppy dies. Emma is distraught and sadly brings the puppy to the vet for a post mortem. The post mortem report confirms that the puppy had contracted a viral infection a few days before Emma brought it home from the pet shop and that it was such a virulent strain that it ultimately caused the puppy’s death.

It also turned out that the puppy was actually 4 months old at the time Emma purchased it.

Emma now wishes to claim against Peter for a refund of the purchase price of the dog and for the total amount spent on visits to the vet and the cost of the post mortem. However, when she brings the matter up with Peter, he points out that he had given no undertaking as to the puppy’s health in the Sale of Animal Form. Instead, he draws Emma’s attention to Clause 3 and says that since he has not receive any of the necessary reports within the time limits specified in Clause 3, he is not liable to her at all.

Can she sue the shop??

YOU think leh???

missing you...
Tuesday, February 03, 2009

>Monday, 2 February 2009<

i just finish my Business Law presentation
damn tired~
have you tired going through a presentation that takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes?
its soooooo long cannn....
our presentation got a total of 120 slides! RECORD LIAO! sigh...

and i think our group just did a bad job, though he say we pointed out come really good points about the case.
becoz he kept shooting us with qns which we are not able to answer!

but nvm presentation is finally over.
but its not all over yet!
This week i still have the Business Law Report, Acad Writing Short Essay and the mahjong competition, all due this week and all happening this week! and LTB project that is forever happening and going on.
i want get out of everything..

Day 4 le.. very fast le.. one quarter off le.
i miss my dear... =((
13 to 14 more days.. that is sooo long....

missing you...
Monday, February 02, 2009

>Sunday, 1 February 2009<

Day 3



been in school from 12-8!
Business lawing!

Thanks to my prof who do not really teach in class but give us only summary of the whole chapter. so end up, we dun understand most thing and couldnt proceed with our work.. haix..

i was hungry, and went to the kitchen in search for food. Yiling suggested to me to look for new year goodies. i saw 4 pineapple tart. i ate one. my hse now left with 3 pineapple tarts to serve any sudden unexpected guests for CNY. sigh... how pathetic.. suddenly i miss shihao's hse.. he has loads of new year goodies!
anyway, expecting my dear call soon~ Looking forward. ^^

missing you...
Sunday, February 01, 2009


my prof emailed our group:

Have a good Sunday!


Wah Thnks leh!
We will sure have a good sunday trying to do his project!
sigh.. haix.. off to project!

its day 3.. soon. =))

missing you...
Sunday, February 01, 2009


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