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>Wednesday, 30 July 2008<

fan... fan... fan....
hungry hungry hungry...

i am going off for camps tml le.
its a SUPER last minute stuff..
i was just informed today. lazy to repeat the story again...

but will be back on saturday. =)
Dun miss me GUYS!
dun miss me.

lets hope i enjoy myself.
lets hope there is no ghostly games..
bet i bet there i will be. shucks.

missing you...
Wednesday, July 30, 2008

>Tuesday, 29 July 2008<

HAPPY~~!! =D
our dearest LIM EE WEI got into NTU ENGINEERING! =)
thats one of the best news i got this year! =)

jiayou k!

missing you...
Tuesday, July 29, 2008

>Monday, 28 July 2008<



but i am lazt to walk to the kitchen to get a drink.
my kitchen is soooo far..
not that my hse is big.. just that i am lazy..
llll...a.....z.....y..... ROAR!

okie.. fine.. i shall shuddup, stop complaining and get my butt to the kitchen..

missing you...
Monday, July 28, 2008

>Saturday, 26 July 2008<

okie.. tiring day. went StarringSMU for the car washing. chiong from morning to 4.30 then had our lunch and from a supposedly 0.5 hours lunch, we took a nearly 2 hour lunch cum dinner break. lol. our groups are all slacker.. lol.. sun burnt.. lol.. so tired.. shall slp soon! if not i will be dead tml! lol..
me and jesslin. did i spell the name wrongly.
me and weil Lin.

missing you...
Saturday, July 26, 2008

>Friday, 25 July 2008<

got to know a phrase..Omoshiroyi desu ne!

Accept the imprefection and everything will be perfect!

nice right! lol..
met yewyong on my way home.. oo.. so long nv meet old friend le. nice nice..
tml going starring SMU.. my life is so busy. but i am enjoying it.
=) Sunday coming soon! woohooo..

missing you...
Friday, July 25, 2008


woohooo.. i am blogging from Takasago! lol..
coming here working as receptionst for a day..lol..
well well well.. just help to answer phone calls and handle walk in guests.

and the thing is i think i am too used to working in Recruit Express.
i got the urge to say "who is this on the line" when it is unnecessary! coz back in Recruit Express i have to say that everytime i pick up a call.

everytime i pick up the call, i would NEARER say "good morning, Recruit Express"
lol.. say wrong company name i DIE leh.. lol..

and when i came, this lady helped me in the answering of phone call and came to sit down with my at the receptionist table so i thought she is also the receptionist. so i said.. "so.. you are also teh receptionist here?" and her reply is. "no. i am the secretary to the managing director" i nearly faint. so pai seh la.. -.- but she is very nice. taught me how to use everything at the receptionist table here.

but anyway.. being a receptionist is a super duper slack thing.. from wad i am doing now -blogging - you can see that! bcoz there is not much walk in since its industrial area, only special guest. there is 3 today.. one from France, 2 from US. lol..

its so difference working here as compared to Recruit Express. the environment also.
but i am acting busy behind the desk. when i am actually BLOGGING! lol.. okie.. stop first.. lol.. concentrate WORK!! no PLAYING!!

missing you...
Friday, July 25, 2008

>Wednesday, 23 July 2008<

welll.. i am suppose to choose my exam pieces for Grade 8 exam. so i was browsing through the song list and came across this song which iS SUPER NICE!
i assure you its super nice and cute! omg.. i want to play this! but it seems hard! listen listen listen! must listen!!! lol..

omg.. having a headache wad to choose from. help...

missing you...
Wednesday, July 23, 2008

>Tuesday, 22 July 2008<

THIS IS SO COOL!.. i came across this future MRT Line..

missing you...
Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Okay, before i start off with anything, I am forced to upload some photos! ta-da~! lol..
GC and I when she is staying over at my house.

Coming up Next is GC, Huiqi and I, i forgot where we go to. but yea just know we went out. did we went for Wushu? I think so.. DUNNO LA! but thnks alot! for helping me out!!

okie.. today I went back to SMU for a boring library talk. No doubt its useful but still, lecture is always boring..

Hayley called to ask me help out in a 1 day receptionist position! yay! Finally going to work as one day receptionist. nv try before ma.. lol.. wooohooo.. then went NOrth division got my time sheet. saw sandy and Kim, Kim recognise me and came to chat. lol.

went meet yiling for dim sum session at yum cha. With perfect sense of direction, i managed to lead the way there SAFELY! STUPID yiling ordered 17plates of dim sum with 2 dessert. eat till damn full!

missing you...
Tuesday, July 22, 2008

>Monday, 21 July 2008<

loads of photo to update!
okie.. from saturday. i went back to SMU for handball training. supprise to see kent there. or whatever his real name is now. but the people there are nice.

went off in the rush to go JAP lesson only to know, jiawei is late! so in the end had to cancel the lesson. so went to lavender for lunch.
we found this playground with VERY nice background!

took some picture of it!

Jiawei and her red bag and her red backgound.


COLOURFUL backgound!!

went pasir to find irene and gang. we having chalet on that day.

some photos taken.

Anyway. its was jenny bf bdae so cake was bought. and while waiting for him to turn up, we were taking turns to pretend to be bdae person! taking photo of ourselves! haha.

Happy bdae michelle...

Happy bdae Yeeling!

then went for wushu training the next day. tired tired.. really must be more hrdworking. competition coming !must have extra training.
okie.. more photos coming up nxt time. =p

missing you...
Monday, July 21, 2008

>Saturday, 19 July 2008<


going off for a chalet soon.. but... will leaving alot of times to attend other actitvities. like jap lesson. like wushu training.. blah blah blah..


missing you...
Saturday, July 19, 2008

>Friday, 18 July 2008<

i spend alot alot today..
well.. today was slackk...
i slept nearly the whole day seriously!
okie.. woke up at 5pm and went out with jannie..
Have not been going out with her for a thousand and one year! lol..

i know this photo is super dark.. but just bear with it! lol...

i bought alot.. spend alot..
shall not name out the amount.. will get scolded badly..
1 Adidas watch.. (its PURPLE!wooohooo.. nice right!!)
1 Shoes from URS.. this one is cause my slipper spoil.. so no choice have to buy
3 Zara items.. lazy to say what is it..

tomorrow going back SMU... =p

missing you...
Friday, July 18, 2008

>Wednesday, 16 July 2008<

went to this CIP project held by school.
met new people over there~!
haix.. i went into iJC alone, with not much people i know.
now i am stepping into uni with not much (nearly ZERO) ppl i know again.
starting all over can be tiring but definitely it is great to know more people. widen my circles of friends.

Team 5 with the buckets =drums

partner for the day! for the pledge for the nation.

then we went on to play flash mob. if you dunno what it is, go youtube and search. Our group didnt play much coz alot of time is wasted on the planning of what to do. We just decided to disturb the people on Sports Camp. 100 over of us, just walk into the games station for the Sports camp people. and sudden scream AHH and all squat down. then stand up walk off like nothin just happen. i bet they were like what the hell just happen.. but too bad we werent able to do on public.. only within SMU campus.

missing you...
Wednesday, July 16, 2008

>Saturday, 12 July 2008<

wooohooo.. its weekend!
i always look forward to weekend!
coz its always gathering day!
muahahahaha.. okie.. fine.. anyway.. went for jap examination today. well what should is say.. Mm..
its was okie la. like that like that lo. can pass la. but grades still duno.. nxt week see ba..

missing you...
Saturday, July 12, 2008

>Wednesday, 9 July 2008<

my future laptop!
Fujitsu LifeBook T5010
Ordered.. its coming on the 15th August! lol.. well.. but the sad thing is they only have a standard colour.. i want purple laptop!!! sobz.. This thingy here cost be $2400 if me not wrong... but sobz... i still want a pink laptop.. nvm.. i can paste sticker! i can spray it! i can do things to it so it look purple! trust me! muahaha..

missing you...
Wednesday, July 09, 2008

>Monday, 7 July 2008<

officially a student of SMU..
went for the matriculation day. intially thought is would only take like half an hour, in the end it took HALF A DAY! sigh.. well.. i still complete the whole tedious procedure and finally got my SMU access card and now i am offically a SMU student! -.- went with eewei.... =p

missing you...
Monday, July 07, 2008


i was complained for not being a frequent blogger.. so here i am! BLOGGING! SEE SEE SEE~!
lol.. anyway.. yesterday is sunday so it is Wushu day! and its also shihao bdae! Happy bdae! Eric and I bought him a disc. Be touched! haha.. =p

okie.. yesterday we (eewei, kaiyu, me, shihao, eric, ben, coach) went to Radin Mas CC for some kick boxing performances. it was quite screwed up i would say. with no rehearsal done only know wad to do few hours in advanced. lol.. anyway. they were nice enough not to kick us out. lol.

me eewei and kaiyu at lot1. mentioning of lot 1. our good old eric have trouble knowing where is lot1. he though it is a Sembawang. but anyway.. cannot blame him.. his sense of direction is not as good as him. muahahaha..

me eewei and kaiyu. after the performances hanging around.

eewei shihao kaiyu.

Mr Eric Lee sprained his leg during training last time then didnt go look for doctor then now performances his old unjury com back.. then coach trying to help him massage but end up seems to be torturing him.

missing you...
Monday, July 07, 2008

>Wednesday, 2 July 2008<

okie.. alot of people ask me details of my uni course but seriously i seems to know nothing..
didnt go find out..

so here i am, trying to find out the full detail. This posting for me to see only, summarise them for me to see better.

Bachelor of Business Management

My course would be a 4 years course, direct Honours. and a total of 35 modules have to be completed in the 4 years

Modules to be taken.

[Foundation Course]
Calculus Introductory Economics Academic Writing

[University Core]
Analytical Skills & Creative Thinking Business, Government & Society Management Communication
Ethics & Social Responsibility Leadership & Team Building Technology & World Change

[Business Core]
Business Law
Business Processes
Finance Financial
Management Accounting
Management of People at Work
Science Introductory
Statistics A or Introductory Statistics B

After which , split into major in...

Corporate Communication
Operational Mangement
Organisational Behaviour & Human Resources
Quantitative Finance

[General Education] - must choose 4 out of all this.
Music East & West
Architectural Studies
From Gene Cell to Final Product –
Introduction to Life Sciences
Science Exploration & Society
Introduction to Physical Science
Environmental Science
Biological Model for Business Applications

[Regional Studies]
Choose International Economics, and one of the following:
International Business Law & International Business Business Study Mission (BSM)
Tax Planning
Economic Development in Asia
Doing Business in China : Communication and Business Approaches
Intellectual Property Rights Global
Financial Risk Management

missing you...
Wednesday, July 02, 2008


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