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>Monday, 27 September 2010<

i have a GREAT GREAT deardear! that dotes on me LOADS LOADS LOADS!


missing you...
Monday, September 27, 2010

>Wednesday, 22 September 2010<

today is just a bad day..
I just want to sleep my day away.
tomorrow will be better.. will be better.. happier.....

someone draw a smile on my face please.....

missing you...
Wednesday, September 22, 2010

>Thursday, 16 September 2010<

Its just a random thought i have today on the bus.

Sometimes instead of hoping that things will happen, why not make things happen.

It came into my mind when i was boarding the bus to work.

The bus was crowded with inconsiderate secondary school students who refuse to move in to allow other passengers to board the bus.
When the bus arrive at my stop, only 2 person could board and i am one of the lucky two. there were at least 5-8 more people eagerly hoping to board. Every minute counts in the morning. I believe nobody wants to wait for the next bus. Our bus refused to move, the bus driver hoping that the students can move in but he did not open his mouth to ask people to move in. People around me was complaining grumbling under their breathe hoping that the students can move in, but no body utter a word to the students in the bus.

There was no movement and everyone held there for 5 min, nobody spoke a word. I began thinking to myself: everyone is hoping that the students moved in, but nobody is doing anything to get them to move in. Half convinced myself, half impulsively, I pluck up some courage to shout across the bus real loud, asking the students to think for the people who are trying to board the bus, the students are only one stop away, they just have to move in a little to make a difference to all the people who cant board the bus.

and it seems as this command is the activation code to wake everyone up, everyone starts moving in to the rear of the bus and all people who were unable to board the bus came on board.

It just sets me thinking how everyone had stand there, hoping things will happen but no body willing to do anything to make things happen. I had stand there too, hoping for things to happen.

How people had hope to be more financial stable but not doing anything to make it happen.

How friends have always say verbally to "meet out soon" but yet sit back and assume outings will drop from the sky and be organized by no one.

How i have once hope that my work in my intern will be more fulfilling, hope and hope and hope everyday but not doing anything to make it happen. I am glad i made my first hope to approach my boss and talk to her about what i expect out of this intern and how things can be improved. I am glad i have not continue to sit and continue pray and hope things to happen.

Is there anything that you have hope it to happen but have not done anything for it to happen?

missing you...
Thursday, September 16, 2010

>Wednesday, 15 September 2010<

okok. dated post.
4th September.
After long planning, finally the day for the party. =))

12.45 pm Left house, meet up with eewei to carry barang barang over.
phone ring non stop, sms coming in non stop, for last min changes and last min updates.

Since MRT is not working that day, took 106 that does straight to MBS however the bus stops for very long at every stop with bus driver shouting "please move in" nonstop and get no response from any passenger.

1pm My aunt called to informed she had already reached MBS long ago and ask if we had reached. (We were suppose to meet at 2.30pm!) Looking at the speed of the bus, we decided to switch to a cab instead.

Fly over to sun tec to pick ginny up then straight to MBS.

2pm Reached, got to the hotel, and had a throughout check to ensure the rooms is okie.
3pm half playing half preparing but still we managed to get all balloons blown up for the party later.

5pm Peijun reached but got blocked at the entrance, we realized without card access, the rest might be denied of entry. negotiated with the Security guard but he refused. :( cannot blame. its part of his job. AND WORST OF ALL, eddie informed that they have reached MBS but! only 4 of us reached! faints! And~ the delivery man for the pizza got lost!

5.15pm Peijun rushed over to pass Eddie the card access. I called delivery man, trying to guide him over. Finally food reached, Felicia and Guofeng reached. Poor Felicia had to wait for Guofeng at Marina Square for 1 hour! Guofeng deserved to punished!

5.25pm Sly came to find us, showed him the directions to the room. Since more people reached, the camwhoring starts....

5.35pm Got an SMS telling us they are in the lift. PANIC~ quickly light candles...

sang bdae song, took one more bdae cake! HAPPY BDAE SLY,PEIJUN!

then kaiyu called to say then reached, so leaving them in the room, went to pick them up.
when i return, the room is already in a disaster. All denied to have done anything! and when i look at the photos.. ALL who denied are the culprit!
Everyone did that part to pick all the ribbons up, till slightly cleaner then call room service to clean up our mess!

Then photo taking!

The group of bdae girls/boys
Eating time!
pizza! yum!!

7.30pm Change up off to the roof top pool!
All well prepared in their robes.

The view is totally gorgeous!

This is like the first time there is a balance in boys and girls!

9.30pm. Back in the hotel room for a change up and off to chill.
On the way to esplanade...
To esplanade, meet up with joseph
went drinking and played real violent game. i think most of us had bruises everywhere after the hitting games!

shihao begging for mercy..
look at eewei face.... All thanks to Shihao..

3am leave back to the hotel.

last toast before we call it the day!
Sleep sleep time!

Next morninig, think everyone still very tired
Change up, checked out then went marina square for brunch then home sweet home.

missing you...
Wednesday, September 15, 2010

>Wednesday, 8 September 2010<

Was Bored at work, and decided to look at overheard@SMU on facebook.
Its just a group that talks about funny things that happen in school. i think each of the uni had their own overheard.
Saw this photo that is quite funny. somehow prof like to set unrelated question in exams. haha..
so this is one of them..

missing you...
Wednesday, September 08, 2010

>Wednesday, 1 September 2010<

i am going to have my first yoga lesson today!!

My mum is quite of an expert on yoga and ofcoz i can always and anytime learn it from her, i refuse to! MUAHAHAHAA..
Since like more than 5 years back, mum have always insisted i learn yoga from her but times and time i refuse to!! coz i really am not interested at all! But recently, i got curious about yoga but still, i really do not want to approach her to ask! because i really hate to let others have the thought of "see, i told u so". somehow its the pride that is at work.

sigh.. but anyway my school provide a relatively cheap course on yoga and so i decided its time for me to get a little more active in school activity.

Quite looking forward to it. =)

Last Sunday went to Malaysia with wushu friends.
This few weeks has always been out with them.
Depart from singapore at around 12, leaving through tuas.
and since its TUAS and malaysia map is like never updated, we got abit lost after reaching malaysia.

Felicia and I took coach car, havoc~ haha..
and to think he dare to drive his sports car in.. nvm.. he rich..
First station to pump oil. lol.

Look at the detailed map dear printed. Poor him, stay up till 4am to do it up, just to ensure we can find our way in malaysia. loves..
After getting lost for quite a while, we decided we really need to settle at some place for lunch, so randomly stop at a shop for lunch.
They really have NOTHING much and the guys were dead hungry. we ordered fried rice. and it really is a very small portion, i believe definitely insufficient for the guys.

Got the right directions from the shop owner. and off we go to our first destination. go-kart.
it really is SUPER inaccessible. After travelling for like 5 min, we were welcome by the oil palm scenery.
After another further 10 min ride in the oil palm plantation, we finally found ourselves at the go kart area!

For safety reason, cameras are not allowed so not much photos taken. It really is quite fun! so unlike the go-kart in escape theme park! The car is much faster, and even can drift! at one point of time, my speed was too fast at a turn and i sort of lose control. my car started to turn and spin and at the point of time, i thought i would be flung out of the car and I was mentally prepared for the pain of abrasion to come. But thanks goodness my car spinned 1.5 round and stopped. i looked up and saw sly incoming, freak out again! coz he was coming straight at me, and omg. i cant image the impact. faints. but somehow, i manage to remain calm, press the accelerator and sped off his way.

From that round on, i began more careful at turns and start to slow down, but after few more round, got use to it and sped up again. X)

Photos at the go kart..
Left Go kart towards Dengar mall where all our main activity is held.
2nd activity of the day, paintball. hell, they are painful!
It was best recommended to be in long sleeves and pants as it help minimise the impact and the paint will be staining our clothing instead of our skin.

So they came prepared in their army uniform,
We came prepared with our jackets!

It was Me, Felicia, Tex, Joseph VS sly, eric, kel

and the guys are damn garang. omg. the amount of injures they got! If its me, i would have started tearing and cursing. respect for them, but thats why they are call man, and thats why they need go ARMY!

i got one hit on my leg on the first war.
It was really a shock and the pain came gradually.
But seriously i know i shouldnt be complaining, coz i think they all got more severe hit than i have! BUT i am a girl! so let me complain okie!

Archery next!
i got muscle ache now.. thanks to archery.. =.=
dear is damn pro shooter..
Most in the yellow circle!
while mine.. uh hum....
moving on to bowling. joseph is a damn pro bowler.
he was saying that he cannot use a long thing to shoot round target (archery)
but he can use round things to shoot long target (bowling)
coz his archery isnt very good but bowling is pro.
his average is 160 la! OMG

By the time we finished everything, its near 9pm.
Headed off for seafood dinner!
Got ourselves HUGE sugar cane drink each! look at the 10cent coin and you try imagine how big the cup is!

Home sweet home after dinner.
There was a bad jam by the time we leave. I used to hate people who cut queue, but for once i was very grateful and amazed of their cutting queue skills. haha..
but we reach sg quite soon, and kelvin drove us home. Thanks loads!

missing you...
Wednesday, September 01, 2010


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