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>Wednesday, 30 April 2008<

where are you when i am sick.
you are watching the tv. you don't care, don't bother about me

when you are sick, you will come threatening me ask me do this do that, or you will kill urself, or you will die infront of me.. or you will...
whats your problem...

I give in doesnt mean you are allowed to use this method again and again.

whats ur problem..

i will never forget how you forget my presence.


We are pleased to inform that you have been shortlisted to
attend the Discretionary Admission (DA) Interview with the
Faculty of Science (FoS), National University of Singapore.

This interview is for students who do not quite meet the cutoff point for
in the Science Faculty of NUS, but who have indicated that they would like
to be considered for admittance based on other factors apart from academic
i am truely dead. never reach cut off point.
this is not my first or second choice.
that clearly says that i am not selected for 1st and 2nd choice. which is business and accountancy
i am not afraid of interview. i am afraid of being placeless in the next few years.

People still studying A level, please do well, please study hard. You dun want to be in a state where you are placeless. or cannot get into your desired course

missing you...
Wednesday, April 30, 2008

>Tuesday, 29 April 2008<

44 more working days! i must keep thinking time pass very very very very pass..
only then it will really pass very fast!

the more i work the more i feel like ending work.. all the scolding make me so irritated. tomorrow one person i referred coming for interview. hope she can make it through. then this quarter sales wun be that bad.

Mmm.. sianz sianz.. can i stop working.. i dun want to work anymore. this whole entry will be about me ranting that i dun want to work anymore. can uni FASTER start! can i FASTER know where i am heading to study.
so at least i have something to look forward to!!!

missing you...
Tuesday, April 29, 2008

>Sunday, 27 April 2008<

woah.. i had my first drivin lesson.
arg,.. starting the car is so tedious..
lol.. then when the teacher say 'press the brake now'
i will start to panic.. 'brake.. brake.. what what how how where'
well, thats was for the first time, after the first time, things got better and smoothier.
lol.. the teacher still praise me can. say over 100 i will score more than 90 for the first lesson!
but then manuel really hard to learn leh.. alot of things to remember.
but its fun! haha..

Bintan confirmed?? wohoooo..

missing you...
Sunday, April 27, 2008

>Tuesday, 22 April 2008<

well.. i spend damn lots this weekends.
honestly i spend alot on weekends.

illene back and she is gone again.
went out with her and illene...
pictures... she no change la... haha..

anyway.. what did i spend over the weekends.
i bought a board game that cost S$50 over
i bought a white heels for $20, 1 bag for my neighbour (i have enough bags. thinking of throwing all awya and buying over agian) for S$35. Let me recall anymore huge spending of money.. Mmm.. i think more or less there la. haix..

Sunday went to wushu. damn coach for the physical training. then monday still dare to sms me. ask me hows my leg doing. DAMN HIM! qian da!

i am counting down again.. i grew to like this job however i grew to hate working. 46 more working days. my contract end on 30th June. then it would be slacking time!

missing you...
Tuesday, April 22, 2008

>Friday, 18 April 2008<

i got to know of this irritating person. ARG.. get lost!


waiting for the arrival of my piano teacher. did she forget we had piano lesson?
Mm... stayed back at work till 7plus. ROAR! with no OT paid.

haha.. but nvm, i manage to help someone find a job. i realised i am falling far off from my target. arg.....

i am a bu xiao nv. todya my dad bdae.. i didnt realise. i forgot all about it. then he seems sad..

missing you...
Friday, April 18, 2008

>Wednesday, 16 April 2008<

1 person dua me. nvm go down interview.

if you are not serious in looking for a job, dun come look for me!
WASTE of my time! i put in so much effort and trust in you and all i get is this..
whats ur problem.. so old liao still not going to settle down. Be mature and more sensible will you all. Initally it was you guys who say u are very okie with the job, interview timing u agreed to it. now, interview time come u MIA. wads the hell! come on la. you think the world is revolving around you. you are wasting alot of people's time! others have to reschedule all their timing to suit you. we spend so much time liasing. and you are MATURE enough to hang my phone when the time come for interview, as if you disappear from the world for that hour. Dun agree to the interview if you are not interested idiot, if you are interested then TURN UP! come on la.. i don't owe you anything. bloody hell! pissed off la. you think by offing your phone, i cannot do anything with you? i will make sure i track you down! i rather you CRI than MIA can! GO MIAN BI SHI GUO LA!

pissed me off.. whenever i schedule interivew with OR, 99.9% then will not turn up. TRUST ME! however the rest means non-OR, 99.9% will turn up.

missing you...
Wednesday, April 16, 2008

>Monday, 14 April 2008<


i am trying to be very nice and not say anything. dun try irritate me further, you don't want to see the bad side of me. so just shutup and moves on. period.

2.5 more months to end of work! just nice i will finish another quarter for my mentor. anyway.. lets not think so far... ar... i am counting down for happily. hate working! not that i hate this job, is i hate working, i want to work part time, so can slack while working also. ar.. shit..

okie. over the weekends.. saturday went boon lay and woodlands to be stand-by coach. which i didnt contribute much, dump loads of the job to shihao.. haha..

sunday went to merchant court hotel to eat. we have alwasy been coming here to eat lunch.. there are nice nice food here ranging from sushi to chocolate fondue to western dessert, eastern dessert, meesiam to chinese cooking to cakes to seafood to... too many to be named.. its buffet style. 1 person 40++.

there is chocolate fondue!
love it! but it became too chocolati. lol.. coz we too greedy and took alot of chocolate.

me and felicia

playing with chocolate from the chocolate fondue

ben ben insisting that he look like a model.. muahaha..

then went to look for eggies. eewei missing in action
went to settler's cafe to play nice nice games. haha.. played for 4 hours. omg.. lol.. so nice.
eggies rocks on. =)

missing you...
Monday, April 14, 2008

>Friday, 11 April 2008<

i gona tell this to my mentor next week.
""Yoz mentor, i have 1 good news and 1 bad news. the goods news is i closed one 2nd tier case, the bad news is i always close 1 temp case."
*shakes head* i think she will kill me for that.. hha.. omg.. 1 case only leh! oh no.. how i gona answer her.. lol.. she sure will nag my head off.

its weekend! i gona slp to the fullest.. but no difference la.. my fullest = waking up at 8. WHATS THE DIFFERENCE! but anyway this 2-3 weeks will be boring on msn. wushu ppl are ALL in army.. stuck inside for dunno how long.. so no one crap with me.. sobz.. so you will see that i will be blogging more often.. shall go watch some video to entertain myself... wohoooo..

2.5 more months in here! woohooo.. i am counting down... haha..

missing you...
Friday, April 11, 2008

>Thursday, 10 April 2008<

woohooo.. my first 2nd tier!! lol.. yay.. lol.. =p
2600.. though not very high, not very high post, not executive level de..
but its good! haha.. =).. =p

its friday... i want go shopping!! lol.. i shall go shop like HELL on saturday and sunday! muahahaha.. i want to take a leave to go shopping.. pardon me... i will one day. i seriously will..

missing you...
Thursday, April 10, 2008

>Tuesday, 8 April 2008<

in less 2 days time, eric and sly are going into the army so therefore we had a farewell party! haha..

yawn.. really very tired...... gong slp early... my contract... 2 months, 3 22 days left.. persist...

missing you...
Tuesday, April 08, 2008

>Saturday, 5 April 2008<

yay!! its weekends again!!!!!!

went out with wushu ppl... went the dunno club to play... not those clubbing the club.. is those country club de club... went bowling. our lane between the pros lane. in which out score in the end is their scores in the beginning. lol.. pathetic... eewei and eric "back swing bowling method"

Move on to acarding.. the angel's charlies. People have the charlie's angels. we have the angel's charlie.

we played the DDR and ofocz our great results show that its either we miss or WAY OFF! and to think that this is still after having 5 person trying to stomp their way on 2 dancing mat. Well we are just not the dancing liao.. wushu can la.. dancing.. TNEH.....

missing you...
Saturday, April 05, 2008

>Thursday, 3 April 2008<

boooooo.. its thursday! and tml is friday!!!
woohooooooo... excited.. excited... lol..
coz its soon holiday!!! and that means.. is 2.75 more months to slacking time!!!

well.. 3 months in this job, i have grew to appreiate this job but still slacking is much nicer..
though there would be a cut in income. which is so sobz


hope uni life start very soon!

missing you...
Thursday, April 03, 2008

>Wednesday, 2 April 2008<

Wahjonging now. haha..

wah... i am imagine wad felicia is going through now..
during Alevel year
everytime ppl say this thing that thing very fun, i would always tell myself..
FINE! i gona play till i die AFTER my a level.. lol..

anyway.. haix..
one friend BBB cannot get into SMu business
another one ABC also cannot get in..
anyway.. hope either NTU or SMU accept me..
NTU prefered..

working life has been like that like that lo..
nothing much special.
=) well.. got to accept the fact about this job more and more.
yea... i gona be stuck in a job for 3 more months.. just bear with it...
wad is sian actually is not this job but to work..
everyday binded my working
no break no leave. SIANZ!

missing you...
Wednesday, April 02, 2008


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