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>Tuesday, 30 September 2008<

roar~ this cat very cute! haha. was bored and went rd surfing picture of cat. heex. this one is cute eh.
Today will be a happy day for me too.
okie i promisd to be studying. haha.

omg. i am bloggin everyday. that shows how frequent i am in front of the computer everyday!

missing you...
Tuesday, September 30, 2008

>Monday, 29 September 2008<

today paper was kinda flunk. content is all there but guess not enough time for calculation.
Haix. nvm ba! promised not to be sad le. XD

look at whats ahead of me.

1 paper down. 3 more to go.

jiayou jiayou jiayou!!!
wooohooo.. must zi high abit. heex.

okie. shall watch abit of video then cont with my studying.

missing you...
Monday, September 29, 2008

>Sunday, 28 September 2008<

=(( today is study day.
ok. update from yesterday.
went Kbox with wushu people.

went acarde first. them playing ghost squad. quite pro leh. at least better than me and liangying. play time crsis, first round jiu KO le.

phototaking session in acarde!

shihao and his xiaoyu and his game. sianz i played one game jiu lose le. he still can play so long. that shows i am really a guai guai nv. dun play acarde de! ^^

Eewei coming emo + study session in KBOX. lol

look at shihao singing.. FIRST TIME he didnt took part in the photo taking but still somehow he is included inside.

aiyo. sum1 KO le.

when they get too tired of singing, fighting is one option.no choice. hu tell us to be wushu people.

attacking camera LADY is another option

more photos.. aiyer. i realise i didnt take photo with eddie!

me and shihao + eddie hat

went macaning at the restaurant in Central, Takashimaya seriously have VERY BAD service.
We stll though of refusing to pay the service charge. muahaha... reason being we ask them help us take a photo. we like ask the 4th person then they help lo. 1st waitress say "i am very busy" 2nd waitress say "i dunno how to take photo" and walk away. so.. arg.. 3rd waitress say "wait." and nv came back. 4th i guess is the manager. seriously her attitude dunno how to become manager de lo. she took for us la. but then throughout the whole period of time from we approaching her to she leaving. she gave us the "what is you guys problem, cant u guys take urself. i cant really be bothered about you guys" look. ROAR~! SERVICE!! -.-

missing you...
Sunday, September 28, 2008

>Friday, 26 September 2008<

met up with dwayne gc yiling. to macan. ate salad since i am not hungry but seriously the salad is yucky... so halfway jiu forget it. arg.. nv am i going to eat salad there. ROAR!
chiong to tuition, then my student ask me help her in compo writing. faints. my STRONGEST thing. faints.

home sweet home! tml wushu outing.. qi dai~!

missing you...
Friday, September 26, 2008


today is so bad... jam jam jam jam.
i walked to the MRT to take a train to DG for school ar.,
then halfway start pouring. so i took bus instead coz when u reach there busstop is nearer to school.
then after board i realise jam jam jam!
i took one hour to reach from Bukit Batok to Clementi can!
normally it will took 15 minutes. OMG! nearly fainted!
then gave up at clementi coz at that rate i will reach school in 3 hours time!
faints~! took MRT instead.

missing you...
Friday, September 26, 2008

>Thursday, 25 September 2008<

its good to be at the right place at the right time.
Jiawei came to SMU to study.
then we were studying when this lady approaches us and told us that there is a buffet inside and the guest left alot of food behind. the people are going to clear and ask if we would like to eat some. so we went! and had our dinner! heex..
so.. its good to be at the right place at the right time!

this week is really long.
really long. really.
it never seems to end.
i kept myself very busy very very busy, just to make time pass faster.
but it seems to be of no use.
no use. i hate it. tml just dun seems to be like a friday to me.

missing you...
Thursday, September 25, 2008

>Wednesday, 24 September 2008<

do you know my day started at 6.53pm today?

anyway. today financial accounting lesson so fun.
fun in a sense we had camwhore in class! imagine that! hha..
some of the photos..

Trina and I campwhoring. heex.

wah. this photo hor. everyone doing different thing leh. Ming Cai trying to study listen hard in class. but the prof is not teaching anything at that moment so he can only me acting! Kido trying to catch some attention. give it to him ba. Trina trying to miao where is prof so can camwhore safely. I am just busy pressing the "capture" button. lol.

bored i supposed. totally ignoring the presence that prof is in seminar room.

whahaha.. Financial book. Trina try to smog through by taking a blue file and assume its the text book!

heex. this one very cute leh! haha.. okok..

Dr Kido Chiang
PhD of Revenue Recognition
Full Time Acountant.
Part Time prof in jail.

This is Dr Chiang favourite pose. haha.
this thing we refering to is our presentation de one character so nvm if u cant uds! haha..

then after class JIU happy liao. XD

missing you...
Wednesday, September 24, 2008


=)) this is one of my favourite cat. ^^
this cat look so moody. this week is just as moody. quite a few things happen. =(

but this cat is so cute! Ah~!

this week is just so bad.

missing you...
Wednesday, September 24, 2008

>Monday, 22 September 2008<

damn sad, disappointed. i am not angry but i am sad.
i am willing to xi sheng so much for the friendship and this is all the reply i get.

missing you...
Monday, September 22, 2008

>Sunday, 21 September 2008<

yawn.... tired.. yawn...
shall slp soon!
its sunday AGAIN~means tml is monday
means the week is restarting.
MONDAY really really blues.
and this week will be EXTRA blue!

Management Science project deadline coming
Exam week the following week

chiong ar~

Some updates. went out with eggies. muahahaha.. nice to be out with them.

Shucks. monday really blues.

missing you...
Sunday, September 21, 2008

>Thursday, 18 September 2008<

in =) just changed a blogskin. heex. while i am in intro econs class. haha.
coz leson is tooooo boring.. lol..

missing you...
Thursday, September 18, 2008


heex. YAY! finish my Financial Accounting de presentation!
the feeling is DAMN shuang! heex.
Can you imagine that!
Friday we stayed in school till 9 plus
Tuesday we stayed in school till 11plus
i reached home continue it till 2am. Nxt morning 6 plus wake up prepare go school
then presentation~ TIRED but happy.

Our group picture after presentation.

I think our prof quite like the way we present our work. Coz our topic is really one of the more boring topic and we really had trouble trying to present it in a way not that boring to others.
Finally... we did it! ^^

had a surprise after that! ^^ SMILES~~
all the tiredness is WORTH it!

Done~ Time to concentrate on my Management Science report and my Business Govt Society report.

missing you...
Thursday, September 18, 2008

>Monday, 15 September 2008<

continuous 3 days..

so tired from school. =(
slp abit late yesterday. morning nearly could wake up.
the weight of my LUGGAGE is killing me
why i say luggage. trying bring a lappie, the charger, jacket, Econs txt bk, notes, shoe bag to school.
Ended my class with a sleepy note.
went studying. fell asleep on the desk.
woke up studied econs till 7 plus pm.
went project mtg till 10 plus. mentally exhausted. physically exhausted.
at that point i really feel like just throwing my lap top, books EVERYTHING and just get home.
i am glad i survive home somehow.

tomorrow i am going to stuck in school with project till late again.
i must complete a 2500 words report on whether to sue a company anot by nxt week.
i need complete presentation by wednesday.
i need catch up with all my studies. Exam is is just round the corner.

Now,i am tired. but i cnt slp. i am not planning to do all my academic stuff now. not at this hour! but just cant slp. dun ask me y.

missing you...
Monday, September 15, 2008

>Friday, 12 September 2008<

yoyoyo! doing project currently!
haix.. today will be a busy busy busy day!

9.00-12pm Business Government Society Group Meeting
12-3.30pm Intro Econs Lesson
3.30 - 7pm Management Science Meeting
7.30 - 10pm Financial Accounting Meeting

SIANZ! will be busy busy busy, tired tired tired!

ROAR~! still bit bit sick.
Anyone got xian dan!

missing you...
Friday, September 12, 2008

>Thursday, 11 September 2008<

Wasnt feeling that well yesterday, both mentally and physically(SICK)
But I AM OKIE le!


Guess was a bit stressed up yesterday. With projects and homework piling up and deadline coming closer and closer! Yet i am still lost in some lecture not udsing what the lecturer is talking about. Start to feel tired of all the rushing.

Which idiot tells me after A level, Uni will be super relax! seriously which idiot tells me that. Over at Uni, its like living in JC times, you are required to chiong everytime. All break time are not used to relax but studying!

Seriously is it just SMU that is experiencing all this?

Though the lesson time is like SUPER little but the content is much heavier and the amount of time i have to spend to revise and complete assignment and complete project is like ALOT ALOT more.

Well... but i will still survive through! I thought i wouldnt survive through A level but i did. WHATS SO HARD ABOUT UNI! COME ON! i am YEO YEE LING! XP

Why am i stressing myself so much?
=) i am superwoman! no worries!

missing you...
Thursday, September 11, 2008

>Tuesday, 9 September 2008<

flu + flu = still flu
sobz sobz.
my flu came at the wrong time. =(
this week got test, got project got hmk PLUS got flu
sobz sobz.

missing you...
Tuesday, September 09, 2008

>Monday, 8 September 2008<

SMU challenge! its finally the actul date itself~! so in noon went over to for duty. pump balloon then cycle cycle cycle.
Photos. maybe Trina, me and may.^^

Morning went over to Tangling CC for performances. tired~~! but glad i survive home! =p

i love my life now!

missing you...
Monday, September 08, 2008

>Thursday, 4 September 2008<

omg.. i was browsing my files and saw some videos that really brought ALOT ALOT of good memories..

missing you...
Thursday, September 04, 2008


ahh should post some pic on my sentosa trip.

missing you...
Thursday, September 04, 2008


super bad mood la!
stupid thing!
early morning wake up jiu so many things,
make my mood super bad.

missing you...
Thursday, September 04, 2008

>Wednesday, 3 September 2008<

2 consecutive happy days! =D
muahahaha.. u know how long i took to find out the spelling of CONSECUTIVE!
english poor is like that de no choice. haix.
shall summarise my one day routine! since its been so long since i did that! lol....

today super tired day.
my stupid bag weighs 7tonneskg la! i really go weigh can!

Morning chiong 3 hrs class, late for class somemore. Luckily, friend was nice to help me buy coffee to wake me up abit.

then after lesson go sukudo eat. nice nice! my first time there can!! lol. but go there eat abit stress. they will pass u an "ezlink card" when u enter. losing that card cost you $100 and losing a "seat reserved" tag cost $50. siao de. and stupid friend sick liao still play play play. steal my card! arg.. nvm, shall 4give him since he always help me carry my lappie ard.

then went back school chiong accts hmk. took me so long to finish la. sobz. =( then thought got enough time to slp but realise after finish work jiu must go Accounts class le. so too bad..went there listen to prof till want slp liao. arg.. another 3 hours of tiring class. end of lesson i jiu want die liao..

then after that someone bang into me! XD haix.. initally want say some good things de. but since he now trying to spite me in sms so shall not say anything nice! =P

then tuition time then now home sweet home!


missing you...
Wednesday, September 03, 2008

>Monday, 1 September 2008<

=(( =(( =(( =((

how xin ku orh.....

=(( =(( =(( =((

Monday blues....

missing you...
Monday, September 01, 2008


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