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>Saturday, 30 January 2010<

went out with jiawei and kaiyu to get yeumei bdae present.
while waiting got kaiyu who is as usual late, went shopping at f21.
omg.. f21 at 313 is gorgeous!! hahaha..
bought 2 hair bands there.. heex..

took some photo after our walk around.. tempted to buy loads of things.. but resisted... kept telling myself.. save money for taiwan trip...... save save save..... sigh...

went home and decided to do some house keeping for my accessories.. haha.. i used to have 5o over earring then i start throwing 1-2 years back and left 30 strong survivor. i did another clearing.. left 9 brave survivors. threw all away... -.- dun ask me why i buy them in the first place... lol....

then came the other accessories... threw the rusty ones away and left with these..... =)
put all in ziplock bag to prevent rust.. really must start taking good care of them..

missing you...
Saturday, January 30, 2010

>Thursday, 28 January 2010<

so unappreciative people can get.
taking things for granted and people for granted.
Sometimes is it wrong to treat people good. Because in no time, they will see the help offered as your duty and not something they have to appreciated. how ungrateful.

last Saturday went out with Wushu people at DG

some photos...

then some of us headed down to ECP for night cycling.
taxi fare is $16! omg! like seriously OMG!
care fee+peak period charge+ERP+central district = BOMB!
anyway, retrieve our bikes and waited for the GRAND arrival of eddie.

Set off soon after his arrival.

Some photos along the way.

we cycled from ECP to Kallang to City Hall to Tanjong Pajar then back at ECP.

Found ourselves beside the expressway. and its not those expressway with pedestrian along the side. its just in the middle of no where after we travelled some untravelled route. camwhore there abit, flash here flash there. wonder if our flash will blind the drivers.

At Kallang, the beauty of Indoor stadium. my favorite group photo taken.

going nearer to Indoor Stadium.

At the Flyers, wanted to take some decent photo but the usual happen.. haha..

Everywhere he go...

Between Raffles place and TJP. found a classy place.


The last few photo before we call it a day.
6 hours of ride, 10pm - 4am then HOME SWEET HOME.

missing you...
Thursday, January 28, 2010

>Monday, 25 January 2010<

sigh.. hate it when she give me that tsk sound when i have done so much for her.

did hsework for her in many way i can, and when i finally want to settle to do my work, she start giving that attitiude again. starring at me, that tsk sound. sigh...

went night cycling the day before, shall blog on it nxt time.
went home at ard 7.30am. time to slp, slept till 8 plus, mum start banging in asking me to wake up, to spring clean. i knew i didnt sleep the whole night. yet she made me wake up. was very reluctant to wake up, so continue sleeping. my little cousin then came in time and time to ask me to wake up. which i believe she was instructed by my mum. 10 plus gave up and work up. they were spring cleaning my brother room. first thing in mind, "what does it got to do with me. why must i be always cleaning their room and when its my room, none will bother to help" then saw my brother lying on the coutch watching tv. -.- understood. some things never change. even after century of revolution, even after the changed in times, some thinkings never change.
my life. i am just being grumble abit. sigh...

went angeline bdae party last week

lazy to retrieve the photos yet. sigh..

worked so hard for a presentation today and it turn out bad. what will go wrong will go wrong.. believe it. but what over is over, everyone did their best. =)

sometimes it just so unethical to force my own set of values onto somemore. hate myself for doing that sometimes.
i just need to learn that everyone has different values in life, and learning to accept bring more happiness..

missing you...
Monday, January 25, 2010

>Monday, 18 January 2010<

dead tired~
struggling to keep myself awake from morning till now.. sigh..
lessons after lessons... =<

missing you...
Monday, January 18, 2010

>Sunday, 17 January 2010<

the internet is getting up my nerves.
every 5 min loose connection. keep saying, cnt connect to the service provider.
Broadband Link is not available.. blah blah blah..

missing you...
Sunday, January 17, 2010

>Saturday, 16 January 2010<

a trip back to innova jc right after school
went back to help out with the wushu open house.
well, the crowd is still.... pathetic..
some photos..

missing you...
Saturday, January 16, 2010

>Tuesday, 12 January 2010<

sleepy + hungry + leg pain + bored = Wednesday
come to school in business attire + my new heels
just a short distance to school. my leg hurts...
sigh.... luckily i bought slippers and casual attire to change after this module.
imagine me having to be in business suit every wednesday. sigh...

some things cropped up for the flight ticket to jetstar.
eewei wasnt able to go for the taiwan trip though we have bought it last month!
poor her. and jetstar said she need to be $40 administrative fee (to change).
then i called to confirm the change.. then they say oh so need pay $80. i was like WHY!
and they said, change ticket to taiwan $40, change ticket back to sg another $40.
cost $80 just to do some back spacing and help do some paper work? joke.

missing you...
Tuesday, January 12, 2010

>Sunday, 10 January 2010<

went rockclimbing last week with my deardear!!

never thought rock climbing was so freaking hard!

preparation for the climb!!!
heex.. though it was damn tired. but quite love the whole process!
shall go again some other day!

missing you...
Sunday, January 10, 2010

>Monday, 4 January 2010<

school started....
dreading school..
back to back lesson from 8-3pm
both my prof sound gay. -.-
haha.. and my TWC prof even told us he got some sleeping disorder.
he is able to fall asleep in the shortest amount of time.
and there really is this kind of sickness but i couldn't find the exact name online!
but what an interesting disorder. could use this excuse for sleeping in class!
but when he mean shortest amount of time, he really mean it.
he can suddenly fall aslp while walking or driving!
he realise he got this disorder when he met with car accident. -.-
and he said we will be able to spot him suddenly tripping while conducting lessons. coz he just fell aslp teaching...
what a disorder.

okie! going slp! long day tml.

missing you...
Monday, January 04, 2010

>Saturday, 2 January 2010<

New Year, New Blogskins!
Designed and done up by deardear and ME!
love playing with photoshop more and more.
understand it better now.
but still i have a long long way to master it.
still trying to learn my basic well. =)

that shall be in my new year resolution. Mm.. =)

missing you...
Saturday, January 02, 2010

>Friday, 1 January 2010<

Happy New Year!

went count down at esplanade with my dear!
love the fireworks!
since we got nth to do.
went stonning at esplanade at 6 plus with dinner all ready!
so we actually got one of the best view! coz we were standing right beside the main camera that is suppose to flim down the whole firework process.

as night fall. the reused decoration from national day. -.-
the most irritating this is, there are this group of idiot beside us smoking NON stop. arg.. cant people be more considerate and not smoke in crowded area. i mean they must understand, although it is an open area, it is still crowded, smoke are unable to "disperse" easily. dunno whats the right term to use. -.- people directly beside you suffer alot. lets just hope this people can be more considerate. sigh!

our first photo of 2010! =)

totally love the first moment of the new year.. =)

missing you...
Friday, January 01, 2010


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