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>Thursday, 29 April 2010<

brought my 2 little cousins out to the flyer on monday
they are mad cute! hahahaa...

them in the mrt..
the little girl is call min ruo and the boy is call zi yu.

travelled there by mrt.
Since Circle line is open, i decide to take circle line to flyer and seriously, its a long mrt way
from Dover -> raffles place (change red line) -> DG (Change circle line) -> Promenade
just so tedious.

in the flyer lift....

we were lucky to occupy a cabin on our own... this 2 little kids..
in the cabin...

this 2 kids were very cute! with the cutest conversation you would ever had.
Brought them to macdonald very late dinner.
and i see him as a camwhore in the future! hahaha.. he just kept posing even when my camera is not facing him!

missing you...
Thursday, April 29, 2010

>Wednesday, 28 April 2010<

whenever i am super angry.
thinking of him never fails to bring my smile back.

anyway i just got a interview call from a company
praying hard that i don't go wrong tml.
but they seems to be looking for a 6 months intern.
i am only able to work for 3 months.
still hope i am able to get it.

missing you...
Wednesday, April 28, 2010

>Tuesday, 27 April 2010<

sigh sigh..
feeling moody moody moody
i hate staying at home.
for many reason.
i am just not a home alone person
i cant stay at home alone to rot.
i just cnt stand rotting alone,
i feel that i am wasting my life away and thats makes me very bad mood

staying at home with a friend or someone else is a different story.
just not alone!
i badly want my internship
at least i have a date to look forward to.
at least i know i am not staying at home after a certain date.

Dun tell me shut up and enjoy myself
because i rather everyday is exam than rotting like this at home!
i rather be at work 9-5 than rotting at home!

i am not going out because no body is free to go out! everyone is having exam!
i am not going out because going out = tempting me to spend money. i need to save for taiwan.

sigh.. or maybe one of the days, i should just go marina barrage or singapore river, or esplanade alone and walk ard and just rot there. sigh...

missing you...
Tuesday, April 27, 2010

>Monday, 26 April 2010<

i just realise blogger allow me to upload several photos at once. =.=
last thursday went out with cheryl and freda. and we suddenly decided to spend our time in K.

so off we go! $8 again! yay!

photos photos!

omg! can u see my FATS! my tigh is SERIOUSLY BIG!

missing you...
Monday, April 26, 2010

>Sunday, 25 April 2010<

blogging time!
love my weekends!

met up with dear on saturday noon to have lunch at Swensen!

hahahaa... his favourite cartoon..

Blue Clue's Mr Salt and Mrs Pepper! haha..

Our free icecream! yippee~

shihao if u want, go eat 6 packet of chips then come find us okie!

Eewei had 5 free tickets to the night safari so we decide to experience being a tourist and visit night safari.

so once we board the the bus from cck, we start aiming for potental customer to get rid of our extra 2 tickets!


manage to approached a family and sold off 2 tickets! the tickets is so expensive! $32 per ticket! OMG!

went to the souvenir shop to camwhore then proceed into the night safari.

went for the tram ride which i find it quite worth it! certain animals are just so close up to us! omg! would love to touch them!

no flash was allowed thus we couldn't take any photos..
the elephant was damn cute! i am seriously not a fan elephant! but when we passed by it, it will wave to us by swaying its head left and right at us.. then raise its feet!

after the ride, we decided to explore by foot. and we saw this ulu ulu restaurant!
reminds me of my marketing project in which we need to revamp a company. we were talking about finding an ulu company so randomly we googled "ulu ulu company" and "ulu ulu restaurant was in the search" from then we made quite a joke out of it.

and yes! here i am! coporate visit to ulu ulu restaurant!

this is my favourite animals of the day! damn cute!
when we stand infront of the glass panal, it will run up and look curiously at us! super super cute! its a wolf-deer. woof like ears and deer like legs.
how i wish i can bring it home.

but seriously some animals in night safari are really quite ugly... maybe thats why they comes out in the night, darkness blurred people vision and make things less unclear.. when we look at the animals, we goes "omg! so cute!" when we look at the actual pic we go "omg. lets move on."

took alot more random photos..

then home sweet home. alighted halfway, hoping i could take 178 home. To my horror! the last bus left. hop on any bus that came my way and took to as near my hse as possible then cab home. sigh..

bring my 2 little cousins to flyer tml! yay!

missing you...
Sunday, April 25, 2010

>Saturday, 24 April 2010<

random updates to post about:

i just applied for local uni exchange to NTU. HAHAHHAHAHA...
dun laugh me. cnt afford oversea exchange is like that de.. and yes. i have no life. hahahhahaha!

i was just rejected by turf club. they doesn't want me to go count horse. bye horsy... but nvm.. not disappointed actually coz it wasn't not my ideal job scope and industry. i love there just because it is so near my house. hahaha... i am not "cnt eat grape jiu say grape sour".

i just applied for 2 internship, one of which is my dream intern. (CROSSED FINGER)
its recruitment, its hospitality industry and during the intern period, might need to travel to different country. really crossed finger. though i don't dare to pin high hopes. because this kind of position, everyone is after it. the other i dun really like the industry. finance industry but i like the job scope.

i declared my major for my course
1st major - Organisation Behaviour and Human Resource
2nd major - Marketing
yes i am taking double major
yes i am doing HR and treat me nicer okie, coz i might be the one interviewing you for your job application in the future.

tonight i am going night safari to feed mosquito.
thanks to eewei who have free tickets.
and since everyone is having exam. i have the privilege to get the ticket and go feed mosquito.
but oh well, the last time i been there is like 12-14 years ago?
looking forward

tml i am going to swensen for lunch!
hahaha.. because i have a boyfriend who loves to eat chip and collected tonnes of free ice cream vouchers. if you notice that Lays, etc have a voucher stick on the wrapper. i am so going to swensen. Now i understand whats with the marketing of Swensen.

i really have no talent for baking. wanted to bake something for dear.

don't you think it look damn delicious.
but well..
mine look horrible and its taste horrible too.
believe it.
i threw it away immediately after tasting it. inedible.
luckily my interest is not in cooking.

i decide to update my blog more frequentyly coz i randomly read my past entry today and i realise its so interesting to look back and reflect how i lead my life.

missing you...
Saturday, April 24, 2010

>Friday, 23 April 2010<

狗咬人, 人就要咬回狗吗?
别人对你不仁, 你就要对别人不仪吗?



i am changing room soon. =)
my piano is coming to me soon =)
the greatest benefit of changing room is to have a piano in my room..
one of my dream since young..
it was a dream never fulfilled, bcoz the piano cnt enter my current room due to obstacle outside my room.
but now things is different.
i feel kinda of bad for the change but still i look forward for the change.


my tutee requested me to teach another student in the same time slot.
so 2 student per lesson instead of one.
perhaps its because i have been charging way below the market rate for a unreasonable long period of time, it seems difficult for them to accept the my newly quoted fees.
but since they had benefited so long from the low fee, shouldn't it time to return me some justice and accept the given fee (since the given fee is still below market rate).
didn't pin any hopes anymore. let nature takes it course.


i badly need an intern!
who gona hire me??

missing you...
Friday, April 23, 2010

>Thursday, 22 April 2010<

mood now is sian + more sian + super sianz + super sianz..

sianz the feeling of weak yet too full to eat anything.

sianz the feeling of waiting for a call to give me a answer..

sianz sianz sianz....

missing you...
Thursday, April 22, 2010

>Wednesday, 21 April 2010<

cant i have peace peace PEACE PEACE PEACE!

cant i have just have some peace and do my own things at home.
that explains why i just simply hate staying at home.

missing you...
Wednesday, April 21, 2010

>Monday, 19 April 2010<

my first handmade bracelet!

chio not?

haha.. its more an a design inspired from a bracelet i once own and i broke it. =(

and i am giving it to my beloved cuzzie! felicia!!!
be honoured k!

missing you...
Monday, April 19, 2010

>Sunday, 18 April 2010<

its end of year!!!
end of year 2!
welcome to year 33333333333333333333~
it seems just yesterday that summer break just ended but tada~
here i am facing another 4 months break!

counting down 22 days to taiwan trip.
looking forward!

and once again!
yahoooo~ its the end of exam!

missing you...
Sunday, April 18, 2010

>Thursday, 15 April 2010<

i cut my finger nails..
they are now short and fat and ugly~
sad.... =(
i want my long nails back... =(
long nails make hand look slimmer~
the art of illusion.... hahaha..

just finished 3 exams.
Ethics, Analytic Skills, Business Process
one more to go on satuday..
Technology World Change.
and i am freee~~

but i looked at the mock exam questons for this saturday..
stabbed myself..
how i know the answers!!

i suddenly feel like picking up some skills over the summer holiday.
going for come course or even learning myself..
must do some productive things over the 4 months!
if not i feel that i am wasting my life away..

missing you...
Thursday, April 15, 2010

>Tuesday, 13 April 2010<

i must not be lazy and do some blogging!
tml mark the start of my exams!
wish me luck luck luck!

over the weekends,
saturday went shopping with the sly, eddie and dear,
sunday went pulua ubin with the wushu ppl.
had a FUN weekend~

early morning

meeting venue: Bedok Bus Stop
kaiyu was late~ as usual.. hahaha.

went to nearest super market, and performed some grab and go technique! but we bought quite a bit of picnic food..

took a long journey bus to changi jetty..

and here we are~!!

poor eewei fell down even before the whole cycling trip started.. -.-
poor her, her 8 zi really clash with bicycle, always had mishap whenever she go for cycling. but since she is injured we decided to rent a dual bike.

and regret almost immediately!
had to push the bike everytime there is a upslope PLUS it is so hard to start cycling again once stop! i always thought it is very easy to cycle this kind of bicycle. this trip proves me so wrong.

gave up half way through the trip and kelvin took over! hahaha..
1st stop at this bridge..

tried taking a group photo and this ku ku passerby just cycle pass like nth happen.

2nd stop - i dunno where

but we took these pretty photos.. what a pretty place to take photos~

love this shot...

3rd stop - dunno where again..
the scenery is nice~

and when the guys saw this sign they got over and really stayed behind the railling. =.=

4th stop - i really dunno where

it then started to pour so we got into a shelter and picinic~

i love kaiyu hat~ but because i having my pony tail so couldnt wear it properly.. =(

last stop - still dunno where~ i really just follow i didnt know where we are heading..

this shot look really pretty from far..

why i say from far, because if u take closer look and see we are just anyhow posing, it didnt look that nice after all.. haha.. we spoil this beautiful pic~

love this pic too~

then emo time! i look more like slping though..

back to the jetty, home sweet home.

and the last few pic of the day

love love~

missing you...
Tuesday, April 13, 2010

>Monday, 12 April 2010<

Every year, there will always be a single period of time when everyone around you start turning back single.

the period has come.

Finding someone who you loves and loves you isnt that easy.

Do not neglect him/her just because your relationship have stablized because you never know the other party is drifting away because of your neglect. honeymoon period is over doesnt mean you do not need to put in any effort anymore.

At the same time, never keep your unhappiness to yourself. because if you never say it, the other party will never know. we should all stop believing that the other party SHOULD know what you are thinking. Face the reality, how can one person really know what you are thinking without you saying or showing anything. No doubt, people might argue that "not knowing how i feel just proves that you doesnt know me well enough" True that sometimes we know what other is thinking but it is quite near impossible for you to know what he/she is thinking completely. Bottling up doesnt solve the problem, you are just generating another huge unhappiness in your heart and one day when it accumumlate too huge, the balloon will eventually burst.

this is just food of thoughts of what i learned and what i seen.

its just how i see couples and even friend quarrel over these same issues over and over again, and never learning their lesson.

and PS. i am not refering me and dear. still love~

missing you...
Monday, April 12, 2010

>Sunday, 11 April 2010<

dear refuse to kill a big ant and put it in a ziploc bag
he promised to take it away but he DIDNT!
its still in my room in the zip loc bag!
so gona kill him for that! eek!

went out shopping with eddie sly and dear.
since they went to settle uni stuff.
they are seriously good shopping partner.. haha
better than loads of girls..
which is a good thing!
hahaha... bought 3 necklace! nice nice de~~ happy~
shopping like i have no exam...

going cycling at pulua ubin tml.
i am really enjoying my life.

missing you...
Sunday, April 11, 2010

>Friday, 9 April 2010<

i am kinda enjoying the mugging days!

and.. i am kinda of looking forward to exams!!!
maybe.. i really siao le!

kaiyu 21st bdae!
we went to help out the day before and the back of the wall, those spray is done by us!!!


my mother asked me whether i would like to hold my 21st party.
after much consideration, i decided i should hold one! =)
but it seems like abit too early to decide, everyone is scolding me asking me to queue up.

missing you...
Friday, April 09, 2010

>Tuesday, 6 April 2010<

from eggies i learnt a lesson

friends are not people whom you meet, realized there are things you dun feel comfortable with and take your leave. friends are those that will voice out your unhappiness then apologize, make changes, hugged and continue living on.

you took ur first step, give us the opportunity to take ours. =)

missing you...
Tuesday, April 06, 2010

>Saturday, 3 April 2010<

hao xin ku ar~
sick for the 3rd day~
and no sign of recovering..

missing you...
Saturday, April 03, 2010


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