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>Tuesday, 22 January 2008<

i am really tired,
really tired

dunno how long i can hold.
but i am still trying to
its time to learn to manage stress and everything.

missing you...
Tuesday, January 22, 2008

>Sunday, 20 January 2008<

i finally understand why yiling told me that she look forward to weekends and public holidays le. workin is really not fun. however, slacking at home nthign to do is worst!

missing you...
Sunday, January 20, 2008

>Saturday, 19 January 2008<

i spend $62 at this fashion.
and DAMN IT!
i didnt know my mum have this fashion member ship!
that will save me $6.20!
omg! why did i forget! oh no!
my poor money!
and omg.. so wad if this fashion have nice clothing. their website is god damn ugly.
change it pls! people! spoil your image!

okie.. anyway.. went out with gc, huiqi and spencer.
went temple paipai. go qiu qian.
it was just out of fun. coz i was always very curious about the process
so i just went to do it la.
pray for results.
the process was funny la. gc and i was newbie is it
so we were like.. oi! HOw ar! oi! cannot come out la! how ar! shit la! how! oi~~!
but finally the qian came out.
it was a mid qian
it explain as
will meet trouble but with hard work, i would still be able to reach what i want.
haev i put in hard work? i have. but definitely not to my ultimate best.
aiya.. talk all this for wad now! regret no use.. so dun talk liao!
but it was a fun exp to qiu qian.

then went shop shop shop shop.
talk talk talk talk talk.
listen to spencer talk on his army life.
funny.. he same bunk as yee ching.
muahahaha.. and how he met a cc in his camp
joker.. and he goes on .. relax la! lax la! relax la!

yea! shopper of the world unite!

missing you...
Saturday, January 19, 2008

>Wednesday, 16 January 2008<

my ds is officially dead.
i shall not cont bout it.. shang xing shi
bu zhi de yi ti!

working working working
quite fun la. the job
but seriously hor, this job 8.30-6
OT no extra money take.
i alwasy leave like 6.15-6.30 very early meh
i always the earliest to go leh! why ar!
but got i need go teach tuition ma.
why others like so many things to do de ar!
then today they ask, why today i nv on the dot go off.
i where got on the dot.. sobz sobz.. yuan wang wo.. muahahhaa..
nvm la.. make me very nei jiu. coz really always i earliest go home de.
rushing for tuition ma., cannot blame.
think i hae to push back my tution time to 8. haix..

seriously, it is crap that singaporeans cant find job.
all say wad, foreign ppl come snatch job...
i used to agree. but now.. NO!
there are many jobs opportunity out there.
its them who refuse to accept. say too far, too low pay, too long hour
one person leave in Admirity, i give a job at Sembawang, she say too far. SLAP LA!
one stop away only la!
one wants high pay with no CPF. high pay equal more than 500 equal CPF must have.
got no exp at anything but looking for 7, ppl degree holder also looking for 7. what you think you have to fight with this people.
haix.. singaporean ar singaporean... haix...

missing you...
Wednesday, January 16, 2008

>Tuesday, 15 January 2008<

Work started, it was alot of phone calling,
posting of advertisement of jobs
call ppl down for interview,
searching job,
mix and match job,
calling to ask if they want the job,
tying resume, sending resume.
calling everywhere if there is any jobs available.
loads to do. loads unfinish stuff

always can reach target of
interviewing 20, refer job to 15, help 2 ppl get job
today only managed to interview like 10 ppl, refer 1 job, help 1 person
that is so sad.
jiayou tml! must be nearer to target!

missing you...
Tuesday, January 15, 2008

>Monday, 14 January 2008<

well.. i am going off to work tml..
kinda scared..
this is my attire..

off to do some make up.. haix. essential..

missing you...
Monday, January 14, 2008

>Sunday, 13 January 2008<

well, haven been blogging for few days..
okie.. its just 2 days..
but being a frequent blogger, not blogging for 2 days feel werid..
lol.. have been just slacking and rotting these few days..
must make used of the time to rot you see.
wouldnt be able to rot anymore le. you see. Mmm.
i am very worried for tml.
its my first day at work.

hopw everything would be alright..

just saw illene reply email.. so happy la..
i emailed her on 20th dec. she replied 13 days later.
-.- what a slow poke.. haix.. but got contact is better than nothing.
lol.. illene! if you are looking at this msg here! reply back fster~!

missing you...
Sunday, January 13, 2008

>Friday, 11 January 2008<

went for interview this morning.
the day before i was informed to be in very formal attire
black heels black pants, formal top, make up on....
so yea done it and left for interview..
in the end, i was told i was not formal enough...
but yes.. i got into the job.
i forsee a tiring 6months.

went shopping with my mum at bugis
look at the return!

okie.. i have yet to calculate the total spending..
so gona calculate here..

1 silver bag for $43 (coz it is nice and i need a silver bag)
1 Black bag for $16 (coz it is cheap)
1 white one is auntie met out with me give me de.
1 green clothing for $25 (ust happen to see it)
2 amaricaya shoe for $99.10 and $47 . (one belongs to mum)
2 blouses for $60 (i need them for office wear!)
1 belt for $5 (its my mum's idea! not mine!)
1 tee for ben $20 (he working no shirt wear la)
1 sunglasses for $18 (mum just broke her sunglass recently)
5 socks for $5 (dun ask me why, i just need it)
total spending: $333.10
i think i gona get a black da yi tml!
you know office those damn super duper formal wear.
i see G2000 cost $329!
omg! so super ex.
is there G2000 de fake goods.
damn! anyone know where can get cheap da yi?!!

tell me tell me tell me!!!

monday start work. 9.30 report!

and hey YOU out there! IF you are looking for a job, give me a call!
coz i am working as a HR consultant (human resource cons.)

going tuition later.. haix.. ENGLISH LEH!
muahahaha.. i cant wait to see padro reaction on seeing this! muahahah
ok.. rest and going off! bye

missing you...
Friday, January 11, 2008

>Thursday, 10 January 2008<

well well well..
just this morning i find myself jobless
having nothing to do the whole day!
just few hours later,
i find myself facing a future(nxt 6 months) that will be tiring.
Why do i say so.

i enter an agency to look for a job today
and the moment i filled my particulars,
and got interviewed, the lady asked me if i am interested to join their company.
so interviewed for VERY long
did personality test.. blah blah blah..
then they say we will call you again..

left the agency..
reached home. 2.30pm
phone rang. "can you come down for interview today at 4pm."
-.- today... i just reach home and they ask me go there again.
so i said i have not got my formal wear.
so she say nvm then. tml.
put down after a while.
another call.. ppl looking for tutor.
talk talk talk talk talk talk.


so if everything goes well smoothly..
working monday to friday 9-6
monday to friday except wed tution
wed piano lesson
sat half day work
sun wushu.

i wonder if i can tahan this tiring schedule for 6 months. bless me.

missing you...
Thursday, January 10, 2008

>Tuesday, 8 January 2008<

this morning, i got a call.
and happily, i set off to work, teaching in bt timah primary school

to my horror.. i came home, tired sianz..
i was told that they will put me as chinese teacher.
coz it is either you teacher EVERYTHING or you teach only chinese
obviously with my chinese better than my english, i would choose chinese
anyway.. its just P2 chinese, wads so difficult

when i enter the school, got my schedule.
i got EVERYTHING except chinese!
reached school at 12pm, do some admin stuff like filling application form.
then suppose to do patrol duty from 12 to 1.
but end up in canteen talking to ee wei.
coz ee wei is working in the canteen
ok... 1pm start school. went up hall show face then left again
first hour no lesson.
talked with ee wei again.

2-3 art and craft.
learning outcome for the student: Make simple body parts out of straws.
hello.. i don't even know how to make body parts out of straw and i am suppose to teach!
i just ignored and asked them to decorate their art folio.
some drew really nice.
first hour was indeen enjoyable.
3-3.30 recess(went back to staff room to slack)
night mare starts here
3.30-4.30 Math lesson. Damn! They are 2 types of ppl in the class.
the really fast ones, the really slow one.
the fast one can finish given ws in 5 minutes
the really slow one will be still stuck in the first page after 30 minutes.
so.. let me ask you, wad can the fast one do!
i cant possibily tell the fast one to sit down and do nothing.
i cant possibily tell the fast one to cont doing more work coz the slow one will take longer time to catch up.
i cant possibily ask the slow one to stop doing coz it is being unfair to them.
i cant possibily rush the slow one coz they will be demoralised.
so i end up having to teach the slow one, letting the fast ppl shout scream run, chase fight in the class.
haix... it was horrible.
i cant teach new things. coz the fast one keeps ranting.. "this is so boring.. P1 should already know, why must we learn again."
then the slow on keeps quiet so i assume everyone know and give work to do.
the slow one then says"i dunno a single thing."
and the slow one and fast one are not small group.
they could be like 10-15 ppl in each cat.

next the non stop. i will tellyou what i heard today.. i still can remember
Ms Yeo, can i go to the toilet!
Ms Yeo, he beat me
Ms Yeo, he laugh at me,
Ms Yeo, they broke my ruler
Ms Yeo, I didnt bring my TB
Ms Yeo, he take my paper
Ms Yeo, he laugh at my name
Ms Yeo, he scold me idiot.
Ms Yeo, they dun lend me ruler
You idiot! You stupid! You idiot! You go die!
Ms Yeo, he very smelly
Ms Yeo can i give out the paper (once one person mention this, whole class starts running towards me wanting to pull the paper away from me)
Ms Yeo, so unfair, he can go toilet i cannot
Ms Yeo, i want go home
Ms Yeo, can sleep in class
i nearly faint! they just repeat them non stop, adding to the shouting and running.
feel like telling them shut up and get lost!

NX: Ms Yeo, JH really very smelly..
me: NX, dun be rude
NX: but its the truth, JH is really smelly

JH: You shut up!
NX: really mah.. you very smelly
JH: SHUT UP! (started crying)
me: (stunt!) NX, that is very rude of you, you cannot say that to your friend. i want you to apologise now.
NX: Why must i apologise!
me: becoz you are rude
NX: but he also got say JH (points to RS)
RS: where got!
NX: You also got say! why so unfair only i punish
NX: What liar, you got say! you liar!
me: can you 2 keep quiet! (looking helplessly at JH) NX, i want you to apologise
NX: sorry(unwillingly)
NX: sorry..
me: TO WHO!
JH continue crying non stop
me: JH dun cry.. do you think you are smelly?
JH: (shakes head vigorously)
me: you are who you think you are. if you think you are not, you are not. okie?
JH: (nods vigosously but cont crying)
me: (roll eyes) boys do not cry so easily. you are not a boy if you cry, now, go wash ur face
immediately stop crying. end of story.
sianz diaoz.

and this often repeat.
student: Ms Yeo, He say i am idiot.
me: are you an idiot?
student: no
me: then ignore him.
student: okie(and left)
this scene repeats like thousand and one times!

and ofcoz.. many many more...
really tired..
went off school, rushed off to tuition.
school total earning.: $65 per day. in the school for 6.5 hours
but out of 6.5, 2.5 hours is spend in the canteen talking with ee wei or slacking away in staff room. so in another wards.
i am getting daily pay not hourly.

pray hard i dun get any school tml
one time i am scared.
but i met a very nice teacher! He guided me alot like, what to do at school dismissal, recess time, and told me not to be discourage by this bunch of ppl coz its not worth it.
and alot alot more things.
coz his class is beside mine, so always can get help easily.

tied.. off to slp!

missing you...
Tuesday, January 08, 2008


The Darjeeling Limited
If you find that you have excess money to dump,
i strongly recommend this movie.
coz it is a good way to donate your money away

it was horrendous!
no comedy
no story line.
no climax
just talking talking talking talking talking.
shit the movie.
sorry for that..

watch it ppl.

missing you...
Tuesday, January 08, 2008

>Monday, 7 January 2008<

super super anxious now!
i got a email from a school ask me long term relief teacher.
but then i only saw the email this morning.
i am suppose to call her back at 7am!
and now i call back..
its either she is not at her seat,
she is on her phone.
or the school line is busy!
damn anxious now! please let me get that job!

missing you...
Monday, January 07, 2008

>Saturday, 5 January 2008<

the eggs came to my hse again.
jw, ew, grace, ky.
it was really an intended gathering.
this noon, there was still no intention of mtg.
but i called jw and ew to come slack. so they came.
then ky called me coa she free so i told her to come along join us.
then at 6.30 grace called, and say she near my hse, want come my hse sit
so i told her everyone is here.
and so.. like that.. everyone gathered!
wad a unintented mtg.

lol.. yay! and my family all went out. so the hse belong to us and yes.. made loads of noise.
talking at the top of our voices.

still as jobless as ever.. -.-

missing you...
Saturday, January 05, 2008

>Friday, 4 January 2008<

looking for job....................................................

missing you...
Friday, January 04, 2008

>Thursday, 3 January 2008<

i dun seems to have any resolution for 2008.
you see ar.. the past resolution like
dun be late for school... pass all my exams.... do well.. blah blah blah
cannot be put into used anymore.
caused.. i am no longer a student!
so resolution.. not yet ba...

anyway.. i got loads and loads and loads of undone things!
1) calling of new piano teacher (my grade exam)
2) registeration of driving lesson
3) calling of schools for relief teaching.
4) calling of piano tuner to tune my piano. (its god damn out of tune!)
5) finding a new job.
6) finding lesson for 3rd language. (due to the ability to grip my 1st and 2nd language for well, i decided to take up a 3rd language>.<)

oh come on.. busy busy busy busy
not actually busy la. just the i keep dragging them.
i shall do somethign now...

5min later

called the new piano teacher.
fee: 80 dollars per hour..
woohoo.. $1.5 per min.
but same as my previous one.. but this one is she travel here so is consider cheaper.
nvm.. faster finish my exam better.. arg..

contributing to the unemployment rate soon.
quickly find a job, gundo!
ok.. off to search for jobs..

missing you...
Thursday, January 03, 2008

>Tuesday, 1 January 2008<

okie.. here come 2008..

maybe shall summarise some major events that worth remembering in 2007.

a brand new year for my last JC life in innova junior college.
lots of happiness, argument, fun, laughter and tears.
Here are the moments i would remember.

1) I@FUN

it is the first time i took part in the planning and organising of a funfare. no doubt this organsing this type of things is not soemthing very new to me but still the feeling of organsing, making up a tent with the class is really something special and nice. Good old memories of how we scarify our breaks to meet u and discuss the details. how we actually create trouble and spilling paints on the tent, and need the chem teacher to bring alot of different type of chemical from the lab to try make them "react" and vanish. end of the day, everything is sold. tent is closed, and the fun ended.

2) COP08

Mmm.. definitely this COP can never be compared with the one our class planned ourselves. this COP definitely lack the sincerity that is necessary. but still this COP taught me a lesson that we 0612E have done a very great job in COP07 and we as a class can really be a good team.

3) the CLASS common item

okie.. we all settled on a jacket. and this one the inital plan by the guys. the word lecturer would be printed BIG behind. imagine this bunch of ppl walking down the lecture hall which this wording behind. it would be fun! but still we settled on something more "normal" for a class jacket.

4) Wushu competition

this is the first time i went for a solo competition. since secondary school, i went for numerous competition but all is as a team. NV had a stepped on to the competition ground alone. The feeling is definitely more stressing than usual. But still thnks to the wushu team who are behind supporting, shouting and cheering. Having supporters around really makes a difference.

5) the Wushu BBQ outing
yes the gathering.. it was great fun. especially when everyone laid down along the beach and watch the stars, sing songs, talk cock.

6) maybe i should list the supporting of elaine at mediacorp.

and one more time with gc yiling. but seriously i cant find the photos. dunno where i dump it to. damn!

7) Hong Kong trip

many many many memories. ROcks on... i have great fun and really hope i have alot more similar chances to go oversea with my cousin

8) the MUGGING.
who can forget, how we walk the route 0f 2007. MOst of the time we went through studying.

9) the many eggies gatherings

2008 will be a better year. much better year.. i hope so..

missing you...
Tuesday, January 01, 2008


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