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>Tuesday, 30 December 2008<

sigh sigh sigh..
faints faints faints.
just want to get out of these projects fast.
but looks like it won't be over any time soon!

my dpt partner fled. left me alone.
how i wish i can fled too.
but i have come this far, shall just press on,
complete everything and i am free! =)

went out with Recruit Express colleagues West 2 for lunch first then met the west 1 temps for karaoke session. haha.. shall give details when i get hold of the photos. =)

missing you...
Tuesday, December 30, 2008


28th December
went out with my cousins.
first time went out with all cousins.
went to cine for movie.
watched IP Man. its like that second time i am watching. but nvm! its a nice show anyway!

everyone went NYDC for lunch. then shop shop. and omg. i thought i saw my big aunt. she is like MIA or 3-4 years. nv seen her for very long. she didnt turn up for new year gathering or any family gathering. She is forbidden topic in front of my grandmother. there are news she is siao liao there are so many "i heard", "i think" news about her. and no one knows where is she. then as me and felicia was on the escalcator, one woman did a small wave to felicia, then she kept looking at me, then we looked back. but couldnt confirm if its her since she is MIA for so long, couldnt rmb her look.

but nvm. after that we brought he guys to find her but couldnt find her anymore le. disappear le. Mmm...

forget bout it, we went shopping abit. saw this very cute hat.. heex

the guys waiting for girls to finish shopping.. poor guys.. haha..

after the show, the guys doesnt seems to be enough with movie, went to bought quite a bit of movies to watch at granny hse. anyway i stayed over at grandma hse as i need go school the nxt day and i realsie from grandma hse to school is only 2-3 bus stop away! omg! can i stay permanently at grandma hse! instead of the 1 hour travel everyday, its only 5-10 minuted travel! omg!

missing you...
Tuesday, December 30, 2008


sigh.. im so lazy to blog.
26th dec went for wushu BBQ.
uds some ppl are complaining that they paid $10 yet the food s very little.
but must understand that there is a high sunk cost in this whole BBQ. booking of BBQ pit, buying the equipments all this and there are seriously not alot of people attending, resulting in little money left for the purchase of food. therefore.... but still pay got the gathering is worth it! so SMILE!

went off to liangying hse to prepare the buy the food for BBQ. then move off in coach car!

started to move everything into coach car. me and kaiyu made ourselves very useful by safeguarding the ball well and giving essential moral support to them! ^^

camwhore! ^^

reached and started all the preparation all the fire starting..
i realise i didnt touch the BBQ pit throughout the whole day and night, wonder what i was doing, and NO, i was NOT busy munching away. Mm..

shihao only know how to eat throughout! always claiming he is vegetarian but end up eating ALL the meat.

All J3 guys! J3 moving J4 guys!

Kaiyu with her uncooked susuages. wonder hu cooked for her..

They who claim they are cute.. -.-

towards the night, it start to drizzle abit abit.. so innovative innovians.. started to save the day! ^^

camwhore towards the night. the best thing going out with wushuians are that, everyone loves to take photos! heex. going out with people who are camera shy are the most sad de!

soon the guys went biking. and er.. that 2 passer by A and B is super extra lo!
got too tired towards the night.. so most people fell aslp. the nxt morning.. cont cam whoring!!

haha.. i am still so lazy to give full details. but for more info please visit shihao blog! haha.. though they carry alot of false information!! haha..

missing you...
Tuesday, December 30, 2008

>Thursday, 25 December 2008<

Christmas doesnt really mean anything to me.
its just meant Chinese new year is coming.
but still have a MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS!

missing you...
Thursday, December 25, 2008


ok. after obtaining the photos! i am here to blog!^^
but i am still kinda of lazy.. Mmm.. coz there is really alot~~~

22nd december 2008
eggies came my hse to celebrate my bdae.. great to have them around!

oh and this tigger is so poor thing, first being snatch around by jiawei and grace, in the end being thrown one side. haha. its looks like it is drunk from drinking that tea.. haha...

them caught gambling in act!

in the evening celebrate with my family. since i wun be in on 23rd. heex.

but sobz.. i didnt get to blow the candles at all. =((

In the night, Trina drove May and me to Newton to have ice cream buffet at CaFé Domus at Owen Road.

Thnks girls! ^^

They drove me home and decides to send me up.
a surprise awaits me.. X)

dear called. i was told to rush back home. When i reach the 6th floor, look down, =)) i see this sight!

it looks really really beautiful. The lights glow very brightly in dark. touched... =)) love my dear alot!!!!!! ^^

23rd December 2008
oh oh! i just realise some photos are still with kaiyu.. TAY KAIYU!!!

anyway i move on first..

24the December 2008
went ECP with dear. check out the pit and to cycle. haa.. Mm.. according to weather report, it will be raining on friday!! how!!!anyway went rent a bike to cycle. But lao tian dun like us, whenever we are out cycling, it started pouring very heavily, whenever we seek for shelter, the rain became smaller, once we are out to a no shelther place, it started pouring.Once we return the bike, the rain stops!!! ahhh~~ but still i enjoy the whole trip.. getting into the rain. though its really cold towards the night time. ^^

missing you...
Thursday, December 25, 2008

>Wednesday, 24 December 2008<

Hi, let me welcome you YEO YEE LING! now a 19 year old+1day girl! muahahaha... when all my friends are waiting for their 20th or 21st bdae arrival, i just stepped foot into the 19 catergory!!! I am still young! nvm!

Okie.. loads of gathering this few days.
love eggies, love my friends, love my families, love him, love everyone!

Shall be nice and thanks everyone! heex

Special Thnks to:
for celebrating with me! =)

Thnks to:
Dwayne Zhiheng Marin Yiling GC Illene Raj Rina
Liang Ying Audrey Bee Yan Eddie Shi Hao
Padro Lihui
HuiSong Guo En Felicia Clement Rachel
Valerie Jane
Lucas Shu yi Issac JunLong Freda KianYong BoonSun YongSun Nelson
Irene Michelle Jennie
YanWei Wee Leong
For remembering and the wishes

shall blog in detail some other time when i get all photos. =)

missing you...
Wednesday, December 24, 2008

>Tuesday, 23 December 2008<

i have enjoyed every single moment of yesterday!=)
i shall enjoy every single moment of today! =)

missing you...
Tuesday, December 23, 2008

>Monday, 22 December 2008<

Before i forgot! today is the last time i can blog as a 18 year old YOUNG girl!!
People always sweet 18! oh no! i leaving that sweet age! I will no longer be sweet anymore!! AHHH~~ have i ever been? Mmm.. but thats not the point!

i gona get old! old old! nearing the end of 10s! soon i will go to 20s then 30s then AHHHHH~~~
thinking too much... Mmm..

off i go!!!!

missing you...
Monday, December 22, 2008

>Sunday, 21 December 2008<

granny hse spring cleaning!!
haha.. started off the day, preparing for departure to granny hse!

i help my bro style his hair! XD
i dun uds whats that sianz diaoz face got when i am such a pro stylish! ROAR!

me and mummy!!

Started spring cleaning at granny hse! Had quite a bit of fun messing everything! haha

Benben non stop splashing water out of the bucket and clement just kept wiping the water up. muahahaha.

Felicia and her super dirty cloth! You can see she dun do hsework! coz one cloth she can wipe the whole room without washing!OMG! and she dare to ask, top also cannot see, why must still clean! arrr!!!!

Me cleaning.. the leaves.. Mmm..

After cleaning! resting time! camwhoring time! heex. ^^
went DG with ben for blood donation and shop shop! heex.

missing you...
Sunday, December 21, 2008


went yoshuku kitchen to eat yday. the cheese salmon is nice... but the salmon skin is.. Mmm.. abit... abit... too hard le la.. but overall not bad la! the main dish quite cheap also. then crap a while with gc and En then went over to Jurong Point! That extended mall. quite big lo eh! heex..
Reached home to find a bdae present on my table! Ooo.. my first bdae present this year! haha... think was my neighbour hu sent it to me. have yet to open it. shall leave it till my bdae. =)

going out to granny hse today! spring cleaning for her! hey hey... i become free labour le.. sigh...

get well soon k! ^^

missing you...
Sunday, December 21, 2008

>Saturday, 20 December 2008<

its 2.40 now. sigh.. and NG GEOK CHUAN is no where to be seen. I am suppose to meet her at 2pm! i wanted to leave the hse at 1.45 but think think. I must learn from my lesson. so i stayed at hm till 2pm. when i wanted to leave. her msg came. "i still waiting for bus to woodlands" sigh.. EXPECTED! at 2.30pm "i reaching woodlands le" she is so not going to get killed by me!

missing you...
Saturday, December 20, 2008

>Thursday, 18 December 2008<

heex.. New Year is coming! so its time to spring clean!!

spring clean is fun when i can find alot interesting stuff in my room which i dunno! haha..

No.1. The spastic SHARK.

don't you think it look really idiot??

anyway, i ran out of the room and cries out to my mum asking why got such a ugly shark in my room. then the nxt moment i see it flying around in the living room. think my mum starts to throw it around.

i realise its abit ke lian though it still look very spastic. so i took it back and leave it beside my lap top. It is now looking at me as though it telling me. "bash me up ba" AHHH~~

No. 2 My Kindergarden graduating photo...

muahaha.. and look at the sticker pasted at the corner.. think i used to love hello kitty really alot.. pasting them everywhere.. haha.

No.3 Yiling racket!

What is it doing in my hse! when are you going to get it back!! But no worries, i helped you clean it and let my mama bear and papa dear protect it for you. You know this 2 bear have been with me for 13 years!! its was a get well soon gift wheni was admitted to the hospital when i broke my arm in P1. and its still in very good condition although it have been thrown around, stepped ard by my 2 cruel brothers.

No.4 my MIAO MIAO puzzle!

my mother wanted to threw it away! coz she say its not cute! no taste leh her! its so cute!! and i spend time to fix it up! nvm.. i manage to save it from the bin! roar!!!

No.5 my chemistry result slip!!

shock that i still have it with me! lol.. i thought i burn them all away. my fanatastic result.. sigh...

i still dun understand why i alwasy study so hard yet i cannot score in them! so sad!! nvm.. chemistry is over for me!

No. 6 My kitty collection!

i didnt know i have this set. suddenly found it.. wonder whats doing it in the toilet. think my mum attempt to drown them.

No.7 my dad and brother photo!

my 2nd brother and dad looks really alike! dun you think so! photocopy machine like that!haha

NO. 8 my pens collection and pencil

i didnt realise i have so many pens and markers. thnks to illene, dump me alot of it! haha..

Don't ask me why i need so many pencil for. i just found them.. Mmm..


kaiyu... so sorry! its still with me!!!! lol.. its with me for ages!!


i am yet to done in spring cleaning.. sigh.. off i go!!

missing you...
Thursday, December 18, 2008


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